Name hospital and salary--everywhere

  1. Hi, everyone seemed to be enjoying the name your hospital and salary thread from NY and I noticed others would like to participate and know about other states. So everyone join in. Name your hospital, starting rate, and how much experience you have and your specialty. :Melody:
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  3. by   Tweety
    That's TMI for me. So I'll pass on naming the hospital.

    I am in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The starting RN Salary after passing boards is $21.50.

    I have 16 years experience. I currently work in med-surg trauma.
  4. by   TigerGalLE
    St. Francis Hospital, SC... $20.25 starting rate.... Monday will be my 4th day
  5. by   hogan4736
    northern AZ...

    new grads start at 21/hr

    11 years exp here


    house sup
  6. by   canadaRN1972
    I am an RN in Manitoba (Canada) The starting rate here for a new grad is 26.14. After 5 years as a staff nurse you top out at 30.81. I am a 2 yr diploma rn.
  7. by   jamonit

    new grads: $24/25

    (lots of places offer sign-on bonuses, as phoenix is nurse-hungry)

    definitely enough to live on.
  8. by   BeccaznRN
    I am a new grad in southern California. Starting salaries for new grads range from $26-28/hr.
  9. by   TheCommuter
    I'm an LVN in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

    Starting LVN pay at my workplace is $18.50 hourly. Starting pay for RNs at the same facility is $23 hourly.
  10. by   lashes
    I live in California. I think starting wage is 25-26 /hr. Not sure what it tops out at... I average 100 000 grandish and Im in the middle of the scale. Additional monetary incetives are given for an advanced degree, belonging to committees, doing research, recruiting nurses, and we have double overtime... Its nice. Keep in mind, cost of living is high in California..
  11. by   LilRedRN1973
    Northern Nevada, 1 1/2 years of experience in ICU, pay is $26.16/hr plus 10% noc differential.
  12. by   propofool
    This seems to be a unique phenomena, In my opinion, that nurses are so willing to publicly proclaim their earning potential. Of course it is normal to wonder, but less than professional to discuss publicly
  13. by   propofool
    Is this some kind of contest? or comparison study?
  14. by   Indy
    I do think other professions know what they can make and where they can get it. People are going to talk, whether it's voice, internet, conferences or whatnot.

    I bought the "inappropriate" line of BS when I worked in a doc's office, long ago, doing the neverending paperwork for insurance billing. Then I found out I was the least paid because I didn't discuss the issue. Oh, how professional of me to save my boss money and eat 30 cent macaroni and cheese for supper most nights. To heck with that. Salary discussions are both appropriate and necessary to assure that people don't get run over by those facilities that are too cheap to pay for good patient care.