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  1. Terminated and reported to Texas Board of Nursing

    Esme, I could not have agreed with you more!! I cannot imagine any licensed nurse working without malpractice insurance. at this point, it would be very difficult to yet the services of an attorney due to non-coverage at the time. I have actually ...
  2. McKesson Job Opportunity

    Management can't agree, takes months to get officially hired due to HireRight. Waste of useless education, many people can't understand their Rules & Regulations. This company lies, sets unrealistic goals for both its employees and patients (wh...
  3. indepenent nurse assessor

    Interested in talking with you regarding LTS and LP; having some difficulty with Lts.
  4. indepenent nurse assessor

    This is not really patient care (i.e. no iv's, dressing changes, etc.). You will use skills as assessment, recommendations for either staying at home or being placed. This is not home care case management it's home care management (care management)...
  5. indepenent nurse assessor

    I believe it's a conflict of interest for insurance companies to send nurses out to do this. They contract with companies to do this.
  6. indepenent nurse assessor

    I have done this too but need more clients to network with. Can someone direct me to different corporations that need care managers / field assessors?
  7. I have been challenged lately with a decision I made. I was asked to come in and assess a service member who was part of a battalion and needing help. My organization is not military, it's a civilian organization. As I was asking him questions he ...
  8. Falsely Accussed, Manager a Witch

    Leave your husband? Are you serious?
  9. Hung out to dry by administrator

    Curious, you stated she "wouldn't come in." There seems to be a problem with that. If I told someone to come in and they didn't that would be grounds for termination in a situation as this.
  10. Depressed and worn out

    CONGRATULATIONS! You are freeing yourself from the "enabler" role. Now you can enable yourself! You are teaching all those around you your strengths. :wink2: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!
  11. I don't think I want to be a nurse

    Hi! I can empathasize with your feelings, TOTALLY! When I first got into nursing I kept thinking it wasn't for me. It took me nearly three years to find an area that I felt validated in. I went from med/surg to peds to home health to other patien...
  12. Casey! I am totaly empathetic to your plight! May I suggest that rather than focusing on the shoes, you might try a back support and a consult with a chiropractic doctor? I think the lumbar support apparel might reduce the stress on both your back...
  13. I'm sick to my eyeballs of incompetent agency nurses.

    I would personally like to congratulate you in your ability to assist in the resolution of the nursing shortage. How will others view "us" as a profession or even dare to endeaver to succeed in the field of nursing with fears of outside hostility by...
  14. dear all: i am an avid reader of mostly the general posts! today i need your help. i am interviewing for a position that goes beyond most of what i have done in the field of um/qi/cm. here is the job description: "quality assurance coordinator thi...
  15. Medication Nurse Assistants

    VA is NOT regulated by state laws!!