Patient ghost visit

  1. I have worked for NY state for over 10yrs. I worked as a LPN for the state over 5yrs. I had one resident that was in my group home that everyone truely loved. She lived with 6 other ladies. 2yrs ago she had chronic URI and dysphagia issues. Eventually she was in need a PEG insertion. The procedure was done she was transferred to a nursing home and lived 2wks after the procedure. Her death came as a great shock to us. She was not young but it didnt make her passing any easier. She passed 12/25/05. We the staff had a nickname that everyone called her as it was so fitting. She had nicknames for us as well. Fastforward to 1 week ago. I was visiting one of my ladies from the same home where "sweetie " lived. She is in the exact same Nrsg home, same floor as sweetie was. I was there sitting with her after working the overnight 12-8 then 8-4. I never forgot that sweetie had died in this home, but never focused on it either. As the aides where transferring my lady to bed I stepped out in the hall and I looked up and i remembered the last time I saw sweetie was 12/23 sitting under this picture in her wheelchair by the radio I told her I loved her and went home. After the aides put my gal to bed I sat there was working on some stuff I dont know if I daydreamed or what but as clear as day sweetie came in said to me "my name.. Im ok " and left. I dontremember her walking or in a her chair. it was so vivid. The next thing I recall Im crying hard. Like I just found out she passed. I went back to the work location was telling my coworker, again with the tears. It shook me to my core. Later that evening I was telling my husband about it. AGain crying so hard like youdo when you a child you heave..
    My question is A. am I out of my mind
    B. has this ever happened to anyone
    C. I think I hallucinated this as I was exhausted.
    SORRY SO LONG.. :0)
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    NO you are NOT out of your mind and I believe ANYTHING is possible. Maybe, with time, will come clarity and you will decide what this event means/meant to you. But it would depend a lot on your spiritual belief systems, largely, as to what you decide all of this means to you.

    But I do not think you are crazy at all.
  4. by   tgb3rn
    I would say A.... and maybe a little of C.... But then again B is not impossible I guess----but then again I'm nuts anyway...WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!:lol_hitti <----Me most nights.
  5. by   GingerSue
    A. not necessarily, maybe just tired?
    B. happened? - one afternoon I arrived to visit my mother, and she told me that she had just seen me sitting in the living-room on the sofa, (which was not the case, I had only just arrived), and no matter what I said, she insisited that I had just been in the living-room with her (nope, I wasn't)
    C. things progressed to the point where she was frequently having auditory hallucinations, and had to be admitted because of delusions, etc. And as I have read, sleep deprivation can contribute to hallucinations.

    So consider the various factors of your own experience
    and what they mean to you
  6. by   oramar
    Where ever she is and what ever caused you to see her she is as she said, "OK". So you don't have to worry about her anymore. You can be sad or grieve but you know she is OK.
  7. by   dawngloves
    Whatever it was, I think it's lovely.
  8. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I "heard" my mother's voice at the end of her funeral service, saying to me, "Sis, I love you." just as clear as day. I "felt" very clearly that she was above and behind my left shoulder. I was wide awake, not any more sleep deprived than usual.
    I believe your story.
  9. by   KJRN79
    IMHO, A. You are not out of your mind,
    B. Things like that have happened to me with both of my grandparents, one aunt, and a couple of patients.
    C. Maybe it was a hallucination, but I like to think it was a "visit".

    I don't know, I find it comforting that people can come back and visit me or that I may be able to do it myself someday. Read the quote with my signature.