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  1. Hello Everybody! And I mean all the allnurses.com people here. Nursing, I found out well, is hard for potential nurses who are making the transition from civilian to nurse. I missed this board very much while I was away. You may remember me. I was so excited to get accepted to a 2 year community college nursing school, and then was failed in clinicals during my second semester, and there was no warning it was coming. Being failed for the clinical portion was under the control of a single nursing instructor. It feels good to say hello to everyone who may remember me because I learn so much from allnurses.com.

    Well, the reasons sited for me failing this particular clinical assignment was that I didn't turn in a component of my paperwork due each week, and that I gave po med (percocet) without the instructor being there while I gave the med. (Percocet is a narc) Even though I was told to go ahead and give it by the nurses there on the unit, and even though I had given the same med to the same PT the day before with the instructor there, it cost me dearly.

    I was/am working 24 hours a week during nursing school as a floor CNA (Med Spec) and was doing it, but when I was dropped from nursing school, it was so hard to tell everyone where I work what happened when they would all ask, "How is school going?" I just received my one year evaluation from the hospital I work as a CNA at and it was excellent. I love what I do (caring for people) and it shows through in all I do.

    I was dropped during Feb, 03, and was told i could come back next year. I wrote a great letter to the nursing dean explaining my true and steadfast intentions of becoming a nurse. I didn't leave the school on a bad note, and always kept my cool and composure, even though I felt the instructor was particularly hard on me, and I didn't deserve to be dropped like that. So, for the last two months, i have been living with the fact that I have to wait another year to become an RN, and this is just a bump, and something that has happened to others, and I will go with it and be the model student next year.

    Now the school has informed me that they will not be taking back any returning students because of the great influx of new nursing students. This is really hard for me to take, knowing how much I want to be a nurse and start helping people as a nurse, then having that process be shut down because of a single instructor. Now I am all the way back to square one, and it's very hard to accept. Has anyone tried to get a seat in a nursing program lately? Forget about it! The ones in my area are all so full...waiting lists...panic.

    So here I sit...with all my prereqs complete with a 3.0 avg and I have been in school full time over the last 2 years to get all my prereqs complete...then got accepted to RN program last year...got clinicals in my second semester at a rough place for a second semester student (post surg)...had an instructor didn't help me...then failed me...school tells me i can come back next year...then 2 months later says there will be no room because of the shortage...ahhhhh. My CNA job...where I work with med/surg PT's >32 hours a week is the greatest place to work. The nurses there are very professional and tell me they know I'll be an excellent nurse based on what they see.

    I can't stand thinking of myself as dead in the water, but thats what I am. I have all the potential to become an excellent nurse and all the prereq knowledge to enter a 2 year RN program...and I have no seat. It has eaten at me every day in a big way, and for all the folks who don't think I know what depression can mean....I have had one heck of a case of the blues. But i have not sunk, and I still want to get into another school for the 2 years to give me a seat at the NCLEX so I can start doing my best by providing the best nursing care.

    So now I have to start getting myself into reality and climb ALL THE WAY back to start. It's so tough to get into a good school today. And now i am having to start completely all over again, after all I have been through.

    I'm not looking for any sympathy. If anyone knows of a school accepting students for Fall for or Winter, I'd like to know.

    What makes it hard for me is to see other students get the training and help needed to become a nurse, and then to remember what happened to me.

    If there is a school somewhere in the US that would take an ambitious and caring student, I'd like to know. This is not easy for me friends. My intentions are all positive, and I am ready, willing and able to train to be a RN, but the shortage is in quality nursing schools, with quality instructors, with quality learning programs, and not in potential quality nurses. Thank you.
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  3. by   Jen2
    Hello, just wanted to say don't give up hope. A friend of mine had a 74.8 (you need a 75 to stay in the program, they don't round), and they failed her second semester first year. Maybe some people will drop out or fail, and you can get a seat. Did you talk to the school about his option?
  4. by   moonshadeau
    Glad to see you back Mario. You may feel that you are "dead in the water" but things will look up. I am a huge believer in fate and destiny and the plan for us all, with a little self-direction thrown in there.

    I hope that from your tragedy that you have taken away two very important lessons.

    First, that there are such a things as deadlines in the profession. On a daily, hourly and minute basis. Patients count on timely administration of nursing care. Part of the whole nursing process is the "time management" aspect. Even though that we don't like to admit it, the hard-nosed instructors do a pretty good job of teaching this to us thru their unyielding expectations.

    Second, the other lesson is that you are repsonsible for decisions made and held accountable as such. Sometimes, you do have to be able to say no. The nurse that doesn't know how to say no is the one that will likely find themselves in front of a review board. The staff nurse isn't responsible for you. She may be responsible for the care that you provide to her patient, but ultimately you are practicing under your instructor's license.

    I do hope that I am not coming off condescending, that really isn't my intent. I only wish you well, and am glad to see that you retained the passion to become a nurse. With the compassion and the drive that you display, I know you will make it through.

    Good Luck.
  5. by   ktwlpn
    many prospective students are in the same fix.A co-worker of mine with a 3.9 grade point average and all of his pre-reqs complete had to interview with over 200 others for 1 of 30 seats for his clinicals and is still waiting to hear the results.Just be patient-get on the waiting list and apply to any other programs near you.Consider re-locating and search for programs all across the country-the internet makes that easy.You are single and free to go where ever you need to....I had to wait for over a yr to start but then a few spaces opened up and I got in early-keep your fingers crossed....
  6. by   Disablednurse
    Just keep praying and looking as there is somehow going to be a place for you to return to school. I know with your determination you will find something. I will have you in my thoughts and prayers.
  7. by   Tweety
    Hi Mario. Good luck in finding success in your nursing career. Sorry for the setback.
  8. by   BBFRN
    What about taking your pre-req's with you to a 4 yr college, and going for a BSN? Ths may be a blessing in disguise.
  9. by   altomga
    Sorry to hear about he rotten luck you had....
    Like lgflamini how about taking you great potential to another college? With all the pre-req's done you should be at the top to get in I would think!
    Don't give up hope..we need people like you who REALLY want to become a nurse!
  10. by   sbic56
    I think lgflamina has the answer for you mario. I believe you want this as much as you say; why not get that BSN and show them what you are made of? Now THAT would be justice!!
  11. by   EmeraldNYL
    Mario, there are schools taking nurses like you out there, but there are long waiting lists, so hurry up and get on one already! If you really want to do this you won't let one professor hold you back from your dream. Good luck.
  12. by   pickledpepperRN
    The saying is "The best revenge is success."
    It is probable you can take the place of a drop out. If you can afford it you may want to apply at as many programs as possible.
    Are you in California? It's a long shot but just in case you or someone else wants to see the list of programs :

  13. by   fulwood
    Mario, have you looked into BSN programs? I think with all prereqs you have done you could try those programs. also if you have bachelors in another field what about accelerated BSN. It is nice to hear from you and I wish you well..
  14. by   karenG
    good to see you back!! you could always come here to train............