Nurses and tattoos

  1. Hello, I have a question for nurses, nursing students, anyone....What is the story with nurses having tattoos, are they allowed? are there any special rules? I have a small tattoo on my left inner wrist, that can be covered mostly by a watch band. I'm going to begin nursing school next semester,and was just wondering about policies, etc....any help would be appreciated. thanks.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    First, Welcome to
    There are already many different threads on this subject, just check under the SEARCH section.

    My eyebrows have actually been tattooed for years and it has never kept me from working....................
  4. by   jkaee
    I have three tattoos that are all covered by clothes. I have seen people with arm or small wrist tattoos working......worst case scenario you might have to wear something to cover it up. Most times, policies are in place regarding body piercings to prevent injury to the employee (ie: combative patients pulling out your hoop earrings or nose rings, etc.) I don't recall ever reading a policy regarding tattoos though. It'll probably depend on the facility, but I don't think that it should be a problem.

    Good luck in school and with your future nursing career!

  5. by   dianah
    As a small aside, those getting eyeliner tattoos might ask if the ink has any metal in it, just so you are informed. We were trained as Rad. nurses to ask if anyone having an MRI had had these tattoos, as the magnet might cause irritation to them (periorbital redness, irritation).

    Back to your regularly scheduled thread.
  6. by   meownsmile
    Wow,, wouldnt have even thought about having metal bases in tatoo ink. Thanks. I dont work MRI,, but regularly send patients. Will have to watch for s/s.
  7. by   zenman
    I've got 2 tattoos and planning on getting "DNR" on my chest with my signature!
  8. by   newgrad2004
    I think it depends on the instructors, the school, if they have policies, if they inforce them, but most of all the tatoo. I know a guy in my class had some pretty offendning tattos and was told to wear a t-shirt that would cover them on his arms (that went lower than his scrubs).
    I doubt a small tattoo on your wrist will matter just wear your watch over it
  9. by   suzanne4
    Medical dermagraphic pigments do not contain any metal shavings, however some of the pigments that regular tattoo artists use do contain them.
    Most of the tattoos that were received while the person was in the military have the metal filings in the pigment. I personally have always asked the patient where exactly the tattoo was done and how long ago. Or the homemade ones done with pieces of lead from a pencil.

    Tattoos with the metal shavings are contraindicated for having MRI procedures.
  10. by   nurseiam
    I have very small footprints on my ankle that are from a 23 week preemie that was in our unit. I took the prints off a shirt we had and then found out who they belonged to. I love to show them off!
  11. by   nursedawn67
    I have 4 tattoos, and all are covered by my uniforms. I don't like mine to show at work, I'm a charge nurse in LTC and some of those older folk don't understand women with tattoos. So I choose not to let them show.
  12. by   YCAussie
    thank you all very much for such quick responses. My tattoo is not offensive at all, it's a small heart being held by swirlies with a cross in the middle, and like I said, the majority of it can be covered by a watch...So, it sounds like I'll be okay...thank you all so much!
  13. by   UK2USA
    I have 3 tattoos, all covered by clothing. But I have a colleague who has numerous tattoos, including a flame that extends from fingers to elbow and facial tatts. As you can imagine it looks pretty weird and the unit manager was not particularly pleased.... but she investigated, and providing the tattoo had healed she was powerless to discipline this nurse. He has since made it an annual event, he takes a month of annual leave and during that time extends the tattoos towards his shoulders.
  14. by   zenman
    I ran into a guy once in Texas that had leopard spots all over his body, including face. Growl!