Please help me find a non-bedside career

  1. I need help. I don't know what else to do. i left my bedside job as an ICU RN and took a job as a nurse manager at a new facility. At first I thought it was my big ticket out of bedside and a great chance to expand my career. I can't do bedside anymore, it has physically killed me and I am only 30, I don't want to be crippled by 40. I already require alot of chiropractic and massage work and physical therapy I don't go to....

    Anyways, my big break has ended up a nightmare. I make great money, but the job is awful. This place is not run well, is a start-up for profit and the person who is my boss, the VP of nursing is awful. She is nothing but a charge nurse from another facility, she just happened to know the right people. She doesn't like me for a few reasons, one, because I am not in her Philipino clique (she brought over all of her friends from her other job) and because I am praised by my coworkers and upper management. She has no idea what she has doing, hasn't guided me, has caused many problems that i am having a hard time solving. I am basically winging it. I have no support from her, no guidance. She just expects me to be a charge nurse every day we are short of staff which is everyday because of her poor work. I almost quit a few times, but I my other coworkers won't let me. They beg me ot hang in there, praise me to the CEO who thinks I am doing a great job, and when at a directors meeting other department heads were saying nice things about me, my boss makes a speech to everyone which was the speech she gave me in her office once when she didn't like that I wasn't taking charge nurse everytime we were short (not in my job despcription) she basically had to shoot me down because everyone was prasing me, not her.

    Anyways, while i have everyone elses support, I don't have the one person I really need it from. And she is protected because of the medical director. It's a bad situation all around. I am working million hour days, called all weekend, attacked my staff all the time about our poor staffing (something i am trying to fix, but can't do overnight) given a million and one responsibilites with no guidance at all. I am tired, my life is suffering. I am a single mom to my daughter and can never leave work at work, I fear I will nto be able to pick ehr up on time and i am exhausted.

    I need to find another job, but I don't know where to look. I know i will have to take a huge pay cut. But I don't want bedside anymore. I am a nurse of 5 years, most of it critical care.ICU. I have my associates, not a BSN. Where can I look? What can I do with my nursing license?

    please help, I just can't do this anymore.
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  3. by   kakamegamama
    Hang in there. It sounds like a very tough situation for you, in many ways. Just a couple of thoughts---is returning for a BSN a possibility? That might make you more marketable. Other than that-- Have you explored educator roles? What about quality assurance/risk management? Case management? Pharmaceutical rep? Check companies for positions that involve education and training of bedside equipment (with ICU experience, I bet you know your "stuff" with a lot of equipment).
    Just some ideas. Don't despair. Don't give up. You WILL make it. Godspeed and take care.
  4. by   MomRN0913
    I am trying so hard to hang in there. I just don't know how much longer i can take. My boss informed me I will be charge nurse tomorrow. I'm miserable.

    I was in top 3 for this awesome job. Every hear of Zoll? They make alot of medical equipment. I was going to be the clinical rep for a new thermoregulation catheter. But I I had ot travel all over the state and I realized I couldn't do it as a single mom. I had ot be home to pick her up. My exH has his days with her, but that's it. It was a job I was a perfect fit for too.

    I can get my BSN through this job, they actually require me to, but I can't even find time to breathe let alone go back to school. I feel so screwed.
  5. by   BrookeeLou_RN
    You might try home health.. you have the experience for it.. driving is heavy so make sure you are okay with that.. It is not as physical as reg bedside nursing. Most have call but usually you can plan that one ahead of time. You may find you have to do computer work in evening, especailly starting out but usually hours are 8-5. I have a urostomy and I can do the visits.. I did not do visits the first year I had it.
    And I am not saying do visits forever.. sometimes management opens up but tends to be like what you have now.. but you could go to online school while working home health and get BSN. So it might take awhile if you can not do it real fast.. you got time. Consider what you might want to be.. Nurse educator you could do from a wheelchair if needed.
    I will say stay out of LTC as they will want you as mgr and it will be the same as you have now.

    If CEO is approachable,, why not just ask for some professional advice... make it vague if you need to,, just ask about future opportunities with the organization. Avoid the crazy boss all together. Document what you do,, how many times you have to be charge etc.. CYA...Be nice to her,...make it a game if needed. the nicer you are the more she will wonder what you are up to?? Mess with her mind! I really don't see as you have much to lose.. if she tries to fire you..CEO/Board might get involved!!!

