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  1. I am in a pre nursing class for LVN and we are required to take a math test and get 100% to pass the class. Is this typical for a LVN or LPN class. I understand that this is not required for the RN program. I have trouble when ever I am required to get 100%. The thought of it is enough to make me nervouse and mess up. I understand the importance of math skills and nursing. How much of it do you use on the job and are you able to double check with anyone? Thanks, Mel
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  3. by   GingerSue
    yes, calculations are important and it is a good idea to have a co-worker double check them

    for our pharmacology calculations assignment - yes, we had to have 100% in order to pass the course (for this, if there was an error, we had the opportunity to re-calculate it)
  4. by   mdrew508
    We didn't have to get 100% on any of the test but I think that we had to get an A overall for the class. And there is Dosage Calculations on every test we took after we learned it. Make sure you have a good calculator if you are allowed to use them.
  5. by   HM2VikingRN
    get a copy of calculate with confidence. Very user friendly for learning nursing math.
  6. by   BookwormRN
    In my ADN program, we had a med test at the beginning of each semester. We were required to get 100%, but we were allowed a couple of re-takes if we didn't get 100% the first time around. (different test for each re-take of course.)

    Until we passed, we were not allowed to pass meds in clinicals. Also, if we did not get 100% on the last allowed re-take, you failed your clinical rotation for that semester.

    In the real world, we always have someone check over our calculations!
  7. by   Epona
    Just to let you know we did have to take a math calculations test and pass it in order to stay in the program and I am in an RN program- we had to take it and pass.

    Our teachers were telling us that when you apply for jobs sometimes the hiring manager makes you take a math test. It's good to know. I had LOTS of trouble doing calculations by way of ratio and proportion. Terrible time. My upper level RN teachers taught us to use dimensional anaylsis and BINGO I got it. It is very easy to use if you can do it by way of dimensional anaylsis.

    Good luck!!
  8. by   akwesook
    I really get you there- math "don like me and I don like it" but I did it and still do it (LVN working on BSN) when I don't use math skills they fade away but be fair- would you like it if the nurse giving you an IM when you were out cold screwed up the math?
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  9. by   CT Pixie
    We had a Dosing Calculations course last Mod (a mod is = to a semester). At the end of the mod, we took a Dosing Calculations test, you needed an 85 or better to be able to pass meds in the next mod. And if you can't pass meds, you can't go to clinical which equals failing out of school. We have had math on every single test since day one. If you don't use it, you loose it. I was acutally "tutoring" a lady a mod ahead of me on pretty much what I would call a basic calculation and she couldn't remember how to do it. She didnt' keep up with her math skills.

    I know when i was in clinical I was observing a subq med being drawn up with my clinical instructor with me. I was looking at the MAR and noticed that nurse didn't draw up the right about due to a wrong calculation. I pointed it out to her (she had just gotten the job and was a recent grad) and she realized her error. Thanfully, someone was there to notice the wrong dose, the patient due for that med would have been in serious trouble if not. I don't know if the nurse had any intention on double checking with anyone else or she was thinking that my clinical instructor was the one she was going to double check with..but I have my doubts since after drawing up the med, she was turning around and headed into the pts room :uhoh21:

    Math is very important in this field. Its a matter of life and death in a lot of situations.
  10. by   waitingforthedream
    In our ADN program, we are required to pass a calculation test every rotation with a 100% with 2 tries. If we don't pass, we are out of the program. Remember 1 mistake could do some serious damage to you client.
  11. by   natrgrrl
    We have to take a math test every quarter with 100%. This is our first quarter and we don't take our test until next week so we can't pass meds during clinical this week. Even the students who are med aides can't pass meds until the test is passed.
    I think it's a good policy because not only would you feel terrible if you made an error on a real patient, you could cause a person to die. It's nothing to take lightly.
    It sounds like quite a few schools are going to the 100% med math test but our school is the first one in the area to require it.
    You'll be fine on your test. Just study and practice, study and practice.
  12. by   Patient_Care_Asst
    The patient weighs 73 kg. The MD orders dopamine at 3 mcg/kg/min. The dopamine is mixed as 400 mg in 250 mL of solution. What is the infusion rate in mL/hr?

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  13. by   anonymurse
    Here's Daytonite's useful online resource list:

    Please note the first link on the list has changed to:
  14. by   Mechi
    Math is very important in nursing ,you should feel comfortable and not be scared .I will give you some help to understand the problem.
    1.Many new students are used to calculators ,phones and computer math resolving problems at school but now they will face life threatening situations and quick math calcultions to save your patients lifes(pencil and paper ).Math is important but if you have trouble do not hesitate to look for help outside ,so you do not loose your career dream as a nurse. They have many tutors in universities like in the math and physics dept ,your elementary school or high School profesors,ask for help and tried to find the problem you have .I find out that a 5th grade school teacher will give you the tools to solve ratio and proportions as decimal divisions.Do not panic get your own help as needed on your free time and you will see excelent outcome in your future testing.No everybody is a good math taker but everybody should at least try with a good tutor to get better.
    2.If your preceptor or teacher is good in math take your time with confidence and ask for help.
    3.Teachers are there to teach and be sure your learning is completed before you are left on your own medical error is a big liability in your career.