Nurse Politics and the Shortage- Attn Brian Short and all..

  1. Brian,
    PeggyinOhio and many others have eloquently articulated much passion and information about activism and the shortage. I have been inspired to contact my local state senator, who has recently agreed to co-sponsor a bill in Pa that would ban mandatory overtime. I was contacted today by Senator Kukovich's office and spoke with a legislative aid there. He has spoken with Harrisburg, and because of the holiday, will get back to me on Wed or Thurs.
    I was thinking that perhaps we could have a separate Nursing Activism/Politics Topic area dedicated to constructive networking, nursing issues and how they relate to government, etc. Also, lawmakers could be easily be directed to that particular area of to view the concerns of nurses, staffing issues, MOT issues, etc. I believe that the internet and will be instrumental in changing the nursing profession and therefore the delivery of safe patient care. reveals the pulse of the profession. Any comments or suggestions?
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  3. by   natalie
    I second that! Excellent idea.
  4. by   rncountry
    Good Idea!
  5. by   StaceRacer1
    Hey CARGAL!!!!

    You rock!!!! My Keystone PAL!!!
    Also TO CARGAL:
    Have you heard about Senate Bill 640? Peggyohio gave me the site to get the info. I received the actual BILL in the mail the other day. It states that if you still have active loans out there, hey, guess what, they just might be paid for!!! And if you ever wabted to finish a higher degree i nnursing, well that too, might be paid for!!!

    All thanx to the NURSES who have fought for something like this and also the politicians that care about us!!
    Hey BRIAN-- I think he has something!!!!!!!
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  7. by   PeggyOhio
    For those of you that weren't involved. Brian did give us that very special dedicated discussion topic. It was called the Million Nurse March. We were the one's who abandoned it.

    It would be nice if we could convince Brian to put those old discussions back where they could be accessed, (of course it would have to have a different name since that one has been incorporated). Maybe it could be called Nursing in Crisis or Nurse Activism.

    Please consider it Brian.
  8. by   Chellyse66
    Excellent Idea!!! What do you say Brian?
    That would be great if we had a specified area to direct interested parties.
    Nursing Activism or Nursing Rountable would be good.
    Cargal thanks for the inspirational idea!
  9. by   CaronRN58
    Have been sending e-mails to newspapers and our govenor concerning mandatory overtime. It would be great to be able to direct them to a specific subject area on this BB.

  10. by   Brian
    Hi allnurses,

    Sorry about not seeing this discussion earlier. I think it is a great idea also, thanks for recommending it cargal and for everyone elses feedback

    I created the new Nursing Activism/Politics forum, you can click the link below or find in in the main BB directory.

    BTW, If I don't respond to post like this, send me an e-mail to give me a nudge, I am most likely busy with other aspects of the site, not just ignoring it