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This past year I've used an online service for problem until this past month. I just "happened" to be checking my credit card information, and found two charges(one each 10/18 and 10/19)... Read More

  1. by   tonchitoRN
    i would never recommend this company. they are very wishy-washy. i one time did their "free" ceu and now they spam me several times a day. i have not been able to block them or get them to get me off their spam list. be warned people.
    i only do online ceu's through they are 100% reliable and don't send spam.
  2. by   Eric
    That last line in my post is (should be) the phone numbers for the company. If you don't get an email response from them, call them. Its easy to delete emails, its hard to get an irate customer off the phone.
  3. by   Kikumaru
    I too had problems with this company. I used my credit card to "purchase" their seasonal specials. When I got emails from them it seemed the mails were sent from individuals rather than from their collective company. I went to my credit union (where my credit card comes from) and was credited with what I paid. I too got no emails or return phone calls (my credit union had their phone number, required for transactions on credit card). Let me know if you get this resolved... this is corrupt.

    By the way.... I have recently completed free CE at the following site (designed for nurses and physicians):
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  4. by   Gardengal
    Sounds like something for the Better Business Bureau.
  5. by   live4today

    I use (CME Resource) for my Ohio and other states CEUs. Have you tried them yet?

    They even have the Ohio Bd. of Nrsg Rules and Law Course for $15.00 which I took a few weeks ago. They always mail out very nice CEU certificates that look very professional. Try them!

  6. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, I am pizzed! I got my Credit card statement in the mail today and I noticed A SECOND charg from MEDCEU! They already charged me once for their 39.99 special for unlimited CEU's when I signed up back in August. Seeing how tomorroe is Christmas and they'll be closed, I'm gonna try calling on Thursday. If I don't get an answer, then I'm gonna call my Credit Card Company and have them remove the cahrges. If they won't then I'll threaten to switch my balance to another card. Oh am I MAD!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   curliegirlie
    I came on this forum to specifically ask if anyone else was double charged by MEDCEU.
    I've use this company for 3 years and this year again took advantage of their 2 year special, that was in September. Then I noticed they took out another charge in Oct. Simply renewing my previous membership.
    I've emailed them countless times. Thought it was just my problem, but while on another forum and asking an unrelated question about MEDCEU I found at least 10 other nurses had been charged twice. Well, where there is smoke there is fire.

    This is not right! The more nurses I hear from the more suspicious I'm becoming of this company.
    Unfortunately it's such an easy program to use, and I thought it was cheap, well, until they got their hands into my bank account.

    So please, if you've been charged twice by MEDCEU please email me at
    Maybe together we can do something.

    I will be posting this message under another heading. I just feel others should be aware, and those of us who've had problems will at least have strength in numbers.
    The best way to dispute a charge is going to be with the credit card company itself. I would make a contact with a person and have a email record of it as well I would also email the credit card company your letter that you wrote to the ceu company that charged you for something you didnt purchase. As long as you dispute the charge the credit card company is responsible for the outcome of it. An unauthorized charge is a fraudulant charge which is something the credit company and yourself can sue for.
    Monitor your credit card up to 6 mo after this has happened and keep a close eye. I have this happen alot and since I dont get my bills (its mailed to my parents home and I open it when I return to the states up to a yr later) I now monitor it online every month.
    Keep your email records of the transactions to the credit card co and the ceu company just in case this happens again.
  9. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, I tried calling medceu using a number that was posted here in a previous post. No answer all I got is an answering machine. So, I sent Mark an e-mail and i plan on calling my credit card co. later today.
  10. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, I tried calling MEDCEU again this morning and again got no answer, only an answering machine. I sent Mark another e-mail as well. I also called my credit card company and they are going to dispute it. This place MUST have a legit phone number!
  11. by   KaroSnowQueen
    We got an email at work that they were no longer recognized in Ky and not to use them. No specifics, but now I see why!!!
  12. by   RNforLongTime
    I still have not received any response from MEDCEU, of course. I am waiting for my Credit Card co to send me paperwork about disputing the charges. Next call will be to the better business bureau!!!!!!!!!!!