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What are some of the best practical jokes you have ever pulled off at work? I was in charge one night and we had a prisnor as a patient. The cop watching him until the county took over was a real... Read More

  1. by   Dixiecup
    the fart machine is halarious!!!
  2. by   boulergirl
    Not a hospital prank, but somewhat related...

    My dad used to live with several other guys in his bachelor days and they couldn't afford decent living room furniture. One of the chairs they ended up using was a wheelchair. Every time someone would come to visit, one of the guys would already be sitting in the wheelchair. Once the visitor came in, the guy in the wheelchair would stand up, and the visitor would freak out.
  3. by   Shotzie
    I have a slightly different twist on the poopy diaper scam.
    My kids and I had made edible sculpture once with different kinds of candy so this one came very easily to me.
    We had an unbelievable night in our ER that was barely busy. I took one of those large foot long Tootsie Rolls and put it into the microwave for about 10 seconds. When it was warm and soft(don't leave it in too long or it melts and burns)
    I rolled it into pieces that looked like poop...complete with little peanuts sticking out of a few surfaces. I placed them in a clean, unused bedpan and walked out to the nurses station where nurses, paramedics, residents and attendings were standing. I put the bedpan on the counter near where everyone was taking candy out of an open candy jar and took a few pieces for myself. The next time I reached for the candy I "accidently" picked up the "poop" and popped it in my mouth.

    There was absolute stunned silence as everyone starred at me. I absent-mindedly said "hhmm, pretty good" and took another piece from the bedpan.

    By then everyone was either gagging or yelling at me. I finally couldn't hold back the laughter anymore and pulled out the candy wrapper from my pocket.
    It's been several years since I worked at that place and theystill say it tops the best practical joke ever (of course they still have not forgiven me either).
  4. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    I had to resurrect this thread, it's had me laughing like crazy and I would love to hear more practical jokes!!!