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Hi everybody, I have a question and PLEASE dont anybody blast me for typecasting, this was not MY statement, it was a LCSW I was friends with. She claims that a huge % of nurses are first born... Read More

  1. by   jackson145
    Youngest daughter of alcoholic father. However, I'm more like an only child because my older sister is many years older than me and was out of the house when our father got really bad.
  2. by   jessiern
    I'm the oldest of two, the youngest being eight years younger, and a spoiled brat (But I do love him, more since we don't live together).

    My mother of good moral fiber divorced my drunk, dopehead biological father when I was eight.

    So, I guess I fit right on it.

    But... My mother of good moral fiber is a nurse. Youngest of 4 kids, neither parents drinks. Dad did smoke.
  3. by   danissa
    Okay, am bein duh here, please tell me, as I cant figure it out, whats ETOH stand for??
  4. by   jessiern
    Quote from danissa
    Okay, am bein duh here, please tell me, as I cant figure it out, whats ETOH stand for??

    Good ol' liquor. Alcohol. The social lubricant. Fire water.

    Okay, I'll quit.
  5. by   pattycakeRN
    Only child (more toys for me) and father is a "functional" alcoholic. havent seen him in 17 years or so, since I was 7 years old (not sure if its nature v. nurture issue?)
    Mom is a nurse as well, shes the first born of a quite dysfunctional, well educated, however nonalcoholic family.

    ew, my fam is weird.

    Mom always told me to try to breed out the mental illness. hehe.
  6. by   Weeping Willow
    first female, no alcoholism, lots of love in our family growing up
  7. by   Tait
    1st and only, non-alcoholic father.
  8. by   lupin
    I'm a first born female, my husband in NS is first born, my little brother is second born but first male and graduates NS this spring. No alcohol for either my parents or my in-laws. Interesting theory though, It may be something connected to having responsibility to younger siblings or where in the family dynamic the care-takers are. My mom was first born and wanted to be a nurse and my grandmother was first born and wanted to be a nurse. Neither could afford college though.
  9. by   2bnursesarah936
    Not a nurse yet, but I'm first born and my father is a recovering alcoholic.

    Oddly, my closest cousin is already a nurse - and first born. Another cousin is married to a nurse and she's the only female with 3 older brothers.
  10. by   BethT
    Yep, first born and both parents are!! Who knew.
  11. by   Rianna1
    interesting. i'm a pre-nursing student, a first born with an alcoholic father...
  12. by   rnandmom540
    1st born. Father not an alcoholic. Both parents and a grandfather in medical profession - never thought I would be until after college. Have always been a bit of a care-giver, to younger siblings, friends, extended family members.
    I don't think I put much stock in your friend's theory though - lots and lots of 1st born girls of alcoholic fathers in much less honorable/respectable professions!
  13. by   Nurset1981
    4th of four girls. Father is a nurse and an alcoholic. Sister #3 is also a nurse. Grandfather was a nurse, no ETOH abuse with him.