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  1. bananas1

    Day shift or night shift - Which do you prefer? Why?

    This is so true, and why I like doing a mix
  2. bananas1


    Thanks for updating!!!!! That is insane the conditions you used to have, so pleased its improved for you!
  3. bananas1

    Adult to NICU?

    I hope you got a position!!!! NICU is amazing!
  4. bananas1

    PCU Nurse Feels "Second Rate"

    Can I just say, don't put ICU nurses on a higher pedestal.. just a different one!!! While they may be able to care for sicker patients, they may struggle to deal with the caseload a PCU nurse may do. But I totally get that you want to learn about how to care for the sickest of the sick, that's admirable and definitely something to aim for. I honestly would just apply, it doesn't matter that you don't have the experience, the worst that can happen is you don't get the job. You have PCU experience and that is so close, you will be able to transfer so many skills from there!
  5. bananas1

    Late to clinical

    Please don't stress! Things happen like that when you become an RN and you're not going to lose your licence over it. People have got their shifts mixed up and not realised they're working. Lots of people sleep in. Some have nearly arrived at the hospital and realised they still have their slippers on, so rang the unit and arrived when they could. It's not being lazy or disorganised if it's a one-off. You'll be fine! Just set your alarm really loud, and maybe even put it out of arms reach so you have to get up!!!! I actually even know a newly qualified doctor who showed up late to work on her first day!!!!
  6. You may have completed all the difficult classes, but you've clearly missed the section on mental health, stress and anxiety.. because it appears you can't comprehend how some people find things harder than others. That holier-than-thou attitude will get you nowhere. It doesn't make you sound smarter and it doesn't mean you'll get a job and your friends won't.
  7. bananas1

    Why is it "legal" for patient to decline male nurses?

    Honestly I think patients have every right to request a certain gender nurse. And especially have the right to refuse a student watching them have an intimate procedure done. I'm an RN and we had a parent who went biserk over something she misinterpreted and requested only senior nurses to look after her baby. That's fine, no offence taken (it was quite a relief actually lol) but it just meant us young ones couldn't have her. You can't help your feelings .. but feeling annoyed or offended by this really isn't justified.
  8. bananas1

    feeling bad after a rapid response on your patient

    You did everything you could. I have never had to do CPR, but I can imagine once it's done.. I would probably step away and cry. I can just imagine. About the dream.. ugh I feel you so bad on this one it's crazy. I work in a nicu and we had a really sick baby who had turned a corner and was doing well. I had a dream that night that the baby had died. Arrived at work the following arvo at 3pm, he had been taken off respiratory support and monitoring, died just after 4pm
  9. bananas1

    Would you be insulted?

    Yea i'd be upset about that, I'd hate to think someone thinks poorly of me, given it's unjustified I'd say it's just her being petty and silly. I'm just currently being a preceptor to a nursing student for the first time, one year after starting work, and I love it! I can't believe how much knowledge I have gained, gee I remember being a student two years ago and wishing I knew as much as my preceptor knew then, and I am so proud of myself that I now know it and can teach it! I am from a unit with very little turnover, however recently a lot of nurses are retiring, and so there are a few of us young ones coming through, and it's really nice to be accepted into a unit that is so close knit. If your unit is just being petty and toxic, hopefully you can find somewhere else to go that appreciates you more. Also, good luck with grad school! You never know, sometimes you have to take a step away from the floor to be appreciated.. maybe she'll notice how good you are when you're gone!
  10. bananas1

    The blurred line, patients, social media, and safety

    Taking pictures of what though, our patients? I don't know how to assure you other than... 1. we actually aren't that interested in seeing photos of you every day! and 2. we really don't want to run the risk of our registration being terminated. If we got caught, do you know how much trouble we would be in? Honestly it's hardly worth it. We mostly have our phones in the unit so that we can fill in boredom time/our breaks with checking facebook and Instagram.
  11. bananas1

    How NOT to write an incident report

    Haha so I can't beat that BUT thought this incident report was quite good, we have a book of 'nursing humour' and this was stuck in it.
  12. bananas1

    Probe change schedule

    We change them on neonates once a shift (8 or 12 hours)
  13. bananas1

    "Baby Led Weaning"??

    My friend does this.. she's also anti-vax vegan anti-pharmac etc.. point made. I don't agree with it.
  14. bananas1

    CP/DD kids exhaust me, am I a bad person?

    Oh it's totally understandable, we had a baby in our nicu for MONTHS longer than he should have been because the parents kicked up a stink whenever it was suggested he move to the kids unit (because children's units require parents to stay with their infant - this baby probably saw his mother twice a week while she went out and partied and smoked and slept) He was so painful to look after, he would get distressed and lose the plot, he constantly pulled his CPAP off and his NJ tube out, he was way beyond NICU stage care. He had to be rotated, no one liked to have him, he was horrible to look after and we all felt bad saying it but some patients are just way to taxing and it should be a given that the load is shared.
  15. bananas1

    Old nurse in pediatrics

    Some of the patients/parents ive talked to find the older nurses more stuck in their ways/stuck in old-school ways, whereas younger seem to be more flexible. But I think that comes down to length of time in one place, rather than the older nurses that are 'new' in a particular area.