Nurse Manager holding on too tight? Defamation?

  1. A friend looking for another position within her hospital was telling me about how everyone who has tried to leave the unit has been given a negative or mediocre assessment by their nurse manager. According to her, the manager is trying to hang on to the staff they have and won't help anyone to leave or better their career. This seems very wrong to me - and possibly VERY damaging to the futures of the Nurses she may be disseminating misinformation about in the interest of her staffing. This could affect decisions for jobs or raises years down the line... Is this defamation of character?
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  3. by   loricatus
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    This is common practice, sorry to say. We have a very controlling ADON who has been famous for doing this to people.
  5. by   David13
    This nurse manager is not doing herself or her department any favors by perpetuating this practice. By deliberately downgrading the assessments of nurses who are attempting to leave the unit, she will earn a reputation as a poor manager. This reputation will not only lead to continued departures but will also have a negative impact on future staffing for this unit. Who would want to apply for work in a department with such a manager?
  6. by   netglow
    You got it... as ya'll know, my past is corporate. Never, never, never go to your NM and think you had a nice little chat about what you'd like to do with your career. You are rarely going to find middle management who can see your big picture. You're moving on, just means more work for them.
  7. by   linzz
    I am not surprised by this either. I do think it is very unfair to you. However I am sure that any prospective employer would understand why they should not contact this type of boss for references.

    I have been burned by having the wrong person on my reference list and although I was surprised and hurt, I am now a lot less trusting of people.

    Good luck with this, it should have to be this hard.
  8. by   BrnEyedGirl
    There are a few nurse managers where I work who pull this same stunt. The thing is,..everyone knows who they are and what they are up to. The other managers in the hospital take what she says with a grain of salt so she really isn't helping herself at all! It would suck if you are trying to leave the system, although in my experience most new employers can see past this.
  9. by   Purple_Scrubs
    This is why it is vital to keep copies of your evaluations. It makes it pretty hard for the manager to say something contradictory when you have their signature on a good performance appraisal. Even better if it is a very recent one (within a couple of months).