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  1. When I worked in dialysis I had a first time pt. that I was inserting quite large bore needles into his fistula. He and I were chatting as a way to distract him and somhow we got to talking about glasses. I said, "Yes, I'm blind as a bat without mine." As soon as i saw the look of terror on his face I assured him I wore contacts;)
  2. ARBY

    Anyone doing HEDIS???

    Google "HEDIS 2010 Michigan" If you don't find something now, repeat every few days as recruiters are starting look for nurses now.
  3. ARBY

    Hedis 2005...

    Just be aware that it's a job that only last Feb/March thru May. You might not want to postpone your first REAL job that long. The only way I could see you doing this AND working is if you could work week-ends and 1 day per week, and then schedule your HEDIS reviews for the other 4 days a week. It might mean working 7 days/week but as I said it would only be for a few months. When I did it in SoCA, I was usually busy AT LEAST 4 days a week but don't know the demand where you are. I've heard in some places they hardly have anything to do.
  4. ARBY

    Anyone doing HEDIS???

    Yes, most companies allow all levels of medical experience, I believe 1 lady in my class was a MA. The company doing the reviews is generally who does the class for same. GOOD LUCK