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  1. I do not live in the US and we don't have HIPAA here, but obviously all access to patient's medical records are logged and auditable and we are not allowed to look in charts of patients that we aren't caring for. I read a lot of posts about nurs...
  2. bananas1

    Day shift or night shift - Which do you prefer? Why?

    This is so true, and why I like doing a mix ?
  3. bananas1


    Thanks for updating!!!!! That is insane the conditions you used to have, so pleased its improved for you!
  4. bananas1

    Adult to NICU?

    I hope you got a position!!!! NICU is amazing!
  5. bananas1

    Day shift or night shift - Which do you prefer? Why?

    Where I live everyone does rotating rosters, either eight hour mornings/afternoons/nights or 12 hour days/nights. I can't imagine only doing one type of shift. I feel like you'd miss out on a lot if you only did nights, but only doing days would suck...
  6. Ahahaa no way! Seriously.. that's crazy!
  7. bananas1

    Med error and Pyxis

    Question... what is a pyxis!? We do not have these!
  8. bananas1

    How to properly dilute morphine?

    I don't know much about morphine but I am guessing it was probably 4mg/ml.. so by taking 1ml out you would have your 4mg. Why it went in saline I don't know ?
  9. bananas1

    IV Fluids Infiltrated w/o pain?

    Not quite the same because my patients don't talk, I'm in the NICU and sometimes that happens to our babies. A puffy arm is really obvious in the really little bubs, but the chubby term ones with a large amount of fluid (like.. 10 ml/hr) can puff up ...
  10. I am really shocked at these responses.. I have no other words. I absolutely disagree with you all.
  11. Trust me my post didn't come out as nearly as rude as I had intended. We're supposed to be nurses, encouraging and enabling people to achieve what they want. I know a med-surg nurse with anaphylactic reactions to latex, I know another nurse with seve...
  12. That's so rude and I totally disagree. 1 - so many people go into nursing but do NOT want to be bedside nurses. Anyone going into primary health/public health or school nursing. That's a huge number of people not wanting to work bedside. AND 2 - you...
  13. bananas1

    How NOT to write an incident report

    I'm scared because I can't work out what was wrong with his writing skills?!!!
  14. bananas1

    PCU Nurse Feels "Second Rate"

    ? Can I just say, don't put ICU nurses on a higher pedestal.. just a different one!!! While they may be able to care for sicker patients, they may struggle to deal with the caseload a PCU nurse may do. But I totally get that you want to learn about ...
  15. bananas1

    Late to clinical

    Please don't stress! Things happen like that when you become an RN and you're not going to lose your licence over it. People have got their shifts mixed up and not realised they're working. Lots of people sleep in. Some have nearly arrived at the hos...