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  1. bananas1

    Day shift or night shift - Which do you prefer? Why?

    This is so true, and why I like doing a mix
  2. bananas1


    Thanks for updating!!!!! That is insane the conditions you used to have, so pleased its improved for you!
  3. bananas1

    Adult to NICU?

    I hope you got a position!!!! NICU is amazing!
  4. bananas1

    Checking vitals on staff

    I would absolutely check a colleagues temperature, pulse or blood pressure if they wanted to know it (In saying that, they could probably check their own, and lol I lied I work in a NICU - our blood pressure cuffs barely fit around my middle finger). In my opinion, if they felt really that unwell, they wouldn't be at work, or would ask to go home. I would not check a family member's or a visitor's. I would direct them to ED.
  5. bananas1

    feeling bad after a rapid response on your patient

    You did everything you could. I have never had to do CPR, but I can imagine once it's done.. I would probably step away and cry. I can just imagine. About the dream.. ugh I feel you so bad on this one it's crazy. I work in a nicu and we had a really sick baby who had turned a corner and was doing well. I had a dream that night that the baby had died. Arrived at work the following arvo at 3pm, he had been taken off respiratory support and monitoring, died just after 4pm
  6. bananas1

    Would you be insulted?

    Yea i'd be upset about that, I'd hate to think someone thinks poorly of me, given it's unjustified I'd say it's just her being petty and silly. I'm just currently being a preceptor to a nursing student for the first time, one year after starting work, and I love it! I can't believe how much knowledge I have gained, gee I remember being a student two years ago and wishing I knew as much as my preceptor knew then, and I am so proud of myself that I now know it and can teach it! I am from a unit with very little turnover, however recently a lot of nurses are retiring, and so there are a few of us young ones coming through, and it's really nice to be accepted into a unit that is so close knit. If your unit is just being petty and toxic, hopefully you can find somewhere else to go that appreciates you more. Also, good luck with grad school! You never know, sometimes you have to take a step away from the floor to be appreciated.. maybe she'll notice how good you are when you're gone!
  7. bananas1

    The blurred line, patients, social media, and safety

    Taking pictures of what though, our patients? I don't know how to assure you other than... 1. we actually aren't that interested in seeing photos of you every day! and 2. we really don't want to run the risk of our registration being terminated. If we got caught, do you know how much trouble we would be in? Honestly it's hardly worth it. We mostly have our phones in the unit so that we can fill in boredom time/our breaks with checking facebook and Instagram.
  8. bananas1

    How NOT to write an incident report

    Haha so I can't beat that BUT thought this incident report was quite good, we have a book of 'nursing humour' and this was stuck in it.
  9. bananas1

    Will I get in trouble?

    Wow Jesus this is scary. 100% this could end you in serious trouble, both for accessing your own chart and your friend's.
  10. Eeek nope I wouldn't like this either. Because... discussions about her health may start happening outside her appointment times (in the tea rooms, casual discussions etc) and then discussions about employment could happen during her appointment times. And also she'll start knowing things about you that you may share with employers but definitely not patients. Hmm Nope. It just blurs the lines too much for my comfort. To be honest I am actually shocked SHE would want to be employed in the same place as you!! I'd find it quite awkward. It's interesting because I was a patient in our children's ward back in 2010 (I was 16), and I now work in the NICU that is right next to it, so basically I see the nurses that treated me back in the day on a regular basis, even working some shifts in paediatrics. And they absolutely know who I am and you know we've had a laugh about it and they're happy that I am now working as a nurse... but still.. I was in there for a mental health condition (anorexia) and it's like.. yeah this is a bit weird and embarrassing! But it's not like they're seeing me on an ongoing basis... I dunno..! Hopefully your supervisor can help you out here... definitely not something i'd be keen on.
  11. bananas1

    Case Study: HIPAA violation or not?

    I am pretty sure taking photographs on personal gadgets is forbidden without consent, especially showing it to a class of nursing students. You'd need signed consent for that at least. I've used my phone to take a picture once when our blood gas machine cocked up and wouldn't print so I quickly took a photo of the result to show the doctor before it logged me out. I've also had my phone camera at the ready to try and video seizure activity in a baby that had a queried seizure and we were watching for further, parents knew I'd video it for the doctors. Everything is deleted though afterwards and I definitely would NOT be allowed to use that video to 'show' anyone random what a seizure looked like.
  12. bananas1

    12 patients for a new grad to much?

    I am really shocked at the comments that suggest this is a light load... and a tad annoyed to read that you are lucky because another nurse has had to pick up what you couldn't do.. you're a NEW grad, that is a ridiculous and unsafe assignment. I don't know what a 'SNF' is .. but 12 patients... that would have had me in utter meltdown, and I have had a year in acute nursing. I'm in a NICU, but even with our special care nursery babies, we only ever have four (or occasionally five) babies per load.
  13. bananas1

    Are nurses and doctors equal?

    It's like a teacher and a pupil. The teacher holds authority, but the pupil is no lesser of a person.
  14. You have the freedom to talk to patients and clients how you'd like to, but you don't because it's discourteous
  15. bananas1

    Mistake with IM injectiom

    Oh cool, that's alright :) We were just taught a bit differently. No worries :)
  16. bananas1

    Mistake with IM injectiom

    Dude where did I say I did that?? Of course I dont aspirate, if you've ever done venipuncture you'd know you get blood return once in the right spot. In the case of vaccinating, the wrong spot.

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