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I nearly had a meltdown last night. You don't have to read this, I'm just venting, but by talking about it now I can let go and move on. I'm off for two days. I'm moving to my new unit on Sunday... Read More

    Walks up to 3rd shift , leans over lights my cigarette off his chard body, Honey you aint burnt out yet,* PUFF*, but you certainly light a cigerette. Take a mental time out, find a spot deep in the woods, and just scream your brains out and name names when you do it, Hon if you dont unload soon your gonna blow. Remember its not a job its a freaking adventure.... I often wonder have I died and gone to hell and this is hell? I look around and wonder is Satan an Administrator? Manager? or just the disruptive family member I want to jam a 14 guage needle in. Inhale , exhale, deep breathe and scream your brains out until all of that crap you been hanging on like "It will all get better soon", "They would never let Nurses get short staffed thats rediculous" , and my favorite" The customer is always right", let that crap fly out of your head. The values and the desires that you once had and that have been covered up by the political and overwhelming issues in the days now will come back. Just unload the 10 yrs of hanging by a thread go... You will feel like a new person.
    Screaming in California as we speak...
  2. by   Tookie
    Thirds Shift Guy - Ive not logged on for a while wondering how you are going - I will probably read it some where else - Hope your feeling more positive and happier.
  3. by   Tweety
    Zoe, what a great post!

    Tookie, thanks for taking the time to check on me. I've moved on to a new unit. While it has it's own ups and downs and problems, that are similar elsewhere, it's a new place and I'm o.k. I've gotten good feedback from coworkers.

    But we'll see. There a problematic CNA on 3-11 shift that I've gone to upper management about. I've decided to take a "I ain't taken no ****" type of attitude. Nip all my problems in a bud, make no friends if that's the ways it's gonna be. But I'm going to work for a positive team and not let one sour apple spoil the bunch. Take care of the patients!

    I've scheduled a three-week break in April and have perked up thinking about that.

    You guys have been fantastic. Thanks again!
  4. by   sjoe
    Meanwhile, go see the new movie "Chicago" a few times as well.
  5. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by sjoe
    Meanwhile, go see the new movie "Chicago" a few times as well.
    You always confuse me.