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  1. by   GadgetRN71
    Quote from georgiagalRN
    I have's on my lower back. It's a purple flower with a vine coming off of it on both sides. It's about 8 inches long. And I absolutely love it. I want to get another one. I'm thinking either on the inside of my left wrist or on the top of my foot. I haven't made up my mind, though. I also have 7 piercings in my ears (4 in the right and 3 in the left). I also have my navel and right nipple pierced. And I have to say that getting my ears pierced hurt worse than the navel or nipple.

    I don't think that having tattoos make you look any less professional. People will see what kind of nurse you are by the care you give them.
    I have 4 tattoos. I also had both nipples, my eyebrow, my navel and my tongue pierced. Stangely, the tongue didn't hurt that bad at all-the nipples hurt so bad, I nearly passed out.
  2. by   femalewolf2
    I have 3 tattoos, a naval piercing and 12 holes in my ears. All my tattoos are covered by my scrubs and I take out my earings except for a pair or two. I try to remember that even though the tattoos and the piercings don't make me any less of a nurse but some patients don't like it.
  3. by   naughty*IN*nurse
    [font=system]i am new to allnurses, and this subject caught my eye. i currently have 3 tattoos and 3 piercings, all of which i am more than happy to cover or remove during "scrub" hours. my husband is a tattoo artist, so i am sure there will be several other pieces of art work to end up permanently on my body.
    [font=system]my thought in taking such pride in my tattoos is that when i am wrinkled and sagging, and require the care of fellow nurses, they will look at the symbols and designs that depicted the life i lived and will know that who i was, and that i lived my life my way.
  4. by   Diary/Dairy
    Wow, naughty. I feel like we should have met when I was at home in Indy!!
  5. by   scrubing77
    I have 6 and plan for more. My back is a combo of 3 that covers most of it i have a one on my chest that covers both pecs, one on my right bicep, and one on my right calf. All my tattoos are in places that can be covered by scrubs. In the end i plan to have my chest, back, and arm connected. I will be getting more on my left arm that will connect to the other pieces then have designs running down my flank areas that will connect to future full leg tattoos. I would love to go full sleeved but i feel that this my not be best for me. In this field as a nurse I deal with patients who are scared needing care and to have some one who completely covered in tattoos can cause problems. This is my personal view and do not say it is right or wrong but just right for me.
  6. by   cowpoke_rn
    I have a knight in armor tattoo on my left shoulder area and plan to get more. I just got it this year for my wife who says I'm her knight in shining armor.
  7. by   Diary/Dairy
    Awww, Ben that is sooo cute!!!! It's nice to see that you and your wife are still so in love!! :kiss
  8. by   Devil_Duckie
    I don't have any tattoos...yet! Honestly, I've never had that much extra cash lying around just to go get some ink. I have plans for several, mostly Sailor Jerry-esque tats, including a sparrow on my lower abdomen, a star on my foot, cherry blossoms (somewhere, maybe my back?), an old-fashioned type nurses' hat after I've been working as an RN for a while.

    Call me cynical, but I'd absolutely hate to start working as a nurse, find out that it's not for me (I seriously doubt it, nursing is truly my calling!) and then be stuck with a tat that represented something I didn't like.

    As far as piercings go, I don't have anything very radical. I have 3 holes in each lobe but I only ever wear one earring in each ear. I got my tragus done last summer and have a 16g black titanium continuous ring in it...I love it, think it looks great, and it's unconventional without being totally rebellious! Plus it's pretty unnoticeable unless you're looking hard at my ear.
  9. by   nimopiba
    I have 3 tattoos so far. one on each upper arm and one on my lower back. All completely covered, even with short sleeves. Most people (professionally) don't even know I have them. I had my tongue pierced but eventually removed it because I thought it would be more professional not to have any piercings/tattoos on my face. I would never get a tattoo that I could not cover easily when I went to work. What I wear after work is a totally different story.
  10. by   ROMANZA_BSN
    Hi there fellow nursing students and RNs!
    I just got here, well... funny I was searching for a site who cater Q's regarding tattoo issues in Medical related profession. Luckily, I ended up here. It was quite a relief knowing that tattoos are somehow accepted in our "world" if I may say. BTW, today is my graduation:hatparty: from BSN, I can't sleep so I've decided to surf for a while. I found this ultra-cool site and did something significant like signing in. Hehehe. I'll see you all soon. Take care and God Bless.
  11. by   tattooednursie
    I have 3 . . .and I am just getting started. when I get old, and my skin sags . . . so be it. Its not going to sag any time soon I hope, so I will have many years of enjoyment of my tattoos. I probably will be a living canvas, because thats just what I am into, but I don't want any tats on my face, neck, or arms below the level that a scrub top would cover. As for piercings . . . if I was not in the medical profession I would do my lip and lounge, but i don't think its a good idea. I do have my nose. I think a nose stud looks nice, and the facility I work at is okay with nose studs. I just think the hoops in the nose look kinda bad.
  12. by   Marisaej
    am planning to get small tatoo on hip hopefully in next few months.. have heard said that a rose on a 20 year old boob becomes a whole vine of climbing roses in 20 years!! had a pt with a small spider on a delicate member.. probably boasted that it turned into a tarantula!!
  13. by   akcarmean
    I have one on my left leg about mid calf area. It is Winnie the Pooh sitting on a log hold 4 balloons. In each of the balloons are the initials of my 4 children. (3 living and 1 in Heaven with God). Her balloon has a halo around it.

    I just love it!!

    But it is covered with my scrubs.