NO Nursing staff !

  1. Tonight I worked a pm shift on my child and maternal health unit.
    15 post natal mothers..2 on Synto for bleeds, one post op caesar, 1 having platelets for throbocytapenia. 3 bubs in special care...caesar bub with TTN and pre terminal trace with bradys and desats...phototherapy double lights and a hypoglyciemic bub on dextrose. 2 mums to be in labour and 1 new admission to do for
    inductions. 2 mother craft bubs with reflux.
    4 post op hysterectomys.

    How many staff on ?

    How unsafe was that ?
    We nearly lost a bub at 9pm failed vac extrac...forceps mec liq apgars 2 5 8 flat for 5 min emerg buzzer going trying to get help.
    We just got a pay rise but not soon enough to attract more people into nursing.
    Just venting ! thanks for listening !
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    I'm counting and I think it would take 8 staff, plus extra for any deliveries, you got ripped.
  6. by   MiddleT
    I Stopped OB/GYN for that very reason. The hospital Adm/CEO would not listen to the safty factor. All he was was $$$. My heart goes out to you. I know you did all you could and since no BAD outcome was experienced, you will continue to have to work with these conditions. You hate to report because, as I felt, I loved the work with mom's and babies. Good News. The staff that stayed at this hospital kept up the good fight and staffing is with-in a tolerable at this time. There is HOPE!!!!
  7. by   passing thru
    Isn't there someone you can register an officicial report to? A letter can be as brief as what you have explained to us....without the abbreviations.

    Don't ask for more help, or tell them how to solve the problem. Simply state these facts and close with: this situation is a tragedy waiting to happen. It would be great if all 3 nurses signed it.
    However, one would do. If a tragedy occurs, the bosses will simply report, "no one ever reported they were having problems."
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    OMG....I would have been on the phone ASAP. Would not work in those circumstances. Remember, it's your license and patients don't give a rat's behind if you're short.
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    Anyone have questions about why docs and np's have been leaving this field in droves in the US, partly due to stunningy high malpractice insurance premiums?

    You don't have to accept ANY unsafe assignment, at least in the United States.

    Don't you have a union?

    It is up to you to stand up for yourself and your patients. As long as you will put up with this, they will dump it on you, believe me.

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    Are they completely insane - please complain to union, government regulation.
  11. by   mattsmom81
    Institute an 'assignment under protest' form and encourage the nurses ALL begin to fill them out every shift, and also forward to healthcare regulators in your area.

    God Bless sounds like a nightmare, and I'm not a LD nurse. But it scared me to death reading your plight.
  12. by   fab4fan
    "Assignment under protest" will not cover you legally if there is a bad outcome due to understaffing; you have to refuse the assignment, and take the chance that they terminate you. Once you accept the assignment, you're are in essence saying you can handle what's being given to you.
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    Refuse the assignment? That would be even more helpful to the situation. Yeah, lets put even less staff out there.

    Sometimes you need to do what is needed to be done.

    I just don't get how refusing the assignment would help.
  14. by   leeca
    As a new nurse looking for work l have noticed and they admit themselves that the employ as little as possible and preferably those with less qualifications, as they are cheaper.

    This really scares me as l wonder what will happen in an emergency and how many people will have to die before something is done about staffing.

    Unfortunately profits come before patients and the staff.