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  1. I have seen several questions regarding abbreviations that are nursing related, here are several I've seen, just thought I'd post them.

    ART ~ Accredited Records Technician
    A3M ~ Asians for Miracle Marrow Mathches
    AACN ~ American Association of Critical Care Nurses
    AADP ~ Asian American Donor Program
    AAEM ~ American Academy of Emergency Physicians
    AALNC ~ American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants
    AAO ~ American Academy of Ophthalmology
    AAPA ~ American Academy of Physician Assistants
    AAPS ~ American Association of Physician Specialists
    AAPT ~ American Association of Psychiatric Technicians, Inc.
    AARC ~ American Association of Respiratory Care
    AART ~ American Assoc. for Radiologic Technologists
    AAS ~ Associate of Applied Science ( major is Nursing ); American Association of Suicidology
    ABQAURP ~ American Board of Quality of Assurance & Utlization Review Physicians
    ACCE ~ American College of Childbirth Educators ( ASPO / Lamaze )
    ACE ~ American Council on Exercise
    ACLS ~ Advanced Cardiac Life Support
    ACNP ~ Acute Care Nurse Practitioner - USA
    ACRN ~ Aids Certified Registered Nurse ( Awarded by the HIV/AIDS Nursing Certification Board )
    ADN ~ Associate Degree of Nursing; Assistant Director of Nursing
    ADON ~ Assistant Director of Nursing ( Australlia = level 4 )
    A & E ~ Accident and Emergency (Australia)
    AHA ~ American Heart Association; American Hospital Association
    AHIP ~ Academy of Health Information Professionals
    ( part of Medical Library Association )
    AIN ~ Assistant in Nursing ( Australia )
    ALSO ~ Advanced Life Support and Obstetrics
    AMA ~ American Medical Association
    ANM ~ Assistant Nurse Manager
    ANNA ~ American Nephrology Nurses Association
    ANP ~ Adult Nurse Practitioner
    AOCN = Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse May be NP or CNS, requires MS in nursing
    AORN ~ Association of Operating Room Nurses ( USA )
    APIC ~ Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology, Inc.
    APLS ~ Advanced Pediatric Life Support
    APN ~ Advanced Practice Nurse ( may be CNS, NP, CNM, or CRNA )
    APNP ~ Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber
    APRN = Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
    ARN ~ Association of Rehabilitation Nurses
    ARNP ~ Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
    ARNP-BC, GNP ~ Advanced Registered Nurse Practice - Board Certified (ARNP-BC)
    ASN ~ Associate in Science of Nursing
    ASOPA ~ American Society of Orthopedic Physician
    ASORN ~ American Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses
    ( they operate out of the AAO )
    ASPAN ~ American Society of Peri Anesthesia
    ASPN ~ Associated Science of Practical Nursing
    (A degree only given and recognized by the North Dakota Board of nursing)
    AT ~ Art ( or Activity ) Therapist
    ATLS ~ Advanced Trauma Life Support
    BAA (N) ~ Bachelor of Applied Arts in Nursing
    BAN ~ Bachelor of Arts in Nursing - College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN
    BCLS ~ Basic Cardiac Life Support
    B-I-R ~ Behavior / Intervention / Response ( form of POR - type of psy charting )
    B-I-R-P ~ Behavior / Intervention / Response / Plan ( form of POR - type of psy charting )
    Bsc.N ~ Bachelor of Science Nursing
    BSN ~ Bachelor of Science Nursing
    BSPA ~ Bachelor of Science Professional Arts
    BIG ~ Dutch abbrevation apply to Registered Nurses
    (Beroepen Individuele Gezondheidszorg)
    BCRTCFUSA ~ Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation USA
    C ~ Certified (usually appears with another title )
    Caremaps ~
    ( a documentation tool based on expected physician orders and outcomes that a patient will conform to )
    CAPA - Certified Ambulatory Perianesthesia Nurse (an ASPAN Certification)
