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J_W has 28 years experience as a DNP, APRN, CNS and specializes in Critical care.

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  1. J_W

    Best Countries to Relocate as US New Grad RN?

    Have you researched how to obtain a nursing license in those countries you mention? You have to realize that nursing in the USA is quite different than nursing the UK or New Zealand, or any of the other countries you listed.....Some countries don't a...
  2. J_W

    Alphabet Soup of a Title

    Just be sure to check your state BON requirements for what needs to be included behind your name. I'm sure every state is different.
  3. J_W

    Alphabet Soup of a Title

    The state of Texas updated the rule back in Feb of 2019, for APRNs as I was non compliant...when I read the rule for APRNs...having to put APRN behind their name. I emailed as I'm not always in that role, thus did I still need to put APRN behind my n...
  4. J_W

    Alphabet Soup of a Title

    I know in Texas there are rules regarding displaying credentials for APRNs and RNs... So, some of the issue is state boards of nursing rules/regulations. In Texas the nurse is always held to the highest certification, so if a person is an APRN then t...
  5. J_W

    Future of the CNS

    I am a CNS with prescriptive authority (my Acute care CNS program allowed me to acquire prescriptive authority), thus I had additional options and can always move into a role in which I could utilize my prescriptive authority. So you might look at ...
  6. J_W

    How long between graduation and NCLEX?

    I took the NCLEX RN way back when it was only offered twice a year (July and Feb) and was paper/pencil, I graduated in August and had to wait until the following Feb to take the exam, so I was a GN for almost 9 months as my results went to the wrong ...
  7. J_W

    What are the worst call in excuses you've heard?

    As a previous House supervisor I never asked why, most would just say they were sick, that is all. If they are sick stay home, if they are faking it so be it, i never asked what was wrong. however most would say they were sick with something plausibl...
  8. Congrats to everyone going to UT Houston, it is a great school. I graduated from there, now so many years ago, 17 to be more exact. I thoroughly enjoyed it and had awesome clinical experiences. Hands down the best place for clinicals is the TMC. Go...
  9. Hello I also am a CNS who does pt safety....I took the CCNS exam so can't help with the core exam... May I ask where you work. Would like to know other CNS's who do pt safety. You can send me a private message if you wish. Thanks Jeff
  10. For those who wonder the Phenergan came from the medical box. It is full of things that only a physician or nurse would know how to handle them. It had IV caths, start kit, tubing, and NS bag. Also had first aid stuff (bandaids, gauze, tape), AED was...
  11. I do not have any title on my American Airlines Platinum card...but I have stepped up on 3 trans-atlantic flights when a doctor was needed but there was not one on the plane or not one that would come forward...Each time I told them I was a advance p...
  12. J_W

    National Petition to Change N-CLEX Exam Process

    I also have reservations about only 75 questions and then your given a license. I took the written exam, 2 days 360 questions...it was difficult and challenging...But having reviwed questions I learned that it works... As a item reviewer for the N...
  13. J_W

    Nurses with a masters don't do beside nursing ?

    I have my MSN and though I do not work in direct patient care on a full time basis, I still work as I can in the ICU on a PRN basis. I miss patient care at times, but I also like my autonomy of my current position. I know more than a handful of n...
  14. J_W

    Acute Care CNS: Any of you out there?

    AACN offers the CCNS exam. It is for Acute and critical care CNS role. What is important is to look at what your state board of nursing accepts as valid examinations of your CNS role/ability, licensure. Texas recognizes the CCNS exam as accept...
  15. J_W

    Acute Care CNS: Any of you out there?

    I have MSN from a CNS program that was Acute Care. I have always worked in ICU setting, so worked as Critical care CNS when I graduated, even though with the state of TX and a CNS in Acute care because that is what the program track followed. The maj...
  16. J_W

    CNS vs NP?

    I am in Texas where the CNS is an Advanced Practice Nurse. Along with NP, CRNA, and CNM, these are the 4 APN titles in TX. I am a CNS in Acute care, but have always been employed as Critical care CNS, but my title with the BON is CNS acute care. I ch...