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At clinical today we were at the hospital we go to regularly for our clinical rotation. I am a positive person, I do what I can to help and stay busy. I often hear the nurses talking bad about... Read More

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    Quote from Jane says
    Thanks for your responses. My instructor knows about it. We discussed this issue, as well as, the morphine vial that got thrown in the med cart trash and the patient that was allowed to smoke in his room.
    This floor has a reputation for these behaviors, it was just shocking is all.

    However, your comments gave me a new perspective....
    Maybe working on a hospital floor is similar to waiting tables in a restaurant. There is always going to be the 1 or 2 servers who feed off difficult customers. They curse and complain in the kitchen so, when they take food to the table they don't throw it at you. I get it now.
    I just expected something different. Something called compassion? But I'll be different. After all, I never spit in anyone's food
    I think with age and work experience, you'll learn to read people and you won't be so shocked or put off by less than desirable behavior, because reacting to harmless but stupid stuff just takes too much time and energy. What people say or do in any workplace might be of questionable taste, or unpleasant to see or overhear, but in the end, it doesn't really harm anyone. I worked in heavy manufacturing where it was predominantly a man's world, and now most of the rude banter and other stuff that sends most women into orbit, I just laugh off. And my doing THAT disgusts other women, and sends them into orbit. lol.

    Where I did my student nurse clinicals, they tended to give us the most undesirable patients that the regular nurses wanted a break from. And the atmosphere in two of those units was on some days, rather zoo-like, including pee and poo on the floors. The NPO patients would sneak out and go down the back stairs to get candy & a big meal at the snack bar. The drug seekers would just leave and catch a ride uptown with a friend they called to pick them up outside the hosp and would return 3-4 hours later, drunk and/ or stoned as all-get-out. The hypochondriac frequent-flyer who keeps elaborate written records of all her own VS and I/O and meds and care is wearing us all out with requests for "diet Sprite; bring me a box fan 'cause I'm too hot; now bring me a warm blanket 'cause I'm too cold; now I want to speak to you supervisor 'cause you're just a student and having just a student is making me very nervous and I have a heart condition and I've decided I don't want a student; but first call Dr. so-and-so and tell him that I think my such-and-such is getting worse and I think he should try this-and-that-treatment..." Now, that woman, the entire hospital wanted to throw out of the window. ;-D
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    Since you are still a student, and a guest in that facility, I don't see why you want to say anything at all. Those nurses are not abusing their patients. If they were, trust me, management would know about it, because patients love to complain, and would be sure to tell someone. People vent, no matter what type of job they have. You have no idea whether they are talking about a well-known frequent flyer, who only comes in to beg for IV pain meds, or a patient who is extremely difficult and blatantly lies about the staff. It could be anything. You will have patients who complain about the color of jello they get. With the focus on patient satisfaction scores, you will find that you have to cater to their every whim, no matter how trivial. These nurses may be "burned out" for a reason, and need to vent. Better they vent to each other, because management will not care, and they need to get it out of their system before they enter the patient's room. For now, just focus on learning. Hopefully when you are a nurse, you can be a positive influence wherever you work.
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    Quote from Jane says
    At clinical today we were at the hospital we go to regularly for our clinical rotation. I am a positive person, I do what I can to help and stay busy. I often hear the nurses talking bad about patients amongst each other. Hospital policy requires a bedside report and they do the bedside report AFTER they speak their mind to each other. Cussing included, and all before 7 a.m! They bully other newly licensed nurses and talk about them too. Their bedside manner is atrocious.
    It's like the unprofessionalism has spread through the unit because today the RN was gossiping rudely about patients with the charge nurses. The last thing I heard from the nurse today was, "Just go ahead and call the police because I'm gonna throw that b***h out the window." speaking of the patient crying for pain medication.
    Is this just what they do?! Can I do anything?
    Oh honey, I felt the same way when I was in school. Unfortunately this is what nursing has become. You will continue to hear nursing staff and docs talk like this and have unprofessional bedside manner. The only thing you could do is lead by example. I have heard many nurse talk about patients like dogs. Calling them the b word and this and that. I can't stand it, which is one of the reasons I want to leave bedside nursing all together sometimes.
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    You will have patients who complain about the color of jello they get.
    It's the truth had this happen to me more times then I would like to admit!
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    Where I work a lot of my co workers vent like this about patients even the doctors will complain about certian pts at the nurses station. But when we go into the room it is all professional. Has nothing to do with bedside manner. Some people can take a ton of drug seekers, not pt in pain, straight up drug seekers, looking to get a PICC for easy accsess, all the "my ice is not cold enough" all the other bs and not say a word. where as other nurses vent to others about this. It is not all flowers and sunshine. Students for the most part have no clue
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    Darn. I thought I was in Disneyland.
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    Quote from FancypantsRN
    I have heard lots of threats of "pillow therapy" over the years, have yet to see it occur.
    Staffing one day, critical needs all over the hospital. I suggested some pillow therapy. People just don't appreciate creative problem solving....
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    Patient discharged out window!

    Smells like nurse burn-out to Boston!!!