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  1. Today I was made redundant

    Congratulations on such a great out look... But consider one thing! Why not become a Nursing instructor and fulfill your teaching desires from that angle. Possibly be easier to start with less schooling with all of your experience!
  2. Neuro/trauma

    I believe cueing and recueing is important. I had a patient with a MCA clipping and he was acting so frontal. He kept grabbing the nurses boobs and making sexual comments etc. We had security come talk to him and finally police. In our state it is a ...
  3. Anyone work in a good hospital/unit?

    I work at University of New Mexico Neuro ICU
  4. Anyone work in a good hospital/unit?

    I work in a great hospital and an absolutely wonderful unit! Our unit supports education and advancement by helping you to be the most nurse you want to be and encourages you to strive for anything you want. We self schedule, have a wonderful team wo...
  5. Who makes your assignments?

    We meet at the beginning of chift, hear a brief rundown of pateints from the off going charge nurse and then we choose our own assignments.
  6. You know you're a neuro nurse if.....

    You know people with a negative teeth to tatoo ratio are indestructable...... LOL this cracked me up! You go home singing what ever your last frontal patients song was....mine: 101 drag queens, 101 ducks!
  7. You know you're a neuro nurse if.....

    You are making bets with the docs about what the opening ICP will be or making bets about what the SBP will be with the new art line established especially when it squirts across the room and we think its cool. CT staff calls us anal...dont mess with...
  8. vasovagal response????

    I just finsihed a hemodynamics class at work and we were taught that any change by 20 points resets hemodynamics. Therefore is she dropped her HR as scuh she was in relative bradycardia even if it was not in the range we normally would say is brady. ...
  9. How unprofessional is this NP??

    Yes very unprofessional and possibly abandonment. She should be reported and written up. She chose the career and the responsibility that goes with it. She needs to grow up and accept it or get out.
  10. They want me on Renal Transplant/Nephrology Unit

    I worked on a genreal surgery/renal transplant sac. It was very interesting and fascinating. We had patients in for a day or two prior to surgery and after surgery. Sometimes longer if they wre having difficulties and awaiting transplant. Strict diet...
  11. How to pick a specialty

    Maybe look for a hospital that has a nurse resident program. The hospital I work at does and it is one year long. The program consists of picking two to three areas you are interested in and you orient and work six to four months in each area. A lot ...
  12. apollo vs gallup

    Hey Folks, If you are trying to find a school with opportunity before the CNM petition and wait list, also consider Santa Fe CC. I grad from there in May and was VERY pleased with their program. I commuted from ABQ. They accept applications March and...
  13. teaching hospital/residents vs traditional

    I too love teaching hospitals and would hate to work anywhere else. Our residents stay in our unit unless called to trauma. Their on call rooms are in our unit. They always are quick to respond when needed. Also, the residents are wonderful at explai...
  14. Neuro ICU - Do you talk to brain-dead patients?

    I talk and sing (quietly and with respect to cultural wishes) to my brain dead and coma patients. I do not know if the patient is watching from above etc. I want the patient and family to know I gave the best care possible.
  15. Best Scrubs for Fatties

    Hey, i found myself in the same boat. I just ordered and received my scrubs from Not only do I like the pockets and such available but they will send a set and you can try them on and send the back with measurements and they will m...