Nursing and tattoos - page 31

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  1. by   warlingham
    No tatts, I thought about it, was going to get a blue bird on my belly many years ago, so glad i didnt as would now be an eagle flying through the clouds
  2. by   angiebelle
    i've got sleeves starting on both arms, large portraits on both legs.... and i'm not about to stop.
    and i won't lie: one (little but convenient) reason why i want to be a nurse is the higher wage i will receive, which will then fund my tattoo obsession. i'm an LPN, in school for my RN. i have been a CNA for 5 years now. i'm fine with wearing long sleeves at work: it's much easier to cover them up than deal with the multitude of different responses you can get from people.
  3. by   LibbyRN31286
    Just have one little flower thats not visible in scrubs...can't decide if i want more or not...
  4. by   Sarah Hay
    I have a few tattoos. Let's see... going head to toe. I have a red tribal sun on the back of my neck. On the left of my neck (on the side) I have a few stars, a nautical star, and my zodiac (Gemini). On my left posterior shoulder I have a japenese symbol representing the word Crisis - straight from the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses textbook from nursing shool. On my right wrist I have the dragon Smaug, from The Hobbit. On my left side I have a very large and detailed tattoo which I cannot describe in detail other than it involves the iron eagle and other things. On my anterior left hip I have another japanese symbol ... not sure what it means. I forgot. On my right anterior hip I have a playboy bunny which I got quite a few years ago. And lastly ... I have a very large colourful tattoo dragon on my right buttock. (= Still more to come!
    Oh, I'm 22 years old and an RN.
  5. by   elizabethjk
    I have a giant nurse tattoo on my right shoulder/arm.

    along with....6 others and more to come.
  6. by   LADI09
    I feel as long as you can cover them up. Go for I have 4 of them and I can cover all them up.
  7. by   dfurbee
    I have 3, but cover them up for work.
  8. by   snuggler
    Ya'll didn't actually have an option for my situation. I have a tattoo on the inside of my left forearm. It is visible, I only have the one, and I don't regret it. I voted for more than one, but less than 10, because I do plan on getting another tattoo next year.
    My tattoo is done in white ink (and I am white, with very pale skin). Most people don't notice it, or think it is something other than a tattoo. I have been asked if it is a club/bar stamp, if was a tattoo that I had removed, or a scar. It's a simple pattern and about 2"x2". Most days I wear long sleeves so it's no big deal, but sometimes I don't, and I have had managers tell me not to cover it because the bandage is more eyebrow raising than the tattoo itself.
  9. by   oklahomagal
    I'm not a nurse yet, but I have 4 and will continue to get more as time goes on. I keep them all where they can be covered by scrubs. However in the future I am looking forward to maybe having one on my inner forearm or my wrists.
  10. by   LPNweezy
    i love my natural body
  11. by   LACA
    I have one tattoo at the moment, with plans to get at least one or two more. My tattoo is on my left shoulder blade, its two teddy bears w/ angel wings and halos. It's in memory of my sons...Landon's name is across the top, and Brayden's is below the bears.
  12. by   LPN_FTW
    I have a large one on the back of my neck, so every time I put my hair into a ponytail... Thar she is. For that reason alone, I wish I didn't have it.
    I love tattoos. I just would not have too many.