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I have noticed a few threads from non nurses who post threads asking for our opinions about the care they or thier family members received in the hospital. They usually want to know if everything... Read More

  1. by   LasVegasRN
    You know, if there is one thing I have come to know about Big Daddy is that he does not tolerate blatant displays of unprofessional behavior on this board.
    I'm confident that any lurkers and undesirables will be dealt with swiftly and professionally.... that is if we don't get to them first....
  2. by   Agnus
    Give my license #. No way. I don't know were you are but here in my state that is considered confidential info. When i was in nursing school I was warrned to not carry my license with me. "Take it to show to new employer and so they could make the required copy of it and then take it home and lock it up."

    I was told that people steal licenses, go to another state and get a job and apply for a license in that state, In the mean time they can work on my license. Eventually they catch up with the person who stole it but in the mean time they can really reak havoc for you.

    And where did you ever get the idea that some one could not come up with a convincing fake#?

    As far as the right number of letters and numbers not all states have a set number of any of these.

    No way could Brian check out every one who applied to this site. No way could he be sure that the person who came to the site really was the person on the license, even if it was real license.

    I was warned never never give that info to anyone other than an employer or when taking CE classes where they needed the # for filing who took the class, for the BON.

    I think we all have to be careful what we say to a certain extent anywhere even here. Use some reasonable caution. This site can be good sometimes for non nurses, and as Heather mentioned those who are not do not stick around. It is the adage about the internet be aware that all internet sorces of info are not legit.
    We have a wondrful medium here. For the most part this site works and does it's intended prupose very well. We have to keep in mind any site from time to time will have hits from folks who misrepresent themselves and/or are less than desirable, and that is the cost of using the medium. I try (not always real well) to keep in mind that at any time someone who knows me may be here or lurking and it could be a boss, an employer that I might later apply to etc. i try to not give so much info that i can easily be identified. (though at times I have been a little slack about this) I have discovered through PM there are folks who actively lurk and never ever post. Who knows, maby ther are folks who know me. So just be reasonable cautious.
    If I were asked my license I would have to say goodby to all you great nuses and that would make be sad.

    We are naieve to think that ID such as licenses can't be faked. They are faked by criminals.

    This is a problem but one that will be there as long as we have the internet.
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  3. by   pebbles
    Originally posted by RyanRN
    It's a bit much to ask this site to be so scutinized. I regularly visit for their perspective. I'd be insulted if I was banned .

    Provides us with a perfect opportunity to TEACH lay people just what it is that nursing actually do for a living. Geesh, not answering a call bell within 5 minutes, WHAT? are we in competition with that pizza place that hands out free pizzas if the delivery takes longer than expected!!! The public hasn't got a clue what we do and they should!
    I agree with this statement. I mean, if people want feedback and discussion from nurses about us and our care... shouldn't we encourage that? Ignorance from the general public about who we are, what we do, and the realistic limitations of our responses (due to our own imperfections and other situations such as short staffing) is a HUGE part of what leads to complaints and poor opinions of nurses from lay people.

    I also think there is no way to come to a consensus over how "private" this nurses' forum should be.... Yes we do use this as a place to vent, gain support for our own work-related hardships. And that is a very good function of the site. I'm sure most of my real patients would see me differently if they heard me vent about the difficulties of caring for them. That doesn't mean I don't need to vent, for my own mental health... and it doesn't mean that I am an uncaring nurse. The nurse members here all know that (including students in that bunch - I see you as "beginning nurses"). I wonder if the non-nurses who read this board "get" that... But does that mean we should keep them out?

    Another thing I thought of when I read the original post was the recent "discussion" on breastfeeding... and the crossovers as people from allnurses "participated" in the discussion on another board... and vice versa. The idea of this being a "private" forum cuts both ways... and you can't tell me that the allnurses members who went over there to add to their discussions were all breastfeeding moms.

    I don't agree with keeping out those who are not nurses. I think that people who are not nurses will lose interest pretty fast and stop reading. Much as we think all these discussions are fascinating, most lay people simply do not have the interest or see the relevance.

    Having said that, maybe just being aware that people who are not nurses read these boards is a good wakeup call. Being disrespectful is not a crime - so what if they get offended by our venting? But when they ask for advice, we usually ARE pretty professional in our approach. The legal anxiety is not something that bothers me either - no judge is going to accept postings on the internet given as advice in a legal proceeding against a nurse. Most lawyers would turn to the Board of nursing for standards of care descriptions, and use nurse expert testimony if they want a good case - NOT anonymous heresy on the internet.

    However (this from my dad, who is a lawyer) What we say on this board may be admissible in court if the statement is not being used for it's factual truth, but just for the fact that it was said. That wouldn't apply to the postings by people asking for feedback on how their family were treated - but it would apply to harassment, defamation, libel, slander, etc charges that may be filed against an allnurses member. So if you don't get along with a co-worker, and she feels you are harassing her - and you vent about her here, you could be in jeopardy if she sees the post.

