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  1. Kikumaru

    Terminated and reported to Texas Board of Nursing

    Esme, I could not have agreed with you more!! I cannot imagine any licensed nurse working without malpractice insurance. at this point, it would be very difficult to yet the services of an attorney due to non-coverage at the time. I have actually heard nurses say if you don't have the legal insurance no one can sue you and the board of nursing will not take action against you this is so very incorrect
  2. Kikumaru

    McKesson Job Opportunity

    Management can't agree, takes months to get officially hired due to HireRight. Waste of useless education, many people can't understand their Rules & Regulations. This company lies, sets unrealistic goals for both its employees and patients (who are lower income and need to be concerned about where they can live or get away from an abusive situation) rather than being focused on vaccines. Since when do you ask a patient over the phone (who has never met you) "Have you had lack of interest in doing this lately?" This company actually teaches nurses how to "script" word for word, according to what the health plan wants the nurse to say (don't use your logic to talk to the patient.....read the script). There are actually health plans that pay them for saying, "assessing, coaching, and coercing the health plans "goals." Don't the insurance companies realize that their populations are in need of food instead of lectures on how to tell the physicians what the patient should be receiving...No joke, parts of the assessments involve suggesting that the patient should "Suggest this medication or other treatment." Some physicians are very aggravated by patients telling them what McKesson nurses suggest.
  3. Kikumaru

    indepenent nurse assessor

    Interested in talking with you regarding LTS and LP; having some difficulty with Lts.
  4. Kikumaru

    indepenent nurse assessor

    This is not really patient care (i.e. no iv's, dressing changes, etc.). You will use skills as assessment, recommendations for either staying at home or being placed. This is not home care case management it's home care management (care management).
  5. Kikumaru

    indepenent nurse assessor

    I believe it's a conflict of interest for insurance companies to send nurses out to do this. They contract with companies to do this.
  6. Kikumaru

    indepenent nurse assessor

    I have done this too but need more clients to network with. Can someone direct me to different corporations that need care managers / field assessors?
  7. I have been challenged lately with a decision I made. I was asked to come in and assess a service member who was part of a battalion and needing help. My organization is not military, it's a civilian organization. As I was asking him questions he became quite paranoid, agitated, and unwilling to answer with my questions. I stated to some of the non-military nurses in this battalion that I felt he was a danger to himself and possibly to others. I stated I felt they should receive some intensive mental health treatment and consider that he may become dangerous to those around him. One of the RN's said to me "This is what we deal with all of the time, we are used to it." Furthermore, they went to my supervisor and stated that I was being "too extreme." This deeply insulted me and now my confidence is diminished. I do keep wondering if something could happen or was I extreme. Any feedback?
  8. Kikumaru

    Falsely Accussed, Manager a Witch

    Leave your husband? Are you serious?
  9. Kikumaru

    Hung out to dry by administrator

    Curious, you stated she "wouldn't come in." There seems to be a problem with that. If I told someone to come in and they didn't that would be grounds for termination in a situation as this.
  10. Kikumaru

    Depressed and worn out

    CONGRATULATIONS! You are freeing yourself from the "enabler" role. Now you can enable yourself! You are teaching all those around you your strengths. :wink2: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!
  11. Kikumaru

    I don't think I want to be a nurse

    Hi! I can empathasize with your feelings, TOTALLY! When I first got into nursing I kept thinking it wasn't for me. It took me nearly three years to find an area that I felt validated in. I went from med/surg to peds to home health to other patient areas. Most posters, in the General Nursing Forums, i've noticed are bedside nurses. It wasn't my niche. I started specializing in administrative nursing (QI, UM, CM which have more need for nursing/financial perspectives). I also became an educator. I am not a bedside nurse per se, although sometimes I do some registry to keep myself intact (don't want to lose bedside skills). One nurse mentioned pharmaceutical sales rep and this is another area which you may do very well in. Most of us are very supportive, empathetic and helpful. I wish you well. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!:balloons:
  12. Casey! I am totaly empathetic to your plight! May I suggest that rather than focusing on the shoes, you might try a back support and a consult with a chiropractic doctor? I think the lumbar support apparel might reduce the stress on both your back and BLE! Good luck!
  13. Kikumaru

    I'm sick to my eyeballs of incompetent agency nurses.

    I would personally like to congratulate you in your ability to assist in the resolution of the nursing shortage. How will others view "us" as a profession or even dare to endeaver to succeed in the field of nursing with fears of outside hostility by others in "our" profession? I feel that this posting enables other professions to see our profession as "troubled" and perhaps as cut throat. I have always carried the thought that our objective is in the business of teaching, "caring", influencing and accentuating the positive. What are you doing in a caring profession when it is obvious YOU DON'T CARE?
  14. dear all: i am an avid reader of mostly the general posts! today i need your help. i am interviewing for a position that goes beyond most of what i have done in the field of um/qi/cm. here is the job description: "quality assurance coordinator this is a newly created position. the primary focus for this position will be to conduct internal audits for all company departments such as: coding, accounts receivable, support, provider enrollment, customer service, private pay collections, medicare/medi-cal follow-up, etc. this position will report to the company compliance officer. they will work closely with our clients, management team, and staff. job requirements candidate must be a registered nurse with a minimum of 2 years of previous auditing experience in a healthcare environment. candidate must be extremely knowledgeable in physician billing and medical accounts receivable. candidate should have a big picture perspective of the industry, with healthcare experience in coding, data entry, billing, accounts receivable, and familiarity with all insurances. a college degree in a related field is a big plus. candidate must possess very good computer skills and have the ability to quickly learn new programs. candidate must be very organized, detail-oriented, and be able to work independently on projects." most of this i know (i.e. coding, insurances, data entry, facility auditing and home health bill auditing). my questions are regarding accounts receivable, and provider enrollment. i interview tomorrow at 1300 and would appreciate any help!!:sofahider
  15. Kikumaru

    Medication Nurse Assistants

    VA is NOT regulated by state laws!!
  16. Kikumaru

    Our baby was stillborn... Please help me understand

    Many times when I hear of someone dying I often close and pray "May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord make His face shine upon you." Today, after reading your posting I prayed this for both you, your family and your beautiful son. Your emotions are probably really in a state of constant flux and I won't even attempt to address that but to say "we care and we're here." My daughter cried and read your posting. My daughter is always into cause and effects. Being taken with CSI she is now looking into becoming a forensic nurse specialist. To make a long story short she just kept saying "what could've caused this?" I stated I would post something which you may want to reflect on (per her coercion and I am sorry to state I would ask you this....please accept my apology): 1) You stated you had a cold; did you take any over-the-counter medication? 2) Any change in the household to prevent spread of germs (cleaning agents)? 3) Any outside contractors (construction, pest controllers, etc.) 4) Had you traveled anywhere (altitudes, foreign food) 5) Any animals taken to the vet for specific treatments? I don't know if you work but could there be extenuating circumstances detrimental to you and your son? Again, I am sorry to bring this up to you. I am a strong supporter of what former nurses, and others stated earlier regarding the support system and the grieving process. In response to the individual at the hospital referring to your beautiful baby, I just keep wondering if this person was non-nursing (i.e. "unit secretary?). Loss is tremendous and you are to be commended for your ability to care. God bless you and yours. :flowersfo