need to vent

  1. I just got back from our local ER because my fiancee pulled a muscle in his knee at wrestling class, and had an incident occur that really ticked me off!

    My S.O asked me to get him a glass of water so I looked in our room but no cups...knowing the layout of the rooms from previous visits, I went to an empty room and PEEKED around the corner to see if there was some in there. Well all of a sudden I hear one of the nurses BARK "You can't go wandering into the other rooms!!!" I politly told her I was looking for a cup and she says "You have to ask for one!!" NOT nicely at all!! Another nurse cut in and SHE started to tell me AGAIN "You can't go wandering around all the have to ask!!" Holy smokes..she made it sound like there were signs EVERYWHERE stating this fact and I was a 5 year old child! I went to get the cup she held out to me as she was glaring at me and another nurse asked what happened. She was told I was wandering INTO ALL the rooms.Holy exageration!!! I said again that I was sorry, I only wanted a cup and but I was ignored. I figured that the nurses are really busy and since I knew where they were, I could handle it myself. I hate treating them like waitresses you know? I feel like making a formal complaint I feel so mad. It was their tone that did it. I know you can't wander into other rooms but the cups are right on the wall at the side of the door so you don't even need to go in to retrieve one. I didn't put one foot in the room like they said and they treated me like complete you know what!! Rude rude rude. I know they're overworked and tired but PUULEASE!

    You may think I'm overreacting but you had to be there. I felt 2 feet tall after that. Totally mean.

    Maybe making a complaint is not in my best interest since I will be starting nursing school in the fall and might end up running into her but I feel that she needs to be reminded that rudeness isn't tolerated in ANY field of work.
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  3. by   sharann
    Sounds like they jumped the gun but in their defense they probably have to keep a close eye out for visitors who are trying to steal meds. I think that they could have said "Excuse me can I help you" rather than barking at you though!
  4. by   plumrn
    From what you describe, their tone and manner were rude. You're right. They treated you like a child and/or a criminal. They were right in telling you not to go into other rooms, but they certainly need some lessons in tactfulness.
  5. by   zenman
    Next time confront them immediately about their behavior.
  6. by   jaimealmostRN
    z's player- I'm sorry that happened to you and I understand how angry/hurt you are . But I wouldn't report this nurse, when you graduate you may have a "bad" day (but probably still not be as nasty) and you don't want someone reporting you and possibly hurting your career. When you get a Press-Gainey survey let them know on the survey, or find out the Head Nurses email or extension and let them know privately that you were upset with the behavior but otherwise happy with the care (if you were). Hey, maybe this is a learning oppertunity of how NOT to act once you finish school!
  7. by   KacyLynnRN
    I agree with Jamie, don't make the complaint because if you are getting ready to start nursing school, you might just be stuck with one of those nurses for clinicals. Never say never, it is a SMALL world in nursing! If you get a survey, just let them know on it...then just keep it in the back of your head so you never talk to a patient's family that way when you are a nurse! Good luck.
  8. by   traumaRUs
    I would probably let them know about the issue through the survey. However, if you feel very strongly about it, a letter to the patient affairs office might be in order. Good luck in nursing school.
  9. by   z's playa
    I agree that it would be a little extreme to complain to the nurses college as suggested by my one of my friends who is a nurse going on 25 years. I'm not sure what survey you're talking about but it sounds like an idea. I wouldn't want to ruin anyone's career over this. I have to learn how to let things go or else I'll be in trouble when it comes to unruly and rude pts and other nurses alike..right? I will certainly make it a point to remember how I felt when I was spoken to in that manner if I ever feel like snapping at a pt in the future.

    I'm still ruffled but better. THank you for your thoughts on this matter
  10. by   Nurse Ratched
    I can also tell you that, while the nurse's seems rude on the face, it's also not unusual for ED's to experience criminal behavior - narcotics theft and the like. I say this not as an excuse for what appears to have been an over-the-top reaction, but to give you another perspective that the nurse may have been operating from.

    I hope you don't experience treatment like this again, and can file it away as a learning tool for your future career .
  11. by   fiestynurse
    I would have asked to speak to the house Supervisor immediately. This kind of behavior was unacceptable.
  12. by   Havin' A Party!
    Sorry if I'm disagreeing with many. But since no one's mentioned it, perhaps an alternative viewpoint should be presented.

    What you did simply wasn't right -- even though your intention may have been honorable.

    Accordingly, wouldn't even occur to me to report this under the circumstances.
  13. by   odatrn
    Here is the scary part: Can you say "HIPPA"? Not only do we have to make sure patients are unable to get to things they shouldn't be taking home, we have to make sure ALL patients privacy is protected. Sounds as if they over reacted, and being rude is not acceptable behavior. Period. But the rules and regulations are stacking up on all of us, and it obviously is starting to show with those nurses. Still unacceptable.
  14. by   z's playa
    Quote from LarryG
    Sorry if I'm disagreeing with many. But since no one's mentioned it, perhaps an alternative viewpoint should be presented.

    What you did simply wasn't right -- even though your intention may have been honorable.

    Accordingly, wouldn't even occur to me to report this under the circumstances.
    What wasn't right? I never went in the room. I turned to tell her I was going to take the cup so she wouldn't have to get up from her paperwork. I hear everywhere how nurses hate being treated like waitresses with requests for water, cups, food. I wasn't rummaging through anything and all this happened in like 3 seconds. I only looked in to see if they were still there before I told her I would just grab one. I know now to ask. I've asked before and was told to get it from the room behind me, I took the initiative this time. I did nothing wrong. :angryfire
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