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35 years of experience and retired for 2 months. My current nightmare is ... I can't find the door to get out at shift change. What are your nursing nightmares?... Read More

  1. by   NurseBeans
    This one goes back to my days in the OR: I am scrubbed to assist a surgery that is either a new type of procedure or it is a mean surgeon I have never worked with, but either way I am confused and disoriented, and I keep contaminating my field and the trays are complete nonsense, and the circulator keeps opening more and more stuff I either recognize and don't need, or don't recognize at all. And then usually anesthesia is yelling about some sort of catastrophe with the airway. Ugh. My husband calls it working the night shift.
  2. by   Leader25
    ​Mine is I am awoken and I am late for work or forgot to go to work.
  3. by   Crush
    Had one last night. I dreamed I fell asleep at work and woke up with a sudden head jerk only find a pool of drool on my desk. My co-workers were standing around me laughing.
  4. by   chocoholic999
    Recurrent nightmare of a co-worker wandering around unit asking if "anyone knows where we keep the gun" because the doctor's order said "make sure patient gets shot in a.m."
    Told co-worker about it. She never looked at me the same again.
  5. by   OncoRN84
    Ditto the forgotten patient dream. I think everyone has that one.
    I used to have one where I come home and the patients are all over my apartment. There was even a med cart in the living room. I haven't had that one in a while.
    The most recent was the hospital is on fire and we"re running, closing doors. Finally, there is no where left to run and the windows are locked shut. I look over and see the flames licking the oblong window of the stairwell and resign myself to my fate. All the while, thinking how much I hated my management position and missed patient care.
    I have since applied for a transfer.
  6. by   PocketSize
    Recurring nursing nightmare where I'm dealing with angry, abusive pts, helicopter visitors with ridiculous requests, people with unrealistic expectations of how an ED works. I pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. Oh, wait. This is real life!

    *been rough out there lately*

    But really, it's going home forgetting to document something or document something appropriately, especially on super chaotic days
  7. by   nikegirl09
    Is it strange that I've never had a nursing nightmare? Not one that I recall anyway..,
  8. by   AngelKissed857
    NOt an expert, but have interpreted dreams for years- losing your arm- you're giving crucial parts of yourself away
    the active shooter- quite literally you're ALWAYS (because he always finds you) under the gun, a target for the bad things that happen, not protecting self

    Both dreams point to the same thing- not advocating or yourself, not prioritizing yourself.
  9. by   Been there,done that
    Quote from nikegirl09
    Is it strange that I've never had a nursing nightmare? Not one that I recall anyway..,
    Many people don't recall their dreams. More power to you.

    Rest well.
  10. by   andrew0623
    Personally, I haven't had too many disasters but I know the NP featured in this article. It's a sad situation. She's beginning to recover and was hired by a local hospital. It sucks and just shows how dangerous it can be to depend on a supervising physician.
  11. by   realnursealso/LPN
    Me too, I remember that name! Oramar
  12. by   nursiebean
    I had a nightmare that I gave narcotics to the wrong patient. Lets just say the next day at work I was more meticulous than usual when doing my med checks!
  13. by   Been there,done that
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