    CARN ~ Certified Addictions Registered Nurse ( USA )
    CAVH ~ Continuous Arterial Venous Hemofiltration
    CBE ~ Certified Breastfeeding Educator
    CCC ~ Critical Care Nurse ( Australia )
    CCHP ~ Certified Correctional Health Profession
    CCM ~ Certified Case Manager
    CCRN ~ Certified Critical Care Registered Nurse
    CCS ~ Certified Coding Specialist
    CCTC ~ Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator
    CCU ~ Coronary Care Unit; Color Changing Unit; Community Care Unit
    CDAC ~ Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor
    CDDN ~ Certified Developmental Disabilities Nurse
    CDE ~ Certified Diabetes Educator
    CDMS ~ Certified Disability Management Specialist (formaly CIRS: Certified Insurance Rehabilitation Specialist)
    CDONA/LTC ~ Certified Director of Nursing Administration in Long Term Care
    CEN ~ Certification for Emergency Nursing
    CENAs ~ Competency Evaluated Nurse Aides
    CETN ~ Certified Enterostomal Therapy Nurse
    CFNP ~ Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
    CGFNS ~ Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools
    CGRN ~ Certified Gastroenterological Registered Nurse ( USA ); This certification encompasses most Special Procedures and invasive procedures related to the digestive system and its organs. Including the pancreas, liver, gallbladder etc..
    CHES ~ Certified Health Education Specialist
    CHN ~ Community Health Nurse; Certified Hemodiaysis Nurse
    CHPN ~ Certified Hospice and Palliative Care
    CHT ~ Certified Hemodialysis Technician; Certified Hyperbaric Technologist
    CIC ~ Certified in Infection Control
    CIRS ~ Certified Insurance Rehabilitation Specialist
    CLCP ~ Certified Life Care Planner
    CLLF ~ Cammy Lee Leukemia Foundation
    CLNC ~ Certified Legal Nurse Consultant
    CML ~ Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
    CMT ~ Certified Medical Transcriptionist
    CN ~ Clinical Nurse ( Auatralia = level 2 )
    CNA ~ Certified Nurses Aid ; Certified Nursing Administration
    CNAA ~ Certified Nursing Administration, Advanced
    CNC ~ Clinical Nurse Consultant ( Australia = level 3 )
    CNCC(C) ~ Certified Nurse, Critical Care (Canada)
    CNeph(C) ~ Certified Nurse, Critical Care, Nephrology (Canada)
    CNSD ~ Certified Nutrition Support Dietitian USA
    CNS ~ Clinical Nurse Specialist
    CNM ~ Certified Nurse Midwife
    CNN ~ Certified Nephrology Nurse
    CNN(C) ~ Certified Nurse, Critical Care, Neuroscience (Canada)
    CNO - Chief Nursing Officer
    CNOR ~ Certified Nurse Operating Room ( USA )
    CNRN ~ Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse
    CO ~ Certified Orthoptrist ( works with people with strabismus )
    COA ~ Certified Ophthalmic Assistant
    COHN ~ Certified Occupational Health Nurse
    COHN(C) ~ Certified Nurse, Critical Care, Occupational Health (Canada)
    COHN-S ~ Certified Occupational Health Nurse Specialist
    COHC ~ Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist
    COMT ~ Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist
    CON(C) ~ Certified Nurse, Critical Care, Oncology (Canada)
    COP ~ Center of Pressure; Colloid Osmotic Pressure; Community Outreach Program
    CPMHN(C) ~ Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse (Canada)
    COPS ~ Conditions of Participation ( guidelines for home care agencies and institutions to follow in order to participate in the Medicare Program )
    COT ~ Certified Ophthalmic Technician
    COTA ~ Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
    CPAN ~ Certiried Peri Anesthesia Nurse ( Part of the organizations of ASPAN )
    CPFT ~ Certified Pulmonary Function Technician
    CPHQ ~ Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality
    CPN (C) ~ Certified Rerioperative Nurse ( Canada-is analogous to the CNOR in the USA ) ; Certified Pediatric Nurse
    CPNP ~ Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.
