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...or did you stay the same? Please add more if you like :D. I have a feeling I am going to gain, unless I plan my meals. I'm hoping that I am too busy to eat. LOL. That might help.... Read More

  1. by   chicookie
    I am so jealous of everyone that said they lost weight. Even though I only gained 10 pounds, it is the hardest 10 lbs to lose. I CAN'T LOSE IT! I am not even eating like before. During nursing school I ate ALL THE FREAKIN TIME! Now I don't eat and I can't lose it. I eat healthier and still can't lose it. I guess I now must exercise. ..........ew.
  2. by   NeoNurseTX
    I'm soooo going to the gym after this shift is over.
  3. by   Hygiene Queen
    Quote from Alex_RN2b09
    Do your best to take care of yourself during school, it's not always easy. And occasionally schoolwork comes before your own heath, it's sad but true.
    Oh yeah, I remember getting that whole lecture in orientation about a good diet and plenty of rest to keep your energy up.

    Blah, blah, blah!!!

    I've watched school turn some nice health-conscious folks into blobs of goo.
    All the sudden you are startled to notice the change in a classmate.
    (Though, I notice no one mentions it unless there was a weight LOSS. I mean, you're not gonna go up to Mary and say, "Gee, Mary!! You sure have gotten HUGE!")
    It's terrible!
    I know I looked like the walking dead.
    If I weren't so tired and desperate to get this whole school thing over with, I'd have been quite embarrassed by my appearance!

    And the lecture about "time management". Hmph! Yep, I found I could only manage my time without sleep and real food!!!!


    Everyone, hang in there! We won't be in school forever!!!
  4. by   yesdog
    All of you, I feel your pain. Remember, I gained 30 lbs! But, I gained it while taking my prereqs and quitting smoking. I felt like a big worthless blob of mush! I totally feel all of your pain. That's why I had to lose it and not gain any more in NS. It just messes with your whole psyche.

    Our cohort had a big problem with gaining weight. And many people found comfort in watching others gain weight. They fueled each others cravings and brought treats to class, had study sessions at restaurants, snacked all the time, etc. It becomes a vicious cycle. There were 2 students in my cohort that gained so much weight that people asked them all the time when their baby was due! Can you imagine!? It got so bad that before our psych rotation, they were both pulled into the Nursing Director's office, and she told them that she was concerned about them completing their rotation because of the safety of their baby around psych patients!!!!!! How humiliating would that be!!!!

    So kids, when you think about eating, think of this story. Take one morning on the weekend and make some meals. Don't buy junk food! Don't keep money in your pocket. Walk whenever you have a chance. When you want to snack when you are studying, get up and do some stretches or just walk around the block. You don't have to do an entire workout, because you probably won't have the time or motivation. Just try to move enough to get your brain "unstuck". It worked for me. I hope it works for you! Remember also, if you gained the weight, it will take a long time to lose it. It took me a half to one pound a week....with absolutely no cheating! It's a ***** that you can gain five pounds in one weekend of eating badly, but it takes at least 5 weeks to lose it. But, that is the reality. Also, you will be surprised at how much more energy you have and how much better your brain works when you fill your body with good food. An orange in the afternoon when you need energy works much better than a candy bar. If you are really hungry and going to lose it, have another healthy snack, like a handful of nuts. Eating too many good calories is much better than eating empty calories.
    Good luck all! You can do it.
  5. by   Hygiene Queen
    So true, yesdog!

    And we are all certainly educated enough to know better than to fall into unhealthy eating habits.

    I'm surprised anyone would comment on somebody's weight gain, unless there was genuine concern.

    I have a great bunch of classmates and we were always worried about each other.

    I don't think any of us were being judgmental over each other's gains or losses. It's highly stressful and we each feel that pain!

    I despise when others take satisfaction in somebody's weight gain and encourage it to make themselves feel better.
  6. by   Cherybaby
    Definately lost weight in nursing school. STRESS! And around clinicals, I dropped even more weight.

    However, after 3 years at a nursing station in LTC, I gained about 30 pounds. We have patient families that LOVE to bring in doughnuts to the night nurses. Sitting on your backside and charting for half your day doesn't help either!
  7. by   netglow
    Lost weight first semester, then it's been a steady gain. BUT, I will lose 10 lbs this summer! Go to Allnurses Central for some support if you are trying to do the same.
  8. by   Chixie
    My weight is yoyo'ing I will lose a fair bit whilst on placement but then as soon as im back in class i pile it back on again
  9. by   beachbutterfly
    the same
  10. by   *guest*
    Hmmm...soooooooooo interesting! My plan is to pack lunches..but like I read..I might not even have time to do that anymore!

    Any suggestions for keeping it healthy and quick? If my college/clinicals have a fridge..I know I can buy those diet meals and throw in a few fruits and carrots to hold me over. At least it's portion control. BUt if they don't have a fridge..IDK what I can throw in a bag that will substitute as a lunch. I definitely cannot bring mula...I will buy chinese or hot dogs all day long if I do! LMAO.

    I know how I get when I am stressed and's like the taste of food pacifies me and that is a NO NO to the max!
  11. by   yesdog
    If the diet meals are frozen, they will keep until lunch. You just sometimes don't need to microwave them as long because it will defrost somewhat. Both colleges and clinicals will have a microwave. You can do it! Be sure to bring some thing to snack on too! Good luck!
  12. by   *guest*
    Oh that's encouraging! Because I can just pack the frozen din dins with an icepack. If they have a microwave that makes all the diff and def will help!
  13. by   GooeyRN
    Lost, a lot. I became anorexic from the stress.