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jeastridge is a BSN, RN and specializes in Faith Community Nurse (FCN).

Joy has worked in a variety of fields in the nursing profession over her 35+ years of nursing, including GI/GU, Medical Surgical, Pediatrics, Home Health and Hospice. While being a FCN for 22 years, she also worked in hospice and obtained her CHPN. In addition to writing for the website, she pursues other avenues of writing and has published a children's book and two Bible studies. She is active in her community, in her church and with her ever-growing family. She enjoys long walks in the mountains of East Tennessee, cooking for crowds and reading for pleasure. 

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  1. jeastridge

    Nurses Calming the Chaos of Conflict- Part 2

    Sounds like you are doing the best you can under some very challenging conditions. I hope your new co-worker changes her attitude soon! Joy
  2. jeastridge

    Nurses Calming the Chaos of Conflict- Part 2

    Thanks JBMmom for your insightful comment. I agree that learning these skills is helpful for us all. Joy
  3. The air almost crackled with the intensity of the emotions generated by the conflict between two co-workers. They “had words” about a political difference, and as they left the area to go care for their patients, they left in their wake two of us as ...
  4. “That’s it! I quit!” We all felt ourselves stiffen with tension as the voices traveled from the conference room and wrapped themselves in a layer of anxiety around all of us. The tension in our facility was high. We were all working overtime and lots...
  5. Thank you, Caryl, for sharing this important memory of part of your journey in nursing and in life. I hope other readers will share memories from that era, as well.
  6. Shared by: Rev. Caryl Griffin Russell, MSN, BSN, MDiv January 17, 2022 Celebrating a life-changing day, I share an experience of speaking to graduates at an assembly of an all-Black high school in South Memphis a few months after Martin Lut...
  7. jeastridge

    Upside of Changes: Nurses Make the Best of Change

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Giving changes a try can be hard but with your positive attitude and your "step back" you will go far! Joy
  8. jeastridge

    Upside of Changes: Nurses Make the Best of Change

    It is certainly hard to see the bigger picture, but I agree that it often confusing. Does leadership mean well and get bad advice? I don't know. I hope your situation proves to turn out OK. Thank you for your comment. Joy
  9. I read my email and felt that sinking sensation—change is coming and fast. The memo stated that in 7 days we would be changing over to the new system. Despite months of preparation, the looming deadline was anxiety-provoking. Would it go well? Would ...
  10. As I pulled away from the home visit, I felt the grey fog envelope the car on the outside and threaten to seep into my holiday spirits. From where I sat, I could see the Christmas tree blinking crazily with artificial cheer, while the patient I had j...
  11. Bah humbug! Driving to the hospital, I reached over and clicked off the Christmas music that proclaimed a commercialized version of the holiday was fast approaching. I just wasn’t in the mood for “jolly” when all around me, I witnessed sadness, l...
  12. jeastridge

    Nurses: Respect or Money? What Matters Most?

    Both is probably the best option! Well said. Joy
  13. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I especially appreciate your insight regarding the need for education for the public. Joy
  14. jeastridge

    Nurses: Respect or Money? What Matters Most?

    "Staffing made me feel safe, not valued." Amen to that. Respect and money=good care. In the end that's what we all want, isn't it? Joy
  15. jeastridge

    Nurses: Respect or Money? What Matters Most?

    Thank you for sharing your experience. What you describe is a tragedy for all of us--even the administration who often end up being patients, as well. Your comments are a call for action from all of us. Thank you. Joy I appreciate your humor....

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