ODD oppositional defiance disorder

  1. My daughter was recently dx with ODD-oppositional defiant disorder and ADHD--without the AD. Now I know you can treat the ADHD with medication but I was told (by the school counselor no less) that ODD is also treatable with anti-depressants? Has anyone heard of that? Or does anyone know of any other successful treatments for ODD?
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  3. by   Wolfbeareagle
    Robyn, I pm'd you about ODD. If you need anything else, let me know.
  4. by   2amigos
    I am not a psych RN, but a mother of special needs children (3X). There are a lot of choices for treating ODD and ADD (which is what I assume you meant?).
    One of the first things I would do, is read and research everything you can-you WILL become the expert and advocate for your child. I would also request as soon as school is back open to schedule an IEP (Individual Education Program) for your child. You have a diagnosis for your daughter and the school needs to know of this and together you all can figure out what will work out best for her. Make sure there is a behavior modification plan, that way she is not subject to the same rules as the rest of the student body. This can make a difference if a situation comes up, it can be the difference between suspension (or worse) and following the behavior plan and working things out that way.
    Please feel free to e-mail me at 2amigos@plateautel.net
    I would also recommend you contact the organizations in your state. Each state is mandated to have an organization that will assist you in regards to school and the laws regarding students with disabilities. Also, ARC might be a good place to start.
    Here are some links that I found, I can't vouch for how helpful they may be, but it might be a place to start.

    I hope that these are of some help for you.
    I would also like to congratulate you. I am guessing that you felt that there was something "going on" with your daughter. Instead of just looking the other way, you took the iniative and had an assessment done. That takes a lot of courage! Hurray for you! Don't let anyone make you feel bad about your daughter's diagnosis. Some people seem to think that kids must be bratts or have "bad" parents if the kids have problems. Again, congrats to you and please feel free to e-mail me if I could be of any help or if you'd just like to vent, talk or whatever.
    Cheryl Moore
  5. by   robynrn2b
    With all the info I am reading, it seems like they are blaming the parents for it. At least that's how I feel.
  6. by   Motivated, SN

    I never did alot of reading about it, but one of my sons was dx with ADHD & ODD too. I don't feel that its my fault. One of the things that I do remember reading though that definitely fit my son was, that kids with ODD view authority as a challenge; and will go to extreme lengths not to be "outdone". I learned from experience that the more authoritarian that I was with my son, the more oppositional he was. In situations where I realized that he was trying to outdo me, I wouldn't respond to his attempts at manipulation. He didn't know if his behavior "won". I hope I'm making sense. With time the opposition decreased. He is now almost 18yrs. and he is a cooperative (for the most part), loving son. Take advantage of your relationship as her mother and you will know how to deal with her best. Good luck to you.
  7. by   2amigos
    Robyn- you are NOT to blame for your child's condition. You have taken the necessary but painful steps to find out what is going on and are trying to find out what you can do. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!
    As a parent of special needs children, I've heard that so many times from other parents going through what you are having to deal with now. Please seek a support group-there are many available.
    Some of the medications are wonderful! They can make such a difference. Meds along with behavior modification can make all the difference.
    Cheryl Moore
  8. by   robynrn2b
    Well, we saw the psychiatrist today. She started her on Adderrall so I hope that helps her. Basically she told me what I already knew, that the ADHD can be treated with meds and the ODD is mainly behavior. She said that possibly if her behavior dosent improve she might try Depakote or Triavil (sp) down the road. To me that is kind of scary. But I surely don't want to put her on any meds that she dosent' need. Thanks for all your help!
  9. by   PJRNC2
    Robyn, 2amigos is so right about the IEP meeting with the School. Here, the therapist recommends the parent put in writing the request for an IEP - with copy for child's file and one for you to keep. Also re: the behavior Modification plan-DON'T DESPAIR if the first plan does not seem to work - or if the fifth plan did not work. You may need to take a small bit out of the five plans to make the sixth one. DON'T DESPAIR. If the sixth one seems to quit working get another plan. DON'T DESPAIR. There is HOPE and SUCCESS. How old is your daughter? and When do you go back to the Doctor? I have seen very good results from Adderall (and other psychostimulants) (80% of my clients are Dx. ADD and ADHD) What grade is she in and have you seen her grades falling? (have seen kids with D's and F's go to Honor Roll) DON'T DESPAIR. Let us know how she is doing next week. Also ask the Doctor or the office nurse for literature-the Pharm. companies provide lots of info Coupons are also available for the Adderall XR . Doses can change several times in the first little while the client is getting started.
  10. by   kids
    Could anyone who has good info on ODD please PM it to me?

    My 12 yo step-son (lives in OKC) has been treated for years by a Psychiatrist for ADHD...his current meds are Adderal, Zyprexa and Paxil.

    The only person he ever has problems with is his Mom (yes, we have had him with us for LONG periods of time as have his Grandparents).

    He is spending Christmas in an inpatient Psych unit...his Mom admitted him on the 22nd...he threw a temper tantrum over not wanting to shovel doggy poo at dusk, in rain & 34' weather, called he a stupid b***h and kicked over a kitchen chair on his way out the door to do the job (his Mom's version of events). His Mom says she is sick of dealing with him, returned his presents and bought him a plane ticket, he will be moving out here to live with us upon discharge.

    I want to learn to avoid setting him up to repeat old habits when he gets here.
  11. by   NRSKarenRN
    I can feel for all of you. My Boss's son has both ADHD and ODD and has been through the wringer with him. Even pressed charges after he broke the front door, threw her jewlery box through a window and threatened to push her down the steps. Brother also has one child like this. Thankfully, my youngest is ADD-focus type.

    Yes the above meds are correct for condition. Setting some firm boundaries--that they will bounce up against repeatedly...and learning when to let small stuff slide is much easier said than done.

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  12. by   renerian
    I just was looking over the links on ODD. Sounds like my stepson who is almost 20-to a tee.

  13. by   debyan
    You are so lucky to live at a time where there is so much support and awareness of special needs children. I went with my son when he was 4 - 5 yrs old, 20 years ago trying to find out why he was so very defient. From the start he would not respond to discipline and I wanted to find a way to deal with him and not take away the incredible energy he had. The psychologist told me that it was sexual, my reaction, well I thought this was some nut talking my son was only little what was he, the psychologist, thinking. My parents had thought I was crazy to spend what little money I had on a psychogist anyway just spank him. Well anyway I wish you luck, I'll send a couple prayers your way deb
  14. by   robynrn2b
    Well, my daughter goes back to the Dr. on the 8th. She started on Adderall 5 mg. for 7 days, now is on 10 mg. She wanted to wait to start the extended release until she saw how she did on it. I am seeing some change, she is not climbing the walls anymore. When I went to the pharmacy to pick it up, the pharmacist says, "Oh, I see we fill your Ritalin and your son's also." I thought, WTF is it your business? I get so frustrated when people react to people on Ritalin like they could just simply solve their problems if they only tried and that they don't need meds. My son was failing in school because he had no concentration and within one quarter was straight A. You tell me what the problem was, the only thing we changed is started him on meds!! Didn't need intensive psychotherapy!!! He is like a different child. Just a little venting on the negative attitudes of people about ADD. It is a real diagnosis!! and a REAL disorder!