Need Kid Advice....

  1. Okay, here's my dilema....My husband and I and our 2 daughters, age 3 & 6, are going down to California for a relative's wedding over spring break. My hubby cant take as much time off as I can for the trip.
    I have reservations for my oldest girl and I to fly 2 days earlier and spend them at DisneyLand. (It was actually cheaper to fly that way). My husband and our youngest will fly down and meet us later. Neither girl is aware of these plans....
    Now I am feeling I made a "bad mom" choice. Both daughters have been there before.... Is it totally unfair to do this?? I had thought that it would be a great trip for me to share with the one daughter. I cant take them both myself without another would be difficult....older daughter cant go on the rides by herself, and younger daughter is too young to go on rides with older daughter.
    Should I cancel our plans as far as Disneyland goes?? It would cost us a lot more $ to change....but the flack I have heard from others makes me wonder if I have used poor judgement?
    Not a nursing question obviously.....except maybe the overtime I will have to work to correct my error....
    Thanks for any input....
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  3. by   June55Baby
    Im my opinion, go ahead withthe older daughter. Then be sure and plan a time in the future with the younger daughter. I wouldn't make a big deal out of it in front of the younger child. Talk up how she will be with Daddy and fly on the airplane and maybe she and Daddy can do something fun.

    My philosophy as a Mama has been that "it will all come out in the wash". Meaning that eventually, it will all even out.
  4. by   elkpark
    I agree with the other poster. No need to change your plans or feel guilty!
  5. by   MandyInMS
    Agree with June..just make sure the 3 y/o and Daddy get to do something special toooo .
  6. by   NurseRatchet26
    Keep your original plans. Your other daughter is really too young to fully enjoy DL . Consider it time well spent with your older daughter. It will make her feel special to have you to herself for a while. When you get back, make plans to do something with just your 3 year old. That way neither of them feels left out and both get one on one mom time.
  7. by   jemommyRN
    I would also go ahead with the older daughter. You will get to spend some personal time together. Do something fun with the younger one at a more convenient time. I just hope you don't have the type of kid that will rub it in her younger sisters face. Do not allow her to do that.
  8. by   seanymph
    I agree totally with Nurseratchet. I think it is a good idea to spend special one-on-one time with each child. Don't feel guilty at all, go and enjoy your time with your oldest girl, time is so short and precious, it is a memory both of you will cherish. Anyone giving you a guilt trip about it is jealous of the fact they can't do the same thing. Have fun!
  9. by   LesJenRN
    Bless you guys! I feel so much better...
  10. by   RedSox33RN
    I have 4 kids, and I know it's important to do things with them individually sometimes. It sounds like it will be a great time for both of you!
  11. by   nekhismom
    Yep, one on one time is awesome! I agree with the others, do as planned, but be sure to make special time for the youngest later on. At 3, riding the airplane with Daddy may just be a treat in itself for her. Just don't let oldest rub DL in youngest's face, and it will be a lot better.
  12. by   Energizer Bunny
    I also agree with everyone here. I think as long as your youngest gets to do something fun, maybe one on one with YOU later since your oldest is getting to spend time with you and the youngest is spending time with dad getting there.