    CPON ~ Certified Pediatric Oncology Nurse
    CPP ~ Certified Pain Practitioner - Nurses with BS degree are considered at clinical associate level. Credentialed by American Academy of Pain Management, 13947 Mono Way #A Sonora, CA 95370
    CPR ~ Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
    CPT ~ Community Practice Teacher U.K. A community practitioner with a specific responsibility for teaching and assessing community practice students in the clinical environment.
    CPTC ~ Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinator
    CRC ~ Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
    CRA ~ Certified Retinal Angiogrpher
    ( certified by OPS to take photographs during ophthalmic fluorscein angiography )
    CRANA ~ Council of Remote Area Nurses of Australia
    CRN ~ Certified Radiology Nurse
    American Association of Radiology Nurses, certification is by experience + passing of an exam
    CRNA ~ Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
    CRNFA ~ Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant
    CRNH ~ Certified Registered Nurse Hospice
    CRNI ~ Certified Registered Nurse of Infusion; Certified Registered Nurse, Intravenous
    CRNO ~ Certified Registered Nurse in Ophthalmology
    CRNP ~ Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner
    CRRN ~ Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse
    CRTT ~ Certified Respiratory Therapy Technician
    CS ~ Clinical Specialist CS; Certified Specialist
    CSA ~ Certified Surgical Assistant ( in regards to the CSA (CERTIFIED SURGICAL ASSISTANT) their organization is the NSAA : (NATIONAL SURGICAL ASSISTANT ASSOCIATION) has been around since 1983 and has the oldest and for a long time the only surgical assistant program in the country at EVMS (EAST VIRGINIA MEDICAL SCHOOL) they used to be one in birmingham alabama but it became a surgical P.A. program several years ago. the orthopedic pa's were origanally started by the AAOS (ORTHOPEDIC SURGEONS) a school program 2 years before the first PA program.)
    CSN ~ Certified School Nurse
    CST ~ Certified Surgical Technologist
    CTN ~ Certified Transplant Nurse; Certified Transcultural Nurse
    CHT RN ~ Certified Hyperbaric Technologist Registered Nurse
    CTU ~ Contraceptive Technology Update
    CUNP ~ Certified Urologic Nurse Practitioner
    CUPA ~ Certified Urologic Physician Assistant
    CURN ~ Certified Urologic Registered Nurse
    CV ~ Career Vitae or Curriculum Vitae - an academic document which focuses more on accomplishments, achievements and special skills. It generally includes published works, presentations and other experiences and credentials beyond the average. A CV is generally used by those practicing in academia, research or other highly skilled areas. It can also be used by anyone who has experiences and achievements beyond the average. " Latin for the course of one's life. "
    CVICU ~ Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
    CVVH ~ Continuous Veno-Venous Hemofiltration
    CVVHD ~ Continuous Veno-Veno Hemodialysis
    CWCN ~ Certified Wound Care Nurse
    CWOCN ~ Certified Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurse
    DISH ~ Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis Forrestier's Syndrome
    DNSc ~ Doctor of Nursing Science
    DO ~ Doctor of Osteopathy; Doctor of Ophthalmology; Diploma in Optometry; Diploma in Ophthalmology (UK)
    DON ~ Director of Nursing ( Australia = level 5 )
    DSN ~ Doctor of Science in Nursing. ~ This is not the same degree as a DNS or DNSc. Many universities that do not offer any PhD programs have approved DSN programs. It is generally accepted (except by some PhDs) that these programs are equivalent to PhD programs. The University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Texas at Houston have DSN programs.
    DTR ~ Dietetic Technician Registered Like an RD but with a two year degree instead of 4 year degree. U.S.
