My granddaughter was adopted today - page 2

Today was a bittersweet day for me. Today I assisted in the competion of my granddaughter's adoption. My daughter came to me 37 weeks ago and told me that she was pregnant for the 4th time and she... Read More

  1. by   semstr
    As the non-biological-mother to my daughter, I would really like to be the voice of all the others and say, THANK YOU from the bottom of my (our) heart(s) for giving us the care of your child and give us the oppurtunity to love, raise and enjoy this child.

    Your daughter, you and all the other biological mothers are in my prayers every day.
    Take good care of her and yourself, Renee
  2. by   P_RN
    She is the bravest , most generous person I know. I want her to know her decision was the right one, and I love her very much.
    You are indeed blessed, and you have shared the blessings with the child and her new family.
  3. by   Jolie
    God bless you all for such a completely unselfish and loving act. You will be in my prayers.
  4. by   shay
    What loving, unselfish women you are. God bless.
    I'm speechless. What wonderful women you both are!

  6. by   nursedawn67
    You have just done the most unselfish act that I have ever seen! Clearly the right choice for you....and the little have made some couple very very happy..

    ((((HUGS))))) to you!!
  7. by   live4today
    O how I wished I could have adopted your grandchild. I've been wanting to raise another baby for the longest time now. I want to strike it rich so I can own my own orphanage, only every child that comes to my Orphanage will never feel like an orphan, but they'll be made to feel like I gave birth to them all. :kiss
  8. by   bandaidexpert
    I was in the same situation as your daughter, however, in the end my brother and his wife ended up adopting my child. (after 9 years of trying to get pregnant)He is now my nephew. I have no regrets. I am so happy they could experience this love while keeping it "all in the family". :kiss