OK, I'll do it, where are you from - page 10

As requested in another thread here is a poll to find out where people are located in the US, or the great big world...the poll is general..you will need to reply to get it closer. bob... Read More

  1. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    From Central VA same as someone else probably pretty close, two hours away from mountains and two hours away from the beach.
  2. by   srose
    Currently living in the great pacific northwest for two years now, and i love it! I grew up in the midwest however (wisconsin) and then spent six years in pittsburgh before moving the the NW.
  3. by   monkijr
    I am from Colorado. A Rocky Mountain Hi!!!!
  4. by   CardioTrans
    Hi from Alabama :wave:

    I was born and raised here....... now I live fairly close to the Talladega Superspeedway for all you NASCAR fans.
  5. by   nurse deb
    Hello! That was fun to read. I was born and raised in New Orleans and want to say hi to my fellow Nawlinian's! I'm not living there now, but my that's where my heart will always be.....What a beautiful city!

    I went to nursing school in Merced, California. It's in the San Juaquin valley close to Modesto, Fresno, Sacramento....I'm now living in the midwest in St. Louis, MO. I miss home, but I like the winters better up here. Not much brisk cool weather in Nawlins. Anytime I get too homesick, I hop in my minivan and take a leisurely trip down south.

    Debbie, Nobody can blame you for anything that came from Arkansas!LOL. It's not your fault~~hehehe

    Deb in St. Louis
  6. by   beckymcrn
    Born and raised in Pennsylvinia. Pittsburgh as a matter of fact.
    Now I am a D--m Yankee cause I moved to South Carolinia and plan to stay here!!
  7. by   nyapa
    No, from our perspective the Northern Hemisphere is the Southern Hemisphere and you are "Down Under' *evil grin*
  8. by   Im2exclusive
    Born and raised in NYC! as if we're really that friendly, fugetabouit
  9. by   sassygal109
    Clermont, Florida, USA but orginally from NY
  10. by   HM2VikingRN
    Southern Minnesota
  11. by   CT Pixie
    I was born and raised in the NorthEast, Connecticut to be exact. Plans on becoming one of those "Damn Yankee's" as soon as I graduate and my oldest daughter goes to college (June 2010 CANNOT come quick enough!!) Its off to North Carolina we go!
  12. by   shiloblues
    I live in the lovely Commonwealth of Virginia
  13. by   catsibsix
    from the magnolia state of mississippi, live foxworth, work in Tylertown. approx 100 or more miles from coast line north.