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After 9-11, I have changed my prospective on LIFE!! I am Prouder than ever to be an American!! I just wish it would not have taken so many lives to find that out!! God Bless America.

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  1. I posted this topic here and in the military nursing forum so that more viewers would read it and be able to respond. I would love to hear any tips or thoughts on the matter. I have been a RN for 5 years. I have been working as an Organ Procurement Coordinator for the past 1 1/2 years. I live by a pager 6 days on call then off for 3 days, and then back on call 6 days then off 3 days, etc. Yeah, at times it's hard, but it is pretty rewarding to help families experience a miracle out of something so devastating such as brain death. It's also rewarding to meet special people like the families that say YES to donation. The families that say yes are able to think about others at one of their worst times in their lives. Talk about unselfish. Anyway, why I am posting is to get some feelings from some of you out there in the military. After 9/11, I wanted so badly to join the Air force. However, I only had my RN from a diploma school, which meant that I needed to finish my BSN program (which I was already in) before entering the Air Force. I have had my BSN now for the past 2 years. I started working as an Organ Procurement Coordinator and loved it. But 2 weeks ago or so, the feelings after 9/11 came rushing back to me after seeing that Bin Laden tape. :angryfire All those emotions came rushing back to me. I have not forgotten 9/11, but I did forget about how strongly I felt about joining the Air Force after starting my job as an OPC. I like what I do, but I am starting to get a little burned out. (This is normal after working for 1 1/2 years.) My goal was to stay for 3 years, but I do not see myself staying another 1 1/2 years. I started having the burn-out feeling syndrome before even seeing the bin Laden tape. So then I asked myself, is joining the Air force a way out of leaving my job? No was my answer, however I did want to start looking for something new. For the past 8 months I have been a Bush Teamleader. I have been a strong part of the Grassroots campaign here in Pgh, PA. I can proudly admit that I love my President. And I would even be more proud to say that I served my country under his watch. (By the way, all Kerry supporters go ahead post your comments about the PODUS. I am used to your ridiculous comments.) Before the election, I told my husband that I would only join the Air Force if President George W Bush was re-elected, because I refused to work for Senator Kerry. I am only 28 years old, married, no children unless you count the two cats and dog. My husband and I both do not wish to be parents anytime soon and if at all. My husband has finally found something that he likes doing for a career and now I start bringing up the Air Force. He would not be able to do the same work if we were to move overseas, if overseas is indeed where we would go. We have talked it over many times and he says we need to get more info from the recruiter before he can decide. I will be sitting down with a Recruiter to get more info soon, BUT I just would like as much advice before I talk to a recruiter. From reading the many posts in the Military Nursing Forum, I have learned that I should get everything in writing, but I guess I need to know what I can expect to get from the recruiter. I have already checked out the Air Force website. I would love to hear from you about this topic and get your unbiased opinion. :) Please post any tips you might have about joining the Air Force. Thanks ahead of time for all the great tips and thoughts.
  2. StaceRacer1

    Two Nurses dead in North Texas

    It is very sad that this had to happen who ever did it, but things like this do happen everyday where ever you live!! I do have to say that I Totally agree with you on this BOB!!! I grew up with guns in the house and I was taught right from wrong at a young age, simply stated "THOU SHALT NOT KILL." Guns do not kill!! PEOPLE DO!!! It takes a finger to pull the trigger, a hand to stab the knife through a back, several hands to take down a plane, and just one hand to steer with to drive down someone with a car!!! ENUF SAID!!
  3. Ouch, I thought I was the only one with a heel spur!!
  4. StaceRacer1

    Funny Names for Nurses

    I have a friend who's last name is Worst, so we call her the :p the Worst Nurse
  5. StaceRacer1

    Welcome to the new Nursing Activism/Politics forum

    THANKS BRIAN!!!! KEEP up the GREAT WORk!! THIS site, if used by ALLNURSES, like the site is called could really make a difference for our profession!!! This new FORUM will be good to keep every body up to date for what is happening around the USA!!
  6. My husband and I went to see PEARL HARBOR this weekend!! AND let me tell you right now, GO SEE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has made a surreal impression on my life about the events that took place. My mother was only 2 years old when it happened, so I can not judge what is accurate,(since I was not around) but hearing from veterans themselves that were there at PEARL, say that it comes pretty DARN close. I truelly repect ANYONE who fights for our COUNTRY this day and age, but the BRAVERY that those soldiers had, along with all the NURSES and DOCTORS during this time, makes me speechless. (SOMETHING that never occurs--being seechless!!) All that was done!! All that was seen!! The soundtrack is ever so inspiring and meaningful that it brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it. I can picture the soldiers in my mind so vividly. ALSO, the way that the NURSES were portayed were emaculant!! :) I pictured myself as little girl being a NURSE just like the CARING ones that were portrayed in the movie. :) Maybe other little girls out there will see the movie and will be inspired to become that same NURSE!! THE movie did QUITE a justice for NURSES!! Finally, let me just say THANKS TO ALL THE VETERAN's out THERE!! THANKS TO ALL THE NURSES and DOCTORS THAT cared for those FINE GUYS!! You deserve much MORE THAN this country GIVES YOU!!! :) :)
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    I will DO IT!!!! I would love to be able to be a part of something like that!!! Tell me the day, the corner , and I bring the sign!!! Hey my brother might be able to help out!! He owns his own sign shop!!!!!!! What do you say NURSES!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's do something!!!!!!!!1
  8. StaceRacer1