    But if you can not wait and it will take much time to actually get better even if it is going to.. try something else.. Try clinic settings, some use RN"s.. try Blood banks/ companies for Occupational nurses, try infection control..might have to spring for a class or two but would be worth it to have options. Consider ins companies, medical review companies. Go on some internet career sites and type in non-traditional nursing jobs,, I get some amazing job listings. Best of luck.
  6. by   Kooky Korky
    Get out and good luck. Sorry, no magic cure, but wish you well.
  7. by   Zookeeper3
    Ok, from one ICU nurse to another... and yes I've done the management route... and ran from it after about three years... so I know where you're coming from with lack up upper ladder support.

    In my area, there were very few options, so I went back to bedside ... a comfort level which my hours were controlled and my stress level decreased until I could form a plan, let alone have time to form one.

    While I was back in my comfort ICU zone, I had time to really look and evaluate what specifically drove me away from the bedside to begin with. Trust me, you'll remember quickly in the first three months.

    For me, after 15 years I'm leaving bedside again to do EPS lab. A procedure area... where there are no family in the OR room, the patient is sedated, charting is limited and there is little to none bedside nursing.

    This I'm sure isn't your answer, but the thought process is... Once an ICU nurse,and now management, you have so many marketable skills but it takes time to find what just may be right for you. I had to go back to basics, to learn more about me, to choose the next step.

    You can always go back to the ICU, and have a breather from your current hell to find your new home.

    Food for thought, it's what has worked for me anyway, and I know that managerial demand and you can't even think straight, let alone plan a future some days.
  8. by   Katie5
    First of all, there are barriers already which you or her put up,(I can't really say).
    -The barrier of her being Philipino, should not even come into play.
    Take a pause and view yourself through the same lens you just viewed your supervisor "She's just a charge nurse". You bettered your situation, should she not better hers.

    "I get praise and compliments all the time." Perhaps you should not be stingy with your praise and offer some to your supervisor.People most times try to live up to expectations.

    "All my other colleagues want me to stay." Does that include the Philipino nurses that you stated your supervisor brought in?Somehow I find that hard to believe.

    I'm sorry but I would look at things objectively- no need becoming a part of your pity party.It helps none. You put labels on your supervisor without first trying to understand her her. When you put a label on someone or have a critical spirit, at that point your mind is made up and not very pliable to offering solutions.

    Look within yourself first and reevaluate.
  9. by   79Tango
    It might help to write down all of the positives? You make great money & you get to pick your daugher up + youve gotten away from bedside nursing with an associates! Sounds like you are well on your way.. Maybe you can bide your time there to add this experience to your resume. Especially if they will pay for your BSN!

    Ive seen so many out of work RNs, Underpaid RNs, MSN's working for new-grad wages, etc... Believe it or not just having a high paying job these days is a blessing. I am not sure of your exact job description but it seems more and more that RNs are expected to wear many different hats and fill in or help out whereever they are needed.

    If the negatives still out number the positives:Telephone nursing, Health Insurance Companys, Sales, School Nursing, Corporate Nursing are somethings to look into.
  10. by   caliotter3
    I am surprised you have not gone to home health. You can get the most relief by asking for extended care cases. If you want to ease the physical burden the most, do peds cases on night shift. Watching a baby sleep through the night can be very good for your back.
  11. by   PraiseMariahCarey
    Nursing just sucks! Ugh I feel your pain
  12. by   Flare
    Quote from PraiseMariahCarey
    Nursing just sucks! Ugh I feel your pain
    This is your attitude and you're still in school(based on reading some of your other posts...)? You may want to re-examine your career choice.
  13. by   FreudianSlip
    As someone else already stated, home health is a relatively easy (and low paying) option. Same thing with hospice care, if you can work end of life care. With only your ADN, you are definitely in a difficult spot, especially in this economic climate. Education is your key to leverage. Good luck.
  14. by   MomRN0913
    Home Health is a thought. I know the hours are flexible and you can kind of make your own. Although some of the stories of roach invested homes and disgusting living conditions scare me a little.

    Today at work was insane, short staffed, no charge, which made me charge amongst many other duties, then a patient started to crash. Uggghhh. I had to leave at a certain time, I had not choice, I had to finally tell everyone I was going! My close buddies at work did an intervention on me and said I may not quit. They told the CEO they are about to lose the best nurse manager this place could have if my boss wasn't controlled. Some interesting things should happen tomorrow. I am trying to hang in there.

    I contemplate going back to bedside sometimes, just so I can care for my patients, do my job and go home, but I just don't think I can right now.

    Ugghhh. I always wanted to do maternity. Maybe I should look into that..