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  1. by   skanded
    I have always wanted one, but I will never get one.
  2. by   RNNR
    I have tattoos, but it was before I decided to go into nursing. I was in alot of punk bands so tattoos were a prerequisite for rocking out.
  3. by   clickhere
    Tattoos are required for "rocking out"?
  4. by   lucky928
    I have a beautiful red rose on the inside of my left breast..By the time I am 80 it will be a long stemmed red rose.Ha!
  5. by   kbella1218
    I have 2 tattoos.

    On my lower left back I have a chinese symbol for the dragon, which was the chinese year me & my son were born. Also I was married in the year of the dragon. It is considered the luckiest animal of all the zodiac animals, so it was special to me.

    I also got my husband's initals on the small of my back, near the chinese sign. They are lowercase in black, with several small, colorful butterflies around them. It is beautiful, and only people close to me see them.

    I love to look at them. If I ever have a daughter, I plan on getting a small fairy on my right hip.

    Hubby has two as well: Merlin on his R arm, and my initals inside a sun on his L arm. SEXAH!!!!!
  6. by   LisaRNinarkansas
    i have one on my left breast....a long stem red rose with the stem sticking out of a heart...
    i wish i had the money to get a few more...i think thier kinda cool....if a person doesnt go overboard.
  7. by   Jrnalist2RNinOR
    Quote from LisaRNinarkansas
    i have one on my left breast....a long stem red rose with the stem sticking out of a heart...
    i wish i had the money to get a few more...i think thier kinda cool....if a person doesnt go overboard.

    what's overboard?
  8. by   SchoolNurseLisa
    I have a fairly large one on my low back (4" X 6") I have always wanted one but thaught I was too flighty (i am) so I put it back there, I never get tired of it because I don't look at my naked low back all the time, and when I am old that are of the body doesn't wrinke much, just sags, I am sure it will not look as good as it does now, but at least a cna will not be stretching my skin when I am 90, stating "what the hell is that"
    Quote from jadednurse
    I toyed with the idea a few times but just couldn't get the image out of my head: me, female, at age 80, with tatoos on my wrinkled, sagging, droopy old-person skin. Kind of ruined the glamour for me!:chuckle
  9. by   enfermeraSG
    Quote from caduca
    I have a tribal caduceous at the small of my back. It was designed by a couple of corpsmen that I worked with in the US Navy. For that reason, it will forever remain priceless as a token of the bonds created in the armed forces.

    On another note, it almost cost me a job. I was reaching across the counter in a coffee shop and it could be partially seen above my drawstring pants. The hospital administrator happened to be there. He tried to stop my hire for the position he accepted me for the day before. I take pleasure in the fact that I eventually left that small, conservative town. The tattoo was definitely a better option than the town.

    Do you have a pic of that one to post? Sounds incredible...SG
  10. by   nanasuzy
    Didn't have the option: Yes I have one tattoo, no it is not in a discreet area. I have
    a rose on my wrist. Facility wants me to cover it up. Get many more comments about
    the "bandage" on my wrist than to just have the tat showing! They said that tattoos
    scare the older pts! Funny that I am the older nurse!
  11. by   shel_wny
    I have keloids - all the luck! Ugh! I found out that I had keloids when I was 13 and got a mole removed and found myself in even worse shape with this big huge ugly itchy red scar. It has since flattened and healed...though it's taken a good 10 years. I did manage a belly button piercing that didn't scar, thank goodness! It was a few years ago and I was among friends and feeling crazy on a fun summer night. I'm afraid to get my ears repierced as they closed up since I was a little girl. I'm afraid that a tattoo would aggravate my condition and I would be left with a ugly multicolored raised scar instead of a nice tattoo. I really would love to have a )O( tattoo though. It is a triple moon and has much to do with my past and my spirituality.

  12. by   EarthChild1130
    That's cool Shel...I am getting that very same )O( in June, on my back I have 3 tattoos and want at least 4 more LOL...I can't wear earrings though because they make my ears all infected (every kind does that!)...I really want my belly button pierced but I'm sure the same thing would happen to that piercing!
  13. by   LongCoolNurse
    1 on my lower back - about 5" in diameter, got it 4 years ago. I'd always wanted one, but could never find any I really liked. I was in a studio 1 day & found a great one. I had the artist shrink it down, put color in it, and 2 hours later I was inked! I have always been nervous when it comes to needles, but it didn't hurt a bit! It's the yin-yang with starbursts around it and almost tie-dyed in color. I also have my navel pierced (for about 9 years now). No more piercings for me, but I really do want another tat someday soon. It's really not noticeable unless I bend over in low-rise pants.