my back hurts.......does yours?

  1. about a week and a half ago.......
    i was great, young for my elderly years and nothing worse for wear........

    then awoke the next morning after an "unremarkable night of work as a nurse".........and my whole right back (upper) has just hauled up and claimed itself as another country in this old body of mine...............

    and i am tough and know that i am not a workman's comp girl ..... so i chuck it up, exercise, take ibuprofen and walk it off......but it has not went away.........

    so today.........i make the first call to my doc......."I don't want to come see you, but maybe some muscle relaxant or know the stress of being a nurse........?????

    so, all are your backs hurting you...........

    and what are you doing about it.............

  2. Poll: Does your back hurt? and is it work related?

    • yes, but from planting flowers

      6.25% 3
    • no, and i am in such good shape.....never, never, never

      0% 0
    • what i couldn't understand the MSO4 just kicked in???

      4.17% 2
    • omg, yes..........make it stop.........why do i nurse

      77.08% 37
    • no

      14.58% 7
    48 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   kids
    Popping MSO4 5 mg on top of the Kadian 30mg Q 8 hours and praying for a really nice Anestesiologist to materialize and give me an epidural so I can sleep for a few hours...but since I'm in my bed at home I doubt it is gonna happen.
  5. by   kewlnurse
    My back stopped hurting the day i stopped working on ortho
  6. by   NurseDennie
    Oh yes, oh yes. I stopped working in the hospital, but unfortunately, I waited until the damage was permanent. I just work around the pain.

    I am not sure how I'm going to keep on coping, though. I had some tests and they say I have gastritis and I shouldn't take IBU any more!?!?!?! Nor caffeine!!!! How will I survive NOW? Tylenol helps, but only in combination with a *lot* of ibu. I'm so depressed.


  7. by   TIREDmidnightRN
    1) Hospital type bed so I can adjust the pressure on the back often
    2)special shoes
    3)motrin often
    4)learning to say, "My back really hurts....can you help me here?" to co-workers.
  8. by   Fgr8Out
    Well... I chalk my tense upper back to being out of shape primarily...of course, my work doesn't help, but I can't blame nursing for it.

    I talked with my doctor and asked for (and received) an order for PT. I had my eval and I begin tomorrow... including pool exercises and massage. I'm pretty sure that this, combined with the exercise and diet plan I've recently begun will make a tremendous difference. Yes, it hurts to do the exercises at the moment, but, I can only see this escalating if I don't grin and bear it right now.... I can't imagine having this get to the point where narcotics are the only treatment... gonna take responsibility for it before it's too late.
  9. by   live4today
    Originally posted by kewlnurse
    My back stopped hurting the day i stopped working on ortho
    My back stopped hurting the day I stopped working - PERIOD!!! :roll :chuckle :roll :chuckle
  10. by   LilgirlRN
    L-5 bulging disk, need I say more?
  11. by   CATHYW
    Hot soaks in the bathtub, as flat on my back as I can get. No bending, lifting, reaching, or pulling, when it is really bad (for a few hours, or a day), getting help when I needed it at work to lift or turn, Ibuprofen, Flexeril, gentle back rub from hubby, pathological attention to body mechanics until situation clears. Finally-maybe considering a different aspect of our profession.
  12. by   grneturtle
    any nurse who doesnt have a bad back, hasnt worked as a nurse and dirtied her or his hands, I was a cna for fifteen years before I became an Rn and I still lift turn and wipe when the occassion calls for it. Especially on weekends and hollidays if you know what i mean!!!!!!!1
  13. by   Ted
    For lower back pain. Lots of ibuprofin.

    Need to loose weight. . .:stone

  14. by   nursegoodguy
    It's been about two years ago now that I was on my way home from working my usual double shifts and as we were stopped at the stoplight, (I was the passenger) when a drunk hit us from behind. I guess he didn't realize that there was anything in front of him... He not only ran into us but pushed us into the car in front of us totalling it as well... Long story short, fractured T11, T12 and L4. so the ortho says I should have no chronic problems after about a year... Wrong! Chronic lower back pain! I don't want to complain because I think I am the lucky one! What do I do for it... I don't want to take any sort of drugs whatsoever so I try stretching occasionally and you just sort of get use to feeling this way...
  15. by   BadBird
    Sure does, I have a herinated disc L5-S1, steroids only worked for a short time and I am actually looking forward to surgery so I can heal and get back to normal. I did not hurt my back at work, I am very conscious of proper body mechanics bur gardening is another story. I miss working now and can't wait to get back to normal.