Nonviolent, joyful, protest to Admire our fellow nurses

  1. Remember those caps we used to have to wear twenty years ago? How outdated they are, and were, even back then? Nurses knew they were impractical, subservient, and even dangerous (re infection control). But gradually over the years we convinced TPTB, and got patient acceptance as knowledgeable professionals...but we have a long way to go, right?

    Well let's pick a day, and wear our hats again. Let the hospital admin and the public know that we are remembering how we were able to communicate what we knew...and that we have more to say. All the problems that every nurse knows need to be solved, like MOT, poor nurse pt ratios, hospitals run as businesses, profit over better health as a measure of success. All these things go against common sense, and yet they still exist. We'll wear our hats and say Hey, that was an outdated and dangerous tradition- we see more that can be done to improve healthcare- let's get together and fix it...

    How about Nurse's Day in May? An Allnurses national/international demonstration. Guaranteed not to annoy your boss or endanger patients, but it will certainly get some attention! Who's in???
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  3. by   abrenrn
    I like the idea but - it only works for nurses still working. So many have given up. Perhaps we can all find caps to wear wherever we are.

    All politics is local.

    I will post idea on thread "on sabbatical"; see if any takers there.
  4. by   maggie7
    Couldn't we all wear caps , but something like white ball caps with a special message? "Nursing, like it should be" or big letters NURSE in the middle and "let "me" on either side. I hate those old caps and we should be updated.
  5. by   LasVegasRN
    I'm one of those rare people who loved wearing a cap. Have no CLUE where it is now, and can't wear it with a business suit.
  6. by   BadBird
    WHAT, CAPS !!! you should be beaten with a bedpan, no no no no I say.
  7. by   rebelwaclause
    What shall it read...."No?" (smile). "1:4 or we'll hit the door?"

    "Don't Pee (tread) on me?"

  8. by   JeannieM
    I'll wear mine (if I can find it) when my male colleagues wear one too! I'd love to see Rustyhammer in a cap!
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    a cap in OB w/my scrubs would be very impractical. I wear bonnets back to and from OR to do csections. Sorry. Not a chance.
  10. by   sbic56
    I see what you are saying, but I don't think it'd get the intended point across. Besides, I hate those things; how about a public shredding of them?
  11. by   LilgirlRN
    how about a cap with (sorry I can't remember which one of us this belongs to) "I'll save your ass, but I won't kiss it"!!!??
  12. by   sbic56
    how about a cap with (sorry I can't remember which one of us this belongs to) "I'll save your ass, but I won't kiss it"!!!??
    Now THAT would get our point across!!!:roll
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  13. by   NRSKarenRN
    Canoehead, been thinking about the same thing--wearing Nursing Cap on May 6th.

    I took my cap out of bottom dresser drawer to photograph for a wall display for retiring colleague--we attended same school and decided I'm gonna do it!

    Will try to get our homecare Supervisors to don theirs for a day!
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  14. by   canoehead
    Well, nursing caps would be a great tradition...if we had baseball caps everyone would have to get the same one and the logistics would be more difficult. I'm sure those of you in the OR can come up with a viable alternative....and Vegas....who says you can't wear a cap with a business suit?? The whole point would be for the caps to look old fashioned, impractical and out of place, just like some of the stupider practices regarding nursing.

    Gotta get someone's attention, but in a way that nurses as a whole won't feel conflicted, and administration won't find a way to get someone in trouble.