    ED ~ Emergency Department
    EdD ~ Doctorate of Education
    EDF ~ Emergency Department Physician
    EMT-1 ~ Emergency Medical Technician 1 ( Basic )
    EMT-P ~ Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic
    EN ~ Enrolled Nurse ( Australia )
    ENA ~ Emergency Nurses Association
    ENC(C) ~ Certified Nurse, Critical Care, Emergency (Canada)
    ENPC ~ Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course ( similar to PACLS )
    ER ~ Emergency Room
    ET ~ Enterostomal Therapist
    FAAN ~ Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing
    FACCE ~ Fellow in the American College of Childbirth Educators
    FACCP ~ Fellow American College of Chest Physicians
    ( associate fellowships available to allied health practitioners )
    FHI ~ Family Health International ( nonprofit research on reproductive health )
    FNP ~ Family Nurse Practitioner
    FS ~ Flying Surgeon (Australia)
    FTEs ~ Full Time Equivalents
    ( used when a personnel budget is set up in an organization pretaining to direct patient care staffing, unit assistants, etc. and indirect patient care - Managers, Secretary, Educator )
    GN ~ Graduate Nurse ( has not passed state boards )
    GNC(C) ~ Certified Nurse, Critical Care,Gerontology (Canada)
    GNP ~ Gerontological Nurse Practitioner
    GP Cas ~ General Practice Casualty (Australia)
    HBOV ~ Hogere Beroeps Opleiding Verpleegkunde
    (Dutch) - Higher Professional Education in Nursing
    HACC ~ High Altitude Chronic Cardiopath
    HCFA ~ Health Care Financing Association
    ( a Medicare/Medicaid division of the federal government that oversees reimbursement issues / under the Social Security Administration )
    HHA ~ Home Health Aide
    HNC ~ Holistic Nurse Certified by the American Holisitic Nurses Assn.
    HPPD ~ (total) Hours Per Patient Day ( includes direct and indirect care givers )
    IBCLC ~ International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (International usage)
    ICN ~ Infection Control Nurse
    ICP ~ Infection Control Practitioner
    ICU ~ Intensive Care Unit
    IMC ~ Intermediate Care Unit
    IAFN ~ International Association of Forensic Nurses
    IACP ~ International Association of Computer Professionals
    INCC ~ Intravenous Nurses Certification Corporation
    INS ~ Intravenous Nurses Society
    ITNS ~ International Transplant Nurses Society
    IVCS ~ IntraVenous Conscious Sedation ( a type of anesthesia where the patient has a altered level of consciousness but remains awake and able to protect their own airway );
    Intrapelvic Venous Congestive Syndrome; Inferior Vena Cava Syndrome
    JCAHO ~ Joint Commission Accrediation of Heatlth Care Organizations
    JCAHPO ~ Joint Commission Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology
    JD ~ Doctor of Jurisprudence; Doctor of Laws; Juvenile Diabetes
    KECHN ~ Kenya Enrolled Community Health Nurse
    KTPPP ~ Kidney Transplant Patient Partnering Program
    LC ~ Lactation Consultant
    LCCE ~ Lamze Certified Childbirth Educator
    LCDC ~ Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
    LCSW ~ Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    LNC ~ Legal Nurse Consultant
    LP ~ Lecturer Practitioner U,K. A clinician, acute or community with a dual or shared role within both an academic and clinical environment
    LPC ~ Licensed Professional Counselor
    LPN ~ Licensed Practical Nurse
    LPT ~ Licensed Psychiatric Technician
    LRCT ~ Licensed Respiratory Care Technician; Lab/Radiology Combined Technician
    LRCP ~ Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner
    LTC ~ Long Term Care
    LVN ~ Licensed Vocational Nurse
    MA ( WS ) ~ Master of Arts ( Women's Studies )
    MBA ~ Masters of Business Administration
    MD ~ Doctor of Medicine
    ME ~ Medical Examiner
    MEd ~ Masters of Education
    MFCC ~ Marriage Family ( and ) Child Counselor
    MGZ -AGZ ~ Maatschappelijke gezondheidszorg, richting Algemene Gezondheidszorg
    - ( Dutch - i.e Community Health Care, General Community Nursing)
    MGZ -GGZ ~ Maatschappelijke gezondheidszorg, richting Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg -
    - (Dutch - i.e Community Health Care, Community Psychiatric Nursing, also SPV
    MHA ~ Masters in Health Care Administration
    MICN ~ Mobile Intensive Care Nurse
    MICU ~ Medical Intensive Care Unit; Myocardial Infarction Care Unit
    MLA ~ Medical Library Association ~
    This is the organization that does the credentialing for the Academy of Health Professionals. Those who wish to join may do so a year at a time and receive their various newsletters and bulletins; they may also be members of state chapters and sections within MLA. The Adacemy of Health Professionals is a part of MLA where members may submit their vitaes, and other items requested by this organization. A committee reviews these materials and dependent on points, time involved in the profession may grant the person membership to the Academy. The membership will be reviewed every 5 years. Members wishing to attain a higher grade must show increased responsibility in their profession.
