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Hi, everyone seemed to be enjoying the name your hospital and salary thread from NY and I noticed others would like to participate and know about other states. So everyone join in. Name your... Read More

  1. by   Gennaver
    Quote from propofool are saying that publicly talking about salaries or wages will influence how much you can or will earn?
    I am all for nipping this hourly wage/vocational mentality and asking for a decent yearly salary and NOT discussing *serious details* (but, am for sharing the ranges so that others can get on board.)

    Heck, hospitals discuss it amongst themselves, (current litigation with hospitals from Chicago, California and someplace else-came across it while searching for average nursing salaries and saw salary fixing and hospitals), that is how the hold the ceiling on us...

    I am also all for busting that hourly mindset...we are not working at a factory, Nursing is a profession.

    Just my thoughts.
  2. by   szccdw
    Anyone from Delaware here with some information?
  3. by   mistydave
    thanks for sharing the hourly everyone- this is great.
  4. by   bill4745
    Community hospital in Delaware County PA, 12 years exp, $36/hour base. Bonuses and overtime $115k/year.
  5. by   moh_sir
    Quote from JourneyCC
    southern CA, new grads $26-30 hr. Many with up to 10K sign on bonuses. Caution, it's very expensive to live here.
  6. by   moh_sir
    I am amazed at how low some of these wages are considering the cost of living. We are all making bout the same (new grad pay) yet, I live in a very affordable area.....just doesnt make sense.
  7. by   purpledragon
    hi good job on being open about salaries. We all have bills to pay and family to take care of, and this is a very important issue in life. As it stands on this site, this info is serving a purpose, that is, educating us! We are not here gossiping about anybody ... I found that negotiating my pay instead of being " cultured" and not stating what i want has gotten me a much higher pay than i thought was possible.

    Does anyone know the going rate for new grads in Kansas city, MO??
  8. by   samxoxo
    Hi, im from RI. Does anyone know what the starting pay is here? With overtime, nd, weekends, ect,...what does it look like a year as far as salary goes??
  9. by   psychnurse37
    Alabama starting wage lower than most places.
    "They" say it's because cost of living is lower???!!!!
    Anyway, new grads start at 15.50 per hour in my area. larger cities offer more
    PRN rate is $25 per hour for 8 or more years experience
    ther is $2 per hour shift diff, $2 per hour for charge nurse
    they do have a weekend schedule where they offer $30 if work Fri, Sat, Sun full time
    we do have excellant benefits, and that's worth a lot of money
    there are specialty units where staff gets extra
    hospitals here are stingy about sharing salaries with other hospitals, which makes it hard for us to encourage HR to be more competitive
    we're worth a lot more, and this represents a lot more than several years ago
    I often tell new grads they'll never get rich being a nurse, but what other job has so many "perks"? (long hours, too many patients, not enough help, little support from administration, onary doctors.. but great peers to work with, ability to make a difference in someones life, opportunity to be there when a new discovery or new drug is discovered to treat/cure a disease.)
  10. by   heartlover07
    I am a soon to be new grad and just go hired at a hospital in Philadelphia making $26.67 per hour with a %10 night/weekend diff. All told looks like about $53,000 per year but since husband is also graduating from nursing school and starting at the same hospital as me our income will quadruple......YIPPEE can't wait to actually having a little extra cash after being starving students for what seems like FOREVER!!!
  11. by   lizzyberry
    Quote from propofool
    This seems to be a unique phenomena, In my opinion, that nurses are so willing to publicly proclaim their earning potential. Of course it is normal to wonder, but less than professional to discuss publicly
    I think its a good way to get info on whether your being cheated on ur job. Everyones wondering it anyway. Its not like everyone is at work doing it. Plus undergrads can get an idea what their income will be like some of us have a family to support. Sometimes one needs to know what kind of salary range they will be getting into from state to state to support their family.
  12. by   lizzyberry
    Quote from Indy
    I do think other professions know what they can make and where they can get it. People are going to talk, whether it's voice, internet, conferences or whatnot.

    I bought the "inappropriate" line of BS when I worked in a doc's office, long ago, doing the neverending paperwork for insurance billing. Then I found out I was the least paid because I didn't discuss the issue. Oh, how professional of me to save my boss money and eat 30 cent macaroni and cheese for supper most nights. To heck with that. Salary discussions are both appropriate and necessary to assure that people don't get run over by those facilities that are too cheap to pay for good patient care.
    Well put!!
  13. by   heartlover07
    I don't understand the reluctance to discuss salary. I don't think it's particulary appropriate to do it in a mixed crowd of people, or even among co-workers, but this is anonymous forum! I wouldn't know any of you all if you were staring me in the face so what do I care if you know how much I make... Maybe it is unprofessional of me, but noone who knows me would describe me that way...:spin: