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  1. nurserynurse55

    What is the most common chief complaint or diagnosis in your ED?

    I have never worked in the ER before, but my friends have told me that a lot of women/girls will come in just for urine pregnancy tests. Isn't it a lot cheaper to just buy one? They even sell them at dollar stores.
  2. nurserynurse55

    Will you add your patient in facebook?

    No, but people on my unit do!
  3. nurserynurse55

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    La-ah (La dash a)
  4. nurserynurse55

    PICC TKO Rate

    We use continuous running of 2cc an hour (no heparin) or 1cc an hour with heparin. I have seen many clot off too.
  5. nurserynurse55

    What would you change about Nursing to make it better?

    Re: What would you change about Nursing to make it better? There are a few things I would like to see change. 1) Get rid of the complaining chronically depressed I hate this job types. 2) Mandate a bachelors degree as the minimum requirement for all entry nurses. 3) Cut out all the additional educational titles seen on name badges. Ex: Gaylord Focker RN BSN LMAO ACLS BLS CCRN ACRN CDDN CWOCN CRRPTC. Really, is all this crap necessary? I have always found it annoying. How about Gaylord Focker RN. 4) Get rid of all the waste of time classes (cultural diversity, theory etc) and fill that space with some science that will ACTUALLY BENEFIT YOU in the real world of nursing. Unfortunately, the BSN programs tend to fill their students with more of this useless crap than the ADN programs. YES!
  6. nurserynurse55

    HELP!!!! All the nursing nurses...

    It is doable. My son is 12 months and I still nurse him. I just stopped pumping. The process is hard, but you just have to get used to it. You will have to use your break-time to pump. It is unfair to others otherwise. Breastfeeding nurses have it easier than most other professions with breastfeeding and working, because most hospitals have pumps and rooms available. Good luck and good for you!
  7. nurserynurse55

    when to stop humidity in the isolette

    Our policy is that all babies are off in 2 weeks (14 days). There are very few exceptions to our rule.
  8. nurserynurse55

    "What's with all the men in the NICU lately?"

    We do not have any male nurses in our NICU or SCN. I wish that we did though. About half of our docs are men though. I think that male nurses in the NICU would be great role models for our parents (especially the youthful dads). Come work in my NICU.