    MLS ~ Master in Library Science
    MN ~ Master of Nursing. ~ Another degree previously conferred by the University of Pittsburgh and several other graduate schools. Students who did not do a thesis earned this degree; those who completed a thesis earned the MSN.
    MNEd ~ Master of Nursing Education. ~ This degree was awarded by the University of Pittsburgh; It is no longer being conferred.
    MPA ~ Master of Public Administration ~ The public sector equivalent of othe MBA for administrative/managerial nurses in governmental office. There is a health care focus option for this degree at some Graduate Schools
    MPH ~ Masters in Public Health
    MS ~ Master of Science; Master of Sociology; Master of Surgery
    MSA ~ Master's of Science in Administration
    MSN ~ Master of Science in Nursing
    MSP ~ Master of Psychology
    MST ~ Therapeutic Massage Therapist
    MSW ~ Master of Social Work; Master of Social Welfare; Medical Social Worker ( Britain )
    NACHR ~ National Association of Health Care Recruiters
    NA ~ Nurse Aide ( without certification )
    NAEMSP ~ National Association of EMS Physician
    NAHQ ~ Healthcare Quality Certification Board
    NALS ~ Neonatal Advanced Life Support
    NBCOPA ~ National Board for Certification of Orthopedic Physician Assistants
    NCC ~ Nationally Certified Counselor
    NCCU ~ Neurosurgicial Critical Care Unit
    NCPT ~ Nationally Certified Psychiatric Technician
    NCSN ~ National Certified School Nurse
    ND ~ Doctor of Nursing / Nutritional Doctor
    A professional doctorate not to be confused with the DNSc or PhD. It is currently offered at Case Western Reserve University, where it was first offered in 1979, Rush University, and University of Colorado.; also ND also stand for Nutritional Doctors, used primarily in the Alternative herbal or homeopathic fields of study
    NEA ~ National Education Association
    NENA ~ National Emergency Nurses Affiliation
    NEO ~ Neonatologist
    NFPA ~ National Fire Protection Association
    NGA ~ Notice of Grant Award
    NH ~ Nursing Home
    NICs ~ Nursing Interventions Classifications
    NICU ~ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; Neuro - Intensive Care Unit
    NIH ~ National Institute of Health ( US )
    NNNHP ~ Nurses' Network for a National Healthcare Plan
    NNP ~ Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
    NOC ~ Nursing Ourcomes Classifications
    NP ~ Nurse Practitioner US; Nurse Prescriber U.K. Currently a Community Nurse or Health Visitor who following qualification can prescribe from a limited Nurse Formulary
    NPP ~ Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner ( USA )
    NREMT-1 ~ National Registry EMT-1
    NREMT-P ~ National Registry EMT-P
    NRLC ~ National Right to Life Committee
    NSAA ~ National Surgical Assistant Association
    NSYICU ~ Nursery Intensive Care Unit
    NVSPV ~ Nederlandse Vereniging van Sociaal Psychiatrisch verpleegkundigen -
    (The Dutch Association of Community Psychiatric Nurses )
    NZNO ~ New Zwaland Nurses Organization
    OASIS ~ Outcome & Assessment Information Set; Osteotomy Analysis & Simulation Software; The Older Alabamians System of Information & Services;
    a data set developed by HCFA for data collection on patients
    OB ~ Obstetrics
    OGNP ~ Obstetrical Gynecological Nurse Practitioner
    OHICU ~ Open Heart Intensive Care Unit
    OAM ~ Acute Otitis Media
    OCN ~ Oncology Certified Nurse
    ONC ~ Orthopaedic Nurse Certified
    OPA-C ~Orthopedic Physician Assistant - Certified
    OPS ~ Ophthalmic Photographic Society
    OR ~ Operating Room
    OTR ~ Occupational Therapist, Registered
    PA ~ Physician Assistant
    PA-C ~ Physician Assistant-Certified
    PACU ~ Post-Anesthesia Care Unit
    PALS ~ Pediatric Advanced Life Support
    PC ~ Personal Carer ( Australia )
    PCT ~ Pulmonary Care Team
    PCU ~ Progressive Care Unit
    Ph.D ~ Doctor of Philosophy
    PHN ~ Public Health Nurse
    PICC ~ Peripherally - inserted Central Catheter
    PICU ~ Pulmonary Intensive Care Unit; Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
    PMH-NP ~ Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.