    Just a thought.... How about each nurse that posts in this BB create a type of "CHAIN LETTER" to send out to other nurses. Whether it be E mail or or real mail, it would work like a CHAIN LETTER would. The nurses who receives the letter would then have to send it to atleast 6 other nurses. This would help inform other NURSES out there that do not visit this website. And for those negative NURSES out there asking the ?, "What if someone breaks the chain? What is the POINT?" I guess you would have to state something like this in you chain letter, " If you CARE about your career or if you have been GRIPING about your job....THEN do not BREAK the CHAIN ot you have NO RIGHT to GRIPE ABOUT IT ANY LONGER!!!!!" Hey, we could even have a " uniform " chain letter that could be downloaded to the computer. WHAT are your THOUGHTS?????????? :) THANKS PEGGYOHIO---
  9. StaceRacer1

    Physician Care Assistant

    a PCA in my hospital means a Patient Care Associate. That is great! Get out of that current job and get your hands wet!! It will definately help with your skills as a student nurse in clinical!! :)
  10. StaceRacer1

    Self magazine seeking nurses for Shortage/Patient Care Article

    It is about time that stories like these get published!! This will serve the laypeople out there that do not get what all the hype is about!!! "Let us all hold strong!!!!" TELL your story!!!
  11. Hey CARGAL!!!! You rock!!!! My Keystone PAL!!! Also TO CARGAL: Have you heard about Senate Bill 640? Peggyohio gave me the site to get the info. I received the actual BILL in the mail the other day. It states that if you still have active loans out there, hey, guess what, they just might be paid for!!! And if you ever wabted to finish a higher degree i nnursing, well that too, might be paid for!!! All thanx to the NURSES who have fought for something like this and also the politicians that care about us!! Hey BRIAN-- I think he has something!!!!!!!
  12. I aggree!!!!!!! BUT there are not enough NURSING INSTRUCTORS to teach effectively. I understand that to be successful in school, a student needs to have a good TEACHER!! I was one of those students that wanted undivided attention. SINCE I was PAYING OUT the WAZOO for IT afterall, they owed it to me. I believe that this can be the only reason why colleges and diploma programs only accept so many students. I have an idea!! It may not sound that great, but what if all students applying to NURSING school had to follow some tpye of internship for atleast a week to see the "REALITY" of what a NURSE really does on the job. To show that it is not like"General Hospital", "ER", or any other TV show. Maybe this would cut down on the amount of students that drop out before the first class is completed. And instead would leave a valuable space open to the nurse that really wants it!!! Just LIKE ME back before I became a nurse. What do you think?????????
  13. StaceRacer1

    How Should Medstudent Act Around Nurses

    Let me just say that I can tell right now that I would choose you as my doctor some day!!!!!!!! You actually care about what we see each and everyday. That means that you would even LISTEN to your PATIENTS!!! You will make it far in the mediacl field by acting in this fashion!! I can also tell that SOMEONE has taught you a little phrase called "bedside manners" when you asked the ? "how you should act around us?" That is a characteristic that most residents do not have and ever develop!!! Keep that in mind. Keep thinking of others, besides yourself and you will go very far. GOOD LUCK!!!!! [ May 24, 2001: Message edited by: StaceRacer1 ]
  14. StaceRacer1

    NCLEX review class question

    Hey shannon!!! First of all GOOD LUCK on the boards!!! Second of all, I took the KAPLAN review that you are going to take and it was exactly what it says......A REVIEW!!! If you studied all during school, the class will just go over everything that you have learned. I benefitted from it. (I passed it on the first shot!!!) The class discussions will bring up topics that you may not have reviewed as you have been studying on your own. Finally, when you go to take the test, read some kind of joke to lighten your spirits. And also remember to BREATH!!!
  15. StaceRacer1


    I believe that "STIRitup" is just trying to do exactly what the names says!!!!! STIR up trouble!!!! Instead of being mad, I believe that you are only trying to "motivate" us all, by the feelings you have.
  16. StaceRacer1


    WHY do we have to result to a a union to get what we want!!!! We have the most voices in the health care field!!!! We know want we want!!!! Better patient ratio's, higher pay, better Health insurance, better vacation time, matching retirement, etc. HOW many NURSES are there in the USA alone? Over 2 million!!!! Atleast!!!!!!! That is 2 million voices STRONG!!!!!!!! I learned in high school that to get what you want, we have to fight!!! Writing TONS of letters or e-mailing our politicians is one way that can help!!!!! Have we really done our part????? I have written my State Senator and my State representative to tell them WHAT I want to change in nursing!!! In fact, I plan to do this once a week, until something is done. I urge all NURSES to write to ateast one politician!!!! Usually all politicians respond back.