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  1. Guy: Mother, my friend Gary's mom cooks every night Lady: Then you should eat there. Good night!
  2. Guy: The kids miss you, you have to stop working so many hours. Lady: I have kids?
  3. szccdw

    Small office....I hate it

    I left a very large organization for a VERY small practice. By small I mean two internal medicince doctors, myself (the only nurse), a medical assistant, a medical front desk secretary and the practice manager. I HATE IT. I can honestly say the grass has not been greener on the other side. I'm bored and not challenged at all by what I'm doing. The downfalls of such a small practice are everyone is ALWAYS in your business. Example: I may have come in two hours later than my normal schedule (approved by my practice manager) because I had an appointment. You walk in to everyone asking "where were you, did you go to an appt, what was it for". I remain professional and tell them it was a personal matter and the badgering still continues "was it medical, are you going to be ok". My practice manager can't hold anyone's private business to herself. I think it is very unprofessional that she discusses other employees personal matters. I have even pulled her aside and asked her to please not discuss any of the other staff members personal information with me. That it is none of my business and most importantly I DON'T want to know. It still continues. I keep my cellphone in my desk drawer on vibrate. If I hear it vibrate and open my desk drawer to check it to make sure it's nothing with my child my co-workers will actually walk around to my side of the desk while I'm peeking at my phone, look over my shoulder and ask "who's that". The level of noseyness is extreme in this office. I don't discuss my personal life and don't feel I need to. I got a call today from my MD regarding some biopsy results and will need surgery as soon as possible. I am to the point of thinking of resigning from my job because although I don't have to tell my boss why I'm having surgery HR states I do have to have my MD write a letter that just says I'm having a medically necessary surgery. She is going to google until she finds out what area of medicine my MD practices to try and figure out what is wrong with me (I've seen her do it regarding another staff member). Then once she at least finds out the area of medicine start gossiping in the office about what it "might be". I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! I know some may say speak to her boss...........it's her friend and her bosses friend.........her friend. They all helped each other get into their respective positions. I feel like I'm in a losing battle. The other issue is taking time off. I am the only nurse so if I have to make an appointment (which usually consists of me either missing the first two hours of work or the last two.....never a full day) it's always an issue. Me taking vacation is an issue. I was recently told "you may end up losing your vacation and sick every year because if you're not here there is no one to do the injections (My MDs refuse to do anything but see the patients). This is a nightmare. I'm just nervous about going agency because I know the work isn't always steady and I need a decent income coming in. Torn as to what to do.
  4. szccdw

    LPN job offer in Hampton Roads region

    Great explanation. Appreciate it
  5. szccdw

    LPN job offer in Hampton Roads region

    . My sister stays in Norfolk and I can tell you already I will be x'ing that one off the list. LOL. I like Williamsburg (physically been here before, we have a vacation home here) and Hampton (basing this on internet info and pics only. Have never actually been to this area). Thank you and I will keep you in mind for questions if I decide to make the move.
  6. szccdw

    LPN job offer in Hampton Roads region

    I will just say it is one of your major hospitals in the area. I was very shocked by the salary they quoted me. I am NOT a new graduate and have an extensive background. When I asked about negotiating the salary they only wanted to budge an extra dollar.
  7. I was recently called about a possible job offer in the Hampton Roads area. I currently live in NY and have been laid off due to state budget cuts. I knew if I relocated to the Hampton Roads area I would be taking a pay cut. What I did not realize was how LOW the pay was for this area. It does not seem to go with the cost of living at all. I am just wondering how many of you are surviving in this area. Your rents are only about two hundred dollars less than what I pay in NY and you make so much less. Just wondering??
  8. I am an LPN with a background in Substance Abuse, Psych, Orthopedics, Med/Surg, Ambulatory Care and Long Term Care. My job was recently shut down here in NY due to state budget cuts and we were all laid off. I am thinking of moving to the Hampton, Va area and had some questions. What hospitals would you recommend? For someone with a 13 year old child what areas would you recommend to live in? What type of salaries for an LPN can I expect in that area? Thank you for any help you can give me.
  9. szccdw

    Are CT nurses unionized?

    Just wanted to know if nurses in CT are unionized or if it just depends on the facility you work at?
  10. We are seeing a trend at our hospital and some of the surrounding hospitals of many of our nurses continuously being told "you can stay home we don't need you today." Myself, in the past two week pay period instead of me working my normal six 12 hour shifts I have only done three. I wake up, start getting ready for work and the phone rings stating "we won't need you today, the census is low." People are losing their jobs which means they are losing their insurance and can not afford to have surgery's and it is trickling down to me as the nurse (I work Ortho). One area hospital just announced it was going to have to close down one of its wings to save $750,000 a year. Another area hospital is laying off nurses. It's scary because you think you have job security in this field and then realize you really don't. We were told we wouldn't get our bonuses this year (yet surprisingly our CEO got his of $829,000). I truly believe that my job is going to put a freeze on the hiring of nurses (they have already done it with other departments). Instead of filling a position when someone leaves or is terminated they will instead increase the patient load of those of us that are still working there. I've had to make several life adjustments (my children and I moved in with my mother, the days I'm off I don't leave the house to conserve gas, etc.) because of this and it really scares me. Anyone else seeing these trends in your area?
  11. szccdw

    LPNs and RNs---does your hospital see a difference?

    My hospital does not seem to see a difference between LPNs and RNs. We both do admission and discharges, hang blood, etc. We recently had a discussion about this at work because so many LPN positions are being posted now. Seems like a cheap way for the hospital to fill a position, just at about $10 less an hour.
  12. szccdw

    Rasmussen College

    Anyone know anything about this school and their associates in RN program?
  13. Anyone work at any of the substance abuse treatment centers (methadone clinics) around the city.?Do you know what the average starting pay is for an LPN working in this field? Thank you.
  14. szccdw

    LPN pay in upstate NY

    Looking to find out what the payscale is for an LPN in the Albany area? Thank you for your help.
  15. Got the job. Nervous yet excited.
  16. szccdw

    LPN rate of pay in NC

    Looking to find out the rate of pay for an LPN in the following areas: Charlotte, Raleigh, Fayetteville. Living in NYC making $23 at one job and $28 at another. Trying to compare rates. Thanks.

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