    PN ~ Parish Nurse
    PNP ~ Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
    Portfolio ~ CV with evidence of an outcome documenting each thing listed on the CV
    POV ~ Point of View; Postoperative Vomiting; Peroxide value or ocular pulse volumes
    PT ~ Physical Therapist
    PTCA ~ Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty
    RCNA ~ Royal College of Nursing Australia
    RCPT ~ Registered Cardiopulmonary Technologist
    RCT ~ Registered Care Technician
    Resume ~ 1-2 page document focuses on work experience -
    Most commonly used by individuals seeking traditional employment, who have average experiences. " French meaning summary. "
    RD ~ Registered Dietitian USA
    RDMS ~ Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonograger (Ultrasound)
    RFDS ~ Royal Flying Doctor Service ( Australia )
    RGN ~ Registered General Nurse ( Educated in England before project 2000 outlined by UKCC; originally was SCOTTISH Registration, and still is, long before it was relatively recently adopted in England as a more accurate replacement for SRN (State Registered Nurse).
    RHIA ~ Registered Health Information Administrator (replaces RRA)
    RHIT ~ Registered Health Information Technician (replaces ART)
    RHV ~ Registered Health Visitor U.K. registration for those working predominately in public health. A specific role acquired following a Bachelor degree in Community Health - Specialist practice in public health
    RKT ~ Registered Kinesiotherapist
    RM ~ Registered Midwife ( Australia )
    RMN ~ Registered Mental Health Nurse England United Kingdom (project 2000).
    RMG ~ Registered Mental Nurse ( trained before project 2000 outline by UKCC)
    RN ~ Registered Nurse ( Australia = level 1 / all disciplines trained via Project 2000 outline by UKCC)
    RNAC ~ Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinator Current title for all Long Term Care nurses who function as MDS Coordinators in the U.S.
    RNC ~ Registered Nurse Certified
    ( used by nurses who are certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center & have 2 year associate degree )
    RN BC ~ Registered Nurse Board Certified
    ( used by nurses who are certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center & have a baccalaureate degree or above)
    RNFA ~ Registered Nurse First Assistant
    ( assist the surgeon in surgery - suturing, hemostasis, exposure, pre & post op ... )
    RNMH ~ Registered Nurse Mental Handicap ( trained before project 2000 outline by UKCC)
    RNR ~ Registered Nurse Recruiter
    RPFT ~ Registered Pulmonary Function Technician
    RPN ~ Registered Professional Nurse; Registered Psychiatric Nurse ( Canada ) , Registered Practical Nurse ( Ontario, Canada )
    RPSGT ~ Registered PolySomnoGraphic Technician.
