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  1. MS Kathy

    Working at River Region Medical Center

    Hi Amber, I'll be at work Monday night so anywhere from 8p-7a would be a good time to try. :-)
  2. MS Kathy

    Working at River Region Medical Center

    Every job- unit is what you make it. Right now I hear rumblings about the 36 hour work week that we just went too. I used to commute to Jackson but that got old so I had to take a break. As with any job- decide what you need and what will make you happy. That way you can know what you are willing to be negotiable on.
  3. MS Kathy

    River oaks, UMC, Baptist,St.D Feedbacks here

    I loved working at St D. But everywhere has good and bad units. Its all in what you make of it. Take advantage of the interviewing process and ask questions. It is also good to be upfront with yourself about what you want in a job. And no matter where you end up you'll learn something- even if it is what not to do. Good Luck.
  4. MS Kathy


    The amount the circulator has to do in our c-sec is crazy- and you have to do more! Our nursery does receive baby from surgeon, so that is at least one thing. We do a base count (before entering or right after spinal- depends on exact circumstances). Full count (count 1) Count softs at closing of peritoneum/fascia (laps, atraumatic needles, hypodermic needles, cord clamps, specimen cups,bovie tip, blades) (count 2) Full count at closing of skin (Count 3) Along with cord blood, cord gas, gathering instuments, grabbing vac if needed, grabbing meds, making calls- charting is absolutely out of the question. They are changing some of our stuff up, but just the counting is crazy (that isn't going away even though they are trying to reduce the number of instruments in the tray- we have 54 right now- and redo our count sheet so we don't have to name each instrument but they will be grouped into scissors, retractors, etc.) We've decided informally among the L/D nurses to try to take 2 nurses in to get spinal in (or have a tech hold pt for spinal if we have 2 techs) and get base count done, and prep. But that is only possible if there is someone free to come help. Our director of surgery has been observing us to help with the count thing and showing us how to put the laps into the count bag, and even she said the amount of stuff we have to do is crazy and even worse if there is only one nurse and one tech.
  5. MS Kathy

    TB certification

    You can check with the education department in your hospital to see if they will be sponsoring a class soon. Or you can call the MS department of health in Jackson to see when they will be doing a class that will work for you. Sorry I don't have my info on who to contact here with me.
  6. MS Kathy

    IBCLCers? Started down the road, anyone else?

    Good Luck! I've been an IBCLC for 2 years and it means more to me than my RN (just bay a small margin though :-) ) Kathy
  7. MS Kathy

    Cardiac to OB??

    My thougths are that the first year in nursing is really just figuring out your nursing practice. I spent 10 months on a telelmetry unit fulltime & PRN in a little county ER then I went to L&D. The experience was invaluable, I felt I was able to concentrate on the OB part since I wasn't learning the nursing part in conjunction with it. I'm also more comfortable with out of the ordinary situations than the nurses who came straight to L&D with me (this is based on conversations with those nurses and other coworkers.) I know it is so cliche and you here it from everywhere but that time really was valuable. I had wanted to go to a hospital with lots of high risk and sick OB patients so I could learn both at the same time but I didn't even get an interview there so I didn't dwell on it and decided to keep my eyes open for other opportunities. Kathy
  8. MS Kathy

    Vag exams with sterile gloves or regular gloves?

    We use sterile gloves. Heck I want my care providers to wear sterile gloves to do anything to me (I'm only slightly kidding). Glove boxes are yucky!
  9. MS Kathy


    Most programs have a release clause regarding Hep B vaccination. The titers come back relatively quickly. I would get the titer and then if you are not immune, get the first shot, check titer again b/f next shot is due. My experience- mine and my kids- as long as we had started the series of a vaccination we were cleared to begin class(them for public school, me public university) and we had to bring in our new clearance with each next step that expired when the next step was due. I didn't convert with my hep b series- verified by my place of employment at the time. I began the series again and titered before the next was done. In all I made it to shot 5 before I converted. And as far as the state was concerned though they only cared that I had the series - not whether I was immune or not.
  10. MS Kathy

    CHS nurses

    We are new to the CHS system too. I'm not real sure what I think of it yet. I'm new to the hospital (almost a year) and that is about the same length of time CHS has been here. We have been seeing lots of changes and talk in the last month and a half since the new CEO arrived. If you want more specifics I'm happy to take this to PM.
  11. MS Kathy

    RN jobs still available in MS-central?

