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Have you ever heard or said that to a family member? whats the weirdest thing someone has brought for you or your staff to eat? I think the sickest thing was a patient brought some balout,... Read More

  1. by   melons
    Don't agree at all that nurses will eat anything. In our dept it has to look good, taste good. and reasonable healthy.( we're 'training the reps!) In saying that when we're tired and breaktime is way in the distance we head for the snack machine!
  2. by   lisamilgrim
    well since i just started on the floor in a nursing home with 35 patients just on my side, if i find time to eat i will probably eat it whatever it is
  3. by   danu3
    You know how some other profession has some kind of "Olympics" like the firefighters in which they compete on to show off their firefighting skills.

    I wonder what kind of events would a "Nursing Olympics" have?

    I "eat anything" contest? Cold coffee, warm soda, duck eggs, whatle fat...
    and also maybe a speed contest where you see how fast a nurse can inhale a meal. Or a multitasking contest where a nurse eat a big fat juicy burger while on the run or documentaing without spilling any of the juice...

  4. by   Audreyfay
    . . . . or how long a nurse can delay using the restroom?
  5. by   ldynwht
    You guys are making me homesick with the talk of White castles. No White Castles in Colorado
  6. by   dbscandy
    In SC, we had Krystal burgers (sorta like White Castle); one day, I took the order for pick-up for my dialysis unit; one of our PA's said he would take 6 GLF's. What is a GLF? Good little f***er! And yes, that's what they are.

    In my NICU now, one of the Neo's is Filipino, and he and his wife bring food very often (they take good care of us). It's not strange stuff, though we would eat it if it were, I'm sure. This lady can COOK!!!

    Another memory of food from another dialysis unit was my Korean patient that would make homemade sushi and dumplings (and the cutest origami decorations).

    And yes, I have downed my share of 24hr old pizza, cold coffee, cake for every-occasion-known-to-man (I eat the cake, my friend eats the icing), and homemade goodies with who-knows-what in it. And you know what? I've never gotten sick from it. I think there's a sort of special dispensation for this. It just wouldn't be fair for us to have the ptomaine trots on top of all the other stuff we catch from patients!!

    By the way, did you ever try the formulas we feed those poor innocent preemies?
  7. by   dknunges
    Quote from Aneroo
    I'm a big fan of the day old cold pizza....Can't beat it. Kinda bad when the food carts start to smell good. -A
    Oh man nothing better than a couple of slices of day old cold pizza after working the 7P-7a shift before going to bed.....AtE this for years when I worked nights. My 3 yr old grandson loves cold pizza for breakfast!
  8. by   MamaTheNurse
    Quote from Audreyfay
    . . . . or how long a nurse can delay using the restroom?
    just to tell you what (pathetic) shape my bladder is in, when I was pregnant, I used to be able to work 12 hours, running my fanny off in L & D, and not pee until I went to change out of my scrubs to go home (and I worked right up until my due date, both times).........
    and I tell you what, I would eat crap goulash on noodles if I had 5 minutes to eat when I was at work..........
    after I was a nurse for a while, my husband asked "You guys run around all shift and never get breaks - how come there are so many overweight nurses?" I think this thread answers that question............. :chuckle :chuckle
    does anyone from Canada like the burgers from Harvey's? There are none in the US - I miss it sooooo much (but maybe that's a good thing - I used to eat there way too much when I still lived at home)......
  9. by   studentnursep
    Just had to do that last week. I am not sure what was worse the fact that it was thickened or the the sugarless fake grape cool aide. The next step is try thickened ensure!!!
  10. by   mercyteapot
    I had a vegetarian co-worker once who brought a meatloaf made from Grape Nuts to a potluck. May I suggest you don't try it?
  11. by   mercyteapot
    Quote from dbscandy
    By the way, did you ever try the formulas we feed those poor innocent preemies?
    No, but I bet its horrendous. It even smells nasty!
  12. by   Cheez-It!
    After reading all this, i feel seriously priviledged. One of the residents daughters where i work brings me Cheryl&Co. cookies and brownies all the time. When i'm having a bad day, she'll bring me grater's ice cream. Best ice cream in the world.

    As far as the pumpkin seeds and soy nuts ... Have you ever tried pine nuts. YUM!

    And one of my favorites, is the bland nasty little pizza's from the kitchen, smothered in ranch dressing. I've figured that is the key to all food made in any health care setting. It's now my philosophy: Just add ranch!
  13. by   dollydettol
    well i will not eat staff room goodies unless there first and in the uk we have peanuts on the bar and how you know which one washed there fingers from the bathroom????[color=?
    Quote from susanjean
    yeah, when we were kids and would find a hair in the food my mom would say "oh, look who got the prize..."
    hey, if it is baked or boiled, i figure all the germs are gone...or at least most of them. haha
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