    R & R ~ Rural & Remote (Australia)
    RRT ~ Registered Respiratory Therapist; Registered Recreational Therapist; Registered Rehabilitation Therapist; Registered Respiratory Therapist
    RT ~ Respiratory Technician
    SAEM ~ Society of Academic Emergency Medicine
    SPV ~ Sociaal Psychiatrisch Verpleegkunige
    (Dutch) - i.e. Community Psychiatric Nurse
    SCVICU ~ Surgical and Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
    SICU ~ Surgical Intensive Care Unit
    SLE ~ Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    SN ~ Student Nurse; Scrubb Nurse
    SOP ~ Standard Operating Procedures
    SRN ~ State Registered Nurse
    used instead of RGN by General Nurses who qualified under the General Nursing Council before the creation of the UKCC by the Nurses Midwives and Health Visitor' Act 1979.
    ST ~ Surgical Technologist ( non certified ) ; Speech Therapist
    TNCC ~ Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum ( basic trauma resuscitation course )
    UAP ~ Unlicensed Assistive Personnel
    USAID ~ United States Agency for International Development
    VHPPD ~ Variable Hours Per Patient Day
    ( used in a personnel budget in an organization )
    WER ~ Weekly Epidemiological Record
    WHCNP ~ Womens Health Care Nurse Practitioner
    WHNP ~ Womens Health Nurse Practitioner
    WOCN ~ Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nurse
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    wow! i can't beleive you typed these all up? unless you cut and pasted?

    ........and you do what with your spare time? lol!

  4. by   Southern Charm
    Here are a few additional abbreviations that you might come across in nursing (some are duplicates of those originally posted with different meanings):

    LNCC ~ Legal Nurse Consultant Certified (This is the certification offered through the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants/AALNC. The Vickie Milazzo Institute/National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants offers the CLNC Certification, and I think was the first credentialing entity for certified legal nurse consultants.)
    CRA ~ Clinical Research Associate
    CCRA ~ Certified Clinical Research Associate
    CCRP ~ Certified Clinical Research Professional
    CRC ~ Clinical Research Coordinator
    CCRC ~ Certified Clinical Research Coordinator

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  6. by   orrnlori
    Sheeesh! My AAS is a sister to the American Association of Suicidology, well, on second thought....... :chuckle
  7. by   Havin' A Party!
    There are sites that list all the above and probably more abbreviations.

    Found them not too long ago.
  8. by   JWRN
    I can speak to one of the abbreviations...CCRN does not stand for Certified critical care registered nurse...This is a mistake that people make...Go to the AACN website for validation ( click on certification. CCRN is just a trademark tha rthe certification corp. has for those who pass the exam.

    To imply that ccrn stands for certified critical care registered nurse implies that the person was certified as an RN in critical care and that is not how it works...

    I am impressed with the list there are many abbrviations out there....I hope you copied and pasted.....
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    I am right now printing out those abbreviations. They will come in handy.
  10. by   florry
    Thanks nurse Karen! Now Im hoping nurses round the world understand that might be some problems or difficulties when we ordinary RN's are trying to understand your system, certificatients, abbreviatiens, dresscodes at work (color/scrubs or not scrubs), rules and regulations not in one state,but in the US, UK, Canada all together....



    May I ask if someone can answer me what NURSING IS ?
  11. by   judindesky
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the site and blown away by the amount of information and "brain power" available. Can anyone hlep me come up with a list of Hospice Abbreviations? Lots of lists out there but lI'm looking for something more specific to end of life, palliative care. Thanks so much!
  12. by   Aaron-RN
    RN, WCCM
    Worker's Compensation Care Manager.
  13. by   Medicine Eagle
    Can anyone tell me how to enroll in the TNS classes. Trauma Nurse Specialist. I have found CATN II which stands for Certified Advanced Trauma Nurse. I live is Misouri. I am starting to wonder if TNS was replace with the CATN II. Wow what a list. Thanks it is very informative.
  14. by   linda10651
    Ok, so I need help with abbreviations. I work in homecare and just took a position as a clinical manager of a home health care agency. While talking to my future boss and expressing my nervousness she stated that I have nothing to worry about with my extensive knowledge of HSS. I have no idea what she is talking about. What the heck is HSS? Thanks for any insight.