    Honestly- I don't know. How long has it been since you've done floor nursing? ACLS and EKG are definitely helpful. Masteral units- I don't know what that is, but if it is just more education to work towards your BSN or Masters- I'd really look at some of the programs around Jackson to see if they are transferable (University of MS School of Nursing, Alcorn State University, someone told me Jackson State had a RN-BSN bridge????) But in the long run more education never hurts, but every hospital is different on how they compensate for it.
  12. MS Kathy

    RN jobs still available in MS-central?

    Are you here yet? If not- there are jobs. But I hear different things lately about some places in jackson having hiring freezes and freezing extra benefits, but I heard Jackson nurses go a base raise at the beginning of the year. I work in Vicksburg, and even though my scheduled hours have gone down, I still end up making them up when it is all said and done. :-) Kathy
  13. MS Kathy

    Lactation Speakers

    When is your conference? How many attendees? What is your theme? Some names I can pull right out Kathy Watson Genna, Christina Smiley, Linda Smith.Paula Maier Nils Bergman will be in the country in March/April. I may know more local to you and a lot less expensive. Feel free to PM me :-) Kathy
  14. MS Kathy

    Life with kids and nursing school?

    You can do it. :-) He is so little he won't remember lots about the hard times. I just graduated with 4 kids as a single mom. The thing to remember is that this time will pass anyway- whether you go to school or not, might as well go now. And time management- Put in the amount of time you need to make a passing grade and to know the material. You don't have to put in the time to make an A- that time may be better spent with your family. :-) Kathy
  15. MS Kathy

    Nursing school & kids

    I am a single mom with 4 kids ages 3-10.I just finished nursing school. It is absolutely doable- especially if you have family and friends willing to help. Good Luck! Kathy
  16. Honestly ,I don't know. I took it. My BSN class is really amazingly smart. Most of them will pass NCLEX on the first try and will make excellent nurses. I do thing the system has failed them. I personally didn't know about an exit exam before going there. It would not have mattered and I didn't know to ask about one so I don't know if it was commonly known. On the first day of class when we had to sign a statement about taking the exit exam and what grade we had to make -it was presented as a big deal but not a big deal b/c they were going to teach us all that we needed to know. Fast forward to the end of last year there were technical problems during the exam but I think everyone passed except for 1 (but I don't know for sure). I wish I had answers-my heart is broken for my classmates who didn't pass. More people are taking it on Monday if y'all have any prayers Monday morning. What I do know We have 2 chances to take the HESI and must make at least 900 to pass ( I don't know the top score you could make-some people say 1300 & some say 1500.) This is associated with one class-Synthesis. We take 4 exams (nclex prep type questions) that make up our grade and the HESI is our "final" but the grade does not compute as part of the overall grade- just pass or fail. Those that failed the 1st time got remediation from faculty.We did have the Hurst review the week before HESI. We had the HESI book we've used in conjunction with class the last 2 semesters. We had access to online HESI case studies a few weeks before the test (I think everyone except me who passed the first time did work though these at least a little bit). From what I've heard UMC takes the HESI and their passing grade is 850 and have multiple times to take it. They get to walk at graduation but don't receive a diploma until they pass. They get HESI provided remediation that concentrates on the areas they are low in.(I've only heard from students I don't know officially.) I don't know if my school did this or if it is helpful.) I don't know about anywhere else. I have heard Hinds get 6 chances to take it???? I wish I had more answers. Kathy