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  1. funinsun

    NP resume samples

    I would be interested in seeing a template as well if anyone has one that they have used..
  2. funinsun

    Finding Clinicals

    Hi everyone! I just finished my first of three semesters for the Psych NP program and it has been a challenge! One of the biggest difficulties was/is obta...
  3. funinsun

    distance NP education. faculty travel expenses?

    Our faculty don't have to come out to our clinical sites thankfully even though we're distance. That would really stink if you had to pay $1000 for them to c...
  4. Hi all, I am interested in finding articles that utilize the theory Nurses as Wounded Healer as a base. I like its concepts so much that I am willing to ...
  5. funinsun

    Charlotte RN evening classes???

    Have you looked into Queens University in Charlotte NC? If you already have an ASN that is... http://www.queens.edu
  6. funinsun

    UNC ABSN Admissions

  7. Hi all! I am interested in switching my current specialty from the Psych NP track to the ANP/Palliative Care track. I do love both areas and am torn between ...
  8. funinsun

    Palliative Care NP Program

    Hi all! I am a *new* hospice nurse, originally from psych (still doing that too), and am interested in changing my specialty for NP school to Palliative Care...
  9. funinsun

    Tenex for impulsivity in adolescents

    Hi! I am still unclear as well if Tenex is always successful for impulsivity, but I have seen it being used a lot more lately. I do the BP checks before I giv...
  10. funinsun

    Vanderbilt questions, re: MSN and internships...

    Hi! I know a little about Vandy.. From what I hear the pay is lower than average for the area, but I suppose they mean for the benefits to compliment that.....
  11. funinsun

    Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham Area

    Hi! I think the pay really varies throughout the areea, depends on your experience, etc. New grads at CMC start around 18-19 and goes up from there.. I'd s...
  12. funinsun

    Vandy NP Midwife Program

    Hi! What would you like to know about the program? I don't know about the midwifery program specfically as it's not my specialty. Do you live still live in th...
  13. funinsun

    Handle With Care-PRT

    Hi all, I was wondering if you all had heard of/used the "Handle With Care" method for physically managing aggressive/threatening patients. I was told by the...
  14. funinsun

    Need Information About Charlotte

    Charlotte will make the person with the best sens of direction get lost-especially the area Queens is in, the Dilworth area. It's well known that the city was n...
  15. funinsun

    Most RN's first borns?

    First born with history of ETOH abuse on both sides of the family-parents less so than other relatives..
  16. funinsun

    75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    I took the NCLEX, was trying not to freak out too much, but got 75 questions and passed! It goes by so quickly when you only have 75-it was a blur! Good luck ...