Nurses Smoking: Compassion Instead of Judgement - page 8

My friend excused herself after a long meeting. I knew where she was going-to the cold parking deck, to get in her car, to have a cigarette, to still her craving so she could get back to work and... Read More

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    This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I'm an ex-smoker who is also a nurse. I'm doing my CAPSTONE project on nurse smoking and the impact on nurse careers and patient relationships. Soon I will be begging nurses who smoke on this site to take part in my study. Anyway, if we look at cigarette smoking as an addiction then we should try treating it as such. Dispersions and harsh judgements never cured any patient from any disease process that I know of including addiction. Further, smokers already know they are pariahs of modern society especially if they work in healthcare. Their addiction is simply stronger than any sense of shame that can be put on them by other nurses. Have a great night all!!!

    No need to beg - just look me up. Fantastic post right here! I am the pariah of modern society and my addiction truly outweighs the shame.