pharmaceutical companies?

  1. can nurses work for pharmaceutical companies?
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  3. by   TazziRN
    Yes, I've seen RNs as drug reps.
  4. by   doobiedo
    Quote from pat8585
    can nurses work for pharmaceutical companies?
    Most definitely...I have for 7 years. The jobs available are not only sales reps either. Many different positions available. Great hours, pay , benefits etc....
    A BSN is usually required but not always mandatory depending on the position.
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    doobiedo I have some questions for ya, could you send me a private message or an email?
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    i also have a few questions...for you doobiedo...but can't send you a private message...try to reply to me privatley ok?
  7. by   smoo
    Our pharmacy has nurses who do IV's if we can't get one started, or place Midlines, etc...also has nurses who come and check our med carts periodically to check for expired meds

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  9. by   augigi
    Of course they can. There are all sorts of medical companies you could work for - drugs, wound care products, surgical equipment, anesthesia equipments, medical devices.

    I went from working cardiothoracic ICU to working for a company that makes ventricular assist devices. I was the first nurse they hired, and now we have 4 as clinical educators. It is a whole different world and different skills are required to work in a corporate environment, but nice to see how and why things work as they do, and to gain an understanding from the business side of things.
  10. by   ARBY
    Doobiedo, PLEASE PM me, too. Out here in the middle of nowhere in W. TX, jobs for RN's are few and far between and offer TERRIBLE pay.

    I'd appreciate ANY help for pharmacy/medical rep you could offer.

  11. by   doobiedo
    Hi Sorry but I am not set up to PM :>)

    There are big pharmaceutical companies as well as Biotech companies, CRO's (Contract Research Organizations) etc.. Many of those companies also have smaller offices/satelites in various areas of the country. I am only familiar with Eastern PA/NJ area.
    Try Monster or Careerbuilder, etc where you can enter your zip code and pull up companies around your area. You may have to consider contracting in order to get your foot in the door to a permanent position. There are many contract agencies with varied benefits so you should shop around. You want agencies that deal with the pharma industry and research. Your contract may be anywhere from 3 months to 2 years depending on the company policy and their need. If you get your name and resume to a headhunter you will most likely get some leads also. The more experience you have the better.
    Nurses are utilized in many areas of pharmaceutical/medical device/medical supply etc industry.