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TeresaB930 is a BSN, RN and specializes in SNF.

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  1. TeresaB930

    Older new grad- career advice, plz

    I am 45 years old, and just finished an ADN program in March of this year. I have been working in a Skilled nursing facility for nearly 3 years. (I started as a nurse tech right out of first quarter) It's no med-surge, but every day I work, I learn something new, and my confidence builds. They've also been awesome working with my school schedule, which is why I've stuck around. I'm in the BSN program now, full time credits and continuing to work full time.....the point being, every day I'm putting my hands on patients, and get to continue my education. So what if you spend 2 years on a foundation. I've done well in school as well, but NOTHING replaces hands on experience. ICU will be there in 2 years. My two cents work....good luck! Teresa
  2. TeresaB930

    Do you wear your seatbelt

  3. TeresaB930

    Peg tube residual

    I'm a "newer nurse" too. I was taught to put it back in as well. When you pull the residuals out, you're pulling digestive enzymes and flora out too, and that should go back into the patient. My med surge book (Smeltzer, 2008) also states "aspirated fluid should be readministered." Teresa
  4. TeresaB930

    Jevity tube feeds

    I've never heard of Jevity causing sediment in the R/C. If she has had an R/C for more than 10 years, I'm sure she is chronic UTI's. Try flushing the cath daily or BID with 60 cc normal salline. A flush kit is cheaper than a weekly cath if you take into account the increase risk of infection every time it's changed. Teresa
  5. TeresaB930

    Stethoscope Earpiece Amplifiers?

    Check with an audiologists office. I had an ear infection 1st quarter of the nursing program, couldn't get signed off on BP's. I was finally referred to an ENT, he scooped wax out and prescribed Anti-biotics. I stopped at the audiologist desk in the same building as the ENT. I was so frustrated of unable to hear the beats, I inquired, and they told me they could order amplifiers for stethescopes. Good luck! Teresa
  6. TeresaB930

    Kitty litter as an order

    Baking soda is inexpensive and odorless too.
  7. TeresaB930

    What makes a good nurse?

    Really, I think if you are going into nursing for the right reasons......namely a passion....a passion that will drive you, all else will fall into place. Sciences were my worst subjects behind math, but I made it through. And trust me, Nursing is heavy in sciences and math! I think they were my worst subjects pre nursing due to lack of understanding. Now, I get it and it all fits together. Best of luck
  8. TeresaB930

    Formulating a PICO question-TOPICS???

    P-Population I-Intervention C-Comparison O-Outcome LOL! I just walked this walk! I just finished my evidence based paper review! WHEW!! Like nothing I've ever done before! Anyway, I had the same frustration that you're feeling. I know that the teacher don't want you to look at studies and develop a PICO, but that's what I ended up doing. My area of interest is wound care. I went to the CINHAL database and entered wound care in, and chiseled away at what came back. I ended up with something like "In patients requiring wound care, does tap water as compared to normal saline reduce the incidence of infection and decrease the cost of dressing changes?" I have a great professor, and was able to throw the PICO's at her and get her feedback. I would suggest that. Best of luck! This was one of the toughest papers I've ever written, because it's a whole new language! Teresa
  9. TeresaB930

    nursing thoeries so broadly written they encorp alternative therapies

    Benner's Caring Theory. Teresa
  10. TeresaB930

    Grad School?

    Remember A & P? I'm considering going on for my Masters, and my adviser this week said she has critcal care nurse fail an advanced A & P class that's required. She says 20 hours a week minimum of studying just for that class. That's not to scare you, I just happened to speak to my adviser this week, and that was what she told me. Have you thought about talking to an adviser? Good luck! Teresa
  11. TeresaB930

    culture-shocked...i want to understand why

    Wow, not where I work! In our SNF. If our residents choose to go out to smoke, they sign an informed consent, and no way do our employees take them out.
  12. TeresaB930

    culture-shocked...i want to understand why

    I'm not going along with the flow of responses here. If your administrator saw you giving her a cigarette, what do you think the response would be? It isn't your responsibility to provide cigarettes to her....period. So lose the guilt. If she wants to smoke bad enough, she will ask family or friends to bring them in for her. Once you've set your foot down firmly, she will stop asking you.....and hopefully she doesn't take the O2 tank out with her!!
  13. TeresaB930

    Iniative 1000-Death with Dignity

    I wanted to get input from nurses in Washington state on the Death with dignity initiative on the ballot next month. How do you Washington nurses feel about this? Teresa
  14. TeresaB930

    how to become certified as boxtox injector

    My daughter receives botox for dystonia. She has only received it from neurologist and physical medicine doctor. Frankly, I'm not sure I would trust her in the hands of anyone with less credentials. To hit the exact muscle, and inject the right amount of botox, I'm certain requires tons of training. My two cents worth.
  15. TeresaB930

    ulcer dressing won't stick

    I agree with you hottiemom......I'm the wound care nurse at our facility. Wash the wound and peri wound, then dry it well. Apply a barrier like No Sting. It provides a barrier peri the wound, providing better adhesion for the Tegasorb or whatever you're putting on, but it sounds like there is some increased moisture in this area. The No Sting, by providing a barrier of adhesion, also provides a barrier to the skin so moisture doesn't sit on the skin. No Sting comes in little packets like a 1"x1" sponge. Good luck!
  16. TeresaB930

    MMR vaccination and autism

    RN2B....You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I have 3 children and all have been immunized with the MMR vaccine. Guess what? My children don't have autism. The evidence is not clear that this vaccine causes autism. This mom would rather keep them from having any one of these three horrible diseases, then speculate if the vaccine will cause more harm than good......IMHO. Teresa