New here as well

  1. Hi! I've been lurking around for a while and thought that I'd finally introduce myself. My name is Lisa, and I am an LPN student. Y'all are all so friendly and I hope to be able to learn many things from everyone.

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  3. by   tiger
    hi lisa, and welcome. glad to have you aboard!
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  4. by   Sleepyeyes
    Welcome Lisa!! Glad to have you here!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    HI lisa and welcome. glad to have you aboard. good luck w/your LPN training!
  6. by   adrienurse
    Welcome! Hope you enjoy this BB as much as I do.
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  9. by   thisnurse
    hi there lisa....welcome to one of the best places on earth for nurses!
  10. by   semstr
    hi Lisa, welcome to you.
    What does your username mean? Sounds very German to me.
    Take care, Renee
  11. by   Weinzel
    Semstr, my username is my last name, and yes, it is German. Thanks to all of you who have been so friendly with welcoming me.

  12. by   moni rn
    welcome, weinzel!
  13. by   zudy
    Welcome Lisa!!! I'm Zudy, Ithink you'll be happy here! Have fun in LPN school, if you have any questions or problems, you can post them here, someone will have an answer!
  14. by   nursejws
    Welcome Lisa!!!!