Nursing school & kids

  1. My husband is going to truck driving school. You know what that mean.... on the road alot and I will be home with the kids. My question is how many of you have completed ns with your spouse not being there physically for support. I am so afraid that I cannot do it. He is worried about money and bills and I am worried about making it through school. I need help. Any suggestions??
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  3. by   diamondqueen
    Nursing school is difficult. I just finished a BSN program and I am a single mother of three ages 9, 6, and 1. So it can be done. You do need a support system though because you will have alot of studying to do and you may want to have a couple of hours for yourself. Depending on the age of the children you may want to talk to them and let them know of the changes that will have to take place. I give you this advise because this is what helped me. So to answer your question nursing school is possible without the physical support of a spouse. You are blessed to have the financial support which is also needed. Good Luck and God Bless!!
  4. by   NeosynephRN
    I just finished nursing school...I graduate tomorrow. I have three kids 5, 4 and 1. My husband has been working out of town for the last semester. It was hard, but doable. I study every chance I get and it all worked out just fine. You will need another it be family, or friends that can help watch the kids while you are at school and clinicals...and if you need extra study time. Good Luck
  5. by   TeresaB930
    I'm a single mom with 3 kids, I've done my pre-reqs and I'm now in my 5th quarter of the nursing program. My house has gone to heck and my children have been on auto-pilot raising themselves for the past couple of quarters, but its very doable! If your drive is there, it's definitley possible!!

    Good Luck!!

  6. by   feisty_lpn
    I completed a 12month LPN program with 2 young daughters. They were 8 and 3 at the time. My husband worked 60+ hours a week, plus had his golfing league 2x a week. I basically did it by myself. If it wasn't for my wonderful Mom, there was no way I could've finished nursing school. She watched the girls while I was at school, came over a couple times a month and spot cleaned my house, kept them the entire weekend before finals so I could study, etc.

    You definately cannot be "Super Woman". You'll have to let some things go to the back burner so you have time for studying and time for your children. Let your husband worry about finances (he'll be making good money with his CDL... my husband has his now)... you worry about your education and your children. If you have family and friends nearby, do not be too proud to ask them for help... even if just for a couple hours so you can study or catch up on your sleep.

    It is completely doable! GL!
  7. by   MS Kathy
    I am a single mom with 4 kids ages 3-10.I just finished nursing school. It is absolutely doable- especially if you have family and friends willing to help.

    Good Luck!

  8. by   rnmomtobe2010
    I have no fam. and nofriends. I am from Memphis and I live in Illinois. I am basically on my own. I have prayed and I feel like it will work out. The Lord is able. Thank you all for the positive feedback.
  9. by   Lisa CCU RN
    Well, I AM in Memphis and also a single mother with ZERO support financial or otherwise from my kid's father. I have had my moments of doubt, but I am still here and doing well. I don't have much time for myself, but I still spend lot's of time with the kids and I will graduate in December.