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So, with nurses week coming up, I was fondly remembering all the neat swag my employer has offered me as a token of their appreciation. Over the last four years as a nurse I have received - A... Read More

  1. by   BjOnrs
    Brian, ATTENTION, BRIAN!!!!! We need those smiley's like bob's.
  2. by   RNCM
    Hello there...
    SHAME ON US!!! !
    It has been bothering me to see us putting down our employers because they didn't give us a good enough gift for Nurses Day.

    As nurses WE should be celebrating our profession and all the good things we do in our roles. We should not be relying on others to give us something in order for us to feel valued.

    I feel valued EVERY TIME I get a thank you from a patient or family member whose life I touched. That, my friends, is the only gift I am looking for!:kiss
  3. by   l.rae
    RNCM...Shame on us...I worked 14 hours in a busy understaffed Er last night without time for lunch, and a resentful patients...for having to be there so long....a co-worker was perturbed when had to take MY patient to the bathroom....(I couldn't hole it any longer either), and the NM was finally called in at 2am to fill in. This isn't about $!tty gifts, it's about disrespect for nurses and disregard for quality patient care. Hospital administrators make 6 to 7 digit anual salaries. Thankyous are wonderful, But they don't buy groceries or pay the rent. I just read a comment by Grazie Parknh on another thread that nursing is the 2nd hardest degree to obtaine, 1st is engineering..and you don't see engineers treated this way... I'd like to find more background on that stat of nursing degrees. Anyway I've been at this a long time. Therewas a time when I was a single mom and making $10 hr... Someone needs to call these hipocritical employers to task.. WHY shouldn't we rely on our employers to give us something to feel valued? That is the way it is done..Fair wages..decent staffing..positive evaluations..adequate rescources....That, my friend is what I'm looking for...If all I needed were thank you's..Then I would volunteer...But you see Detrimental working conditions for nurses = compromised patient care.. we will always be patient advocates and beyond "pay and perks", I think the nurses responding on this thread are genuinely incensed that admin. doesn't give a crap about quality pt. care either... This isn't just about us....Sorry if I come off a little angry, but I can't accept the "shame"....LR
  4. by   l.rae
    PS...sorry for all the typo's LR
  5. by   mtgirl63
    We got absolutely nothing!!!!!! Funny, the admin. always talks about appreciating us but...... Oh, wait......he did put a small ad in the local paper saying as far as he's concerned we're the best nurses in the state. Nice gesture, but not everyone reads the local paper. DUH!!!! Finally on Friday afternoon one of the nurses brought in a sign she made on her computer that said "hug your nurse today....let someone know she's appreciated. Nurses week May 6-12."
    Now for this week --- National Nursing Home Week -- they have a staff appreciation day planned along with several other activities.
    Sorry but staff appreciation, although great, is not the same as recognizing the nurses during Nurse's Week.
  6. by   thisnurse
    no shame on us...i think the point is not the cost of the gifts...i think the point is that we arent appreciated. i think that what everyone is saying is that these cheap tokens of appreciation, given to us begrudgingly, if at all, symbolize what our employers think of us.
    as ive said before, they can keep all that...a little handwritten note from our manager saying thanks...or a thanks at one of our unit meetings would make me far happier than any coffee cup or fanny pack
  7. by   ubcnme
    Amen mtgirl63! We're in the same boat as you. We didn't get diddly either...not even a "We sure do appreciate our nurses and how hard they work" which would have been more than enough. Our facility is planning a 'staff appreciation day' as well and I'm sure we'll have to bring a dish for pot luck or contribute in some way....bull-puckey....alot of us are planning on a boycott and not just the nurses either. I work part-time at one of the major hospitals here in town and even THEY gave us a nice thermal cup with EACH nurse and I think they have over 500 nurses employed there. My full-time job as all of about 25-30 nurses....go figure.
  8. by   mtgirl63
    I wouldn't care what the gift was --- I was thinking that even a banner hung in the facility that acknowledged it was Nurses Week would have been great!!!
  9. by   Brian
    Originally posted by prmenrs

    Can we have these smileys?? Thanks
    Those smilies are too big for me to put as an option, but you can always insert them into your post by using the following code as Bob the Builder did

    when posting a reply, you click the "IMG" button, then type in this web address into the form that pops up
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    as usual, it didn't work for me.
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  13. by   Q.
    Bob and Brian? Those are radio personalities on Lazer 103.

    Brian, you know who I mean don't you?