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Hi everybody, I have a question and PLEASE dont anybody blast me for typecasting, this was not MY statement, it was a LCSW I was friends with. She claims that a huge % of nurses are first born... Read More

  1. by   husker_rn
    Guess I fit; oldest of 8 and ETOH parents. They were in the bar; I took care of kids.
  2. by   michelle9655
    I have one older sister, my grandma was in nursing, and my aunt is. No immediate family nurses though- my sister mom and dad all work in shipping! which i find very boring to me
  3. by   OHRN4Kids
    first born, dad was WONDERFUL but passed away when i was 16. Mom had mental probs and wouldn't get help, 2 grandparents were alcholics, but all 4 passed by the time i was 13.
  4. by   Peri
    Yep, first born.
    Dad wasn't/isn't an alcoholic, but did drink heavily - he was in the Royal Navy which is what mum and me put it down to.
    At the age of 88, he is now my mum's full time carer.
    Mum was totally independant. She ran the house and the bills, kept everything ticking along. My sister and I were totally spoilt.
  5. by   PedsRN1991
    Youngest of 2. Only girl. No alcoholics, but not a huggy-kissy family. No nurses in the family either.
  6. by   AmberL
    I'm the first born and my father does drink.
  7. by   elizabeth8503RN
    I am a firstborn of four girls. No ETOH in the family for several generations. No abuse from the parents, but I had a very, and I mean a very difficult sister to live with (the 2nd born, who is 2 1/2 yrs younger than me). She threatned to kill all of us at the age of 2-3 (that made me 4-5 at the time), she was physically abusive, as well as emotionally and verbally abusive. My parents took her to psychologists, therapists, and psyciatrists. She was on medication for about 5 years which helped (clonadine) and was given the diagnosis of opisitional definance. My parents did the best they could with raising her. As she got older, she was able to control her temper, but she was incredibly strong, smart and she had to have things her way or no way. I got called every name under the sun, and most of the time my parents weren't around to hear (they were either in a different room, or outside).
    When she was a teenager, she would openly defy my mother. She thought that she could get away with anything she wanted to, she got threatned with being sent away to foster care more than once......she would calm down for a while and then she was back to her usual self. My dad worked alot but she didn't defy him as much...but she did defy him.
    Then we thought that she was going to turn her life around after she went to college...........she joined the army. Things didn't change once she got back. She's still the same. If she thinks the moon is cheese, it is cheese no matter what you do. You can fly her to the moon and have her taste it. Her response? "You flew me to Jupiter." or some other planet....she will try to reason her way out of everything.

    As for me.....I have always been the care giver and probably always will be.
  8. by   EarthChild1130
    Firstborn, no ETOH
  9. by   aloha551
    First Born ETOH grows like corn in my family. Very Interesting..... Maybe thats why there is so much devision and rancor in our profession ......Maybe someone should do a study?
  10. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Baby of the family!!!

    Dad was not an alcoholic. His dad was national chairman of the prohibitionist party 1908--1924; Ironically my father's oldest brother rebelled and became an alcoholic.
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  11. by   danissa
  12. by   Kiringat
    I'm firstborn! Plus my mom's an alcoholic and my dad, well, he's just an abusive ass....

    Very interesting topic!
  13. by   MarieFutureRN
    First born (only by a minute tho) but with a father addicted to drugs