    Just a few thoughts... sorry for the long post!
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  4. by   Q.
    Originally posted by NMAguiar
    Do you all realize how absolutely psycho you all sound?

    There isn't an evil conspiracy out there seeking to discover all our dirty little nursing secrets -- if we have any. Why would lawyers prowl a message board and what would they gain from handles such as "Flowerchild" and "Partygirl?"

    Uhhh..... since you are new here you probably are unaware of what has transpired with two users here; their employer had other employees track, cut, paste and fax postings made here by a user which then directly led to their dismissal or reprimand. One employer faxed all those posts to EVERY AREA HOSPITAL so this nurse couldn't get a job anywhere!

    No, lawyers wouldn't troll around...duh. But other people would and then TAKE IT to a lawyer.

    And Agnus, sure someone could fake a nursing license #, but it sure as hell would be a deterrant to actually registering if prompted for this info wouldn't it? Say you went to a site to troll or whatever, and had to provide a bar association #, a DEA or UPIN #.....would you still continue on?? Sure some people would, but I imagine the numbers would be drastically reduced.

    I am not saying that this is the answer; I am saying that it's a suggestion.
  5. by   Q.
    I also thought about registering for nursing associations - like AWHONN of which I am a member. How do they filter out and keep track of members?

    Maybe offer a "limited" user ability if a non-nurse, and give that option upon registering. I don't know.
  6. by   NMAguiar
    No, lawyers wouldn't troll around...duh. But other people would and then TAKE IT to a lawyer.
    I still gauge any information, however delivered, that a lawyer might receive from this board as insignificant. It might influence new tactics, or a new approach to an existing case, but unless posters use their real name it's unlikely any legal repercussions could follow.

    As far as employers using postings against employees, it's possible. CYA with a good handle or be discrete. The same standards of justice don't exist in a hiring office as prevail in a courtroom.

    All good reasons to change your handle, Suzy K, if you're so concerned about privacy. :kiss
  7. by   Q.
    Originally posted by NMAguiar

    As far as employers using postings against employees, it's possible.
    Damn right it's possible. More like, it HAPPENED.

    These users might have legal recourse because certainly being dismissed at work d/t some post on the internet violates alot of freedoms, the only problem is financially being able to retain an attorney to fight such matters.
  8. by   Q.
    Originally posted by NMAguiar

    unless posters use their real name it's unlikely any legal repercussions could follow.

    Not true. To register here, you must supply an email address, which could be tied directly to the user.
  9. by   colleen10
    If a person who wanted to join this site had to submit a license, license #, Driver's License, Student I.D., etc. wouldn't that leave more of a paper trail if a Lawyer or employer did want to track a person down for writing a particular post?

    If you try to play it smart by not giving too much info., picture, email address and home website they would have a tougher time trying to find out who you are. Whereas, if your personal information rested with Brian or another administrator it would be easy for a lawyer or employer to find out who you are if they had the legal backing.

    And, like a lot of you said, the internet is new territory, we don't know what could get us into hot water and what would give a lawyer or employer the legal backing to come in here and find out who you are.

    Just a thought.
  10. by   kelligrl
    Originally posted by colleen10
    If a person who wanted to join this site had to submit a license, license #, Driver's License, Student I.D., etc. wouldn't that leave more of a paper trail if a Lawyer or employer did want to track a person down for writing a particular post?

    Exactly!! No technique is perfect. And if those people were turned in by fellow nurses, than that pretty much defeats the whole purpose, right? They have real license #'s to give. I personally think that trolls would appear to be the least of the worries. You can ignore them or whatever. Seems like it's fellow nurses we should all be scared of. That sucks... Hadn't heard about that happening SusyK...what a bunch of crap...
    Originally posted by kelligrl
    That sucks... Hadn't heard about that happening SusyK...what a bunch of crap...
    Yup. Happened here. Twice. And now two of the best and funniest nurses here are in hiding.

    I'll quote happywendy here: "whatever"

  12. by   kelligrl
    I'll say it again...I don't think it's trolls from anyone should be worried about...pi$$es me off that someone would spy on their coworker like that...Don't those two have some recourse they could take??
  13. by   colleen10
    Another thought,

    If you had to submit your license # it might add a certain amount of "credibility" to this website and what people post here.

    I'm thinking in the context of someone comes to this site (non-medical) and asks about the care a relative received, etc. or looks over the posts for "medical advice".

    I can see it know -

    "Lawyer - so Mr. X, why didn't you seek medical attention when you started having chest pains?"

    "Mr. X - Well, you see I wasn't sure if it was serious so I went to this website and from what I read it didn't seem like I had a serious condition. They are all licensed nurses there you know".

    Just another thought. The above is in no way meant to trivialize any of this. I'm just trying to give you a basic example so you better understand what I am saying.