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Hi everybody, I have a question and PLEASE dont anybody blast me for typecasting, this was not MY statement, it was a LCSW I was friends with. She claims that a huge % of nurses are first born... Read More

  1. by   mvsnurse2b
    Entered before I was finished-I had read that statistic several years ago. First born caretaker of the family-knows how to deal with people and stress. If I recall they stated nursing was a thankless job...and their was some need by the person to have validation of their worth in their lives. I don't know about that-but I feel pretty good when I get home. Recently had this discussion with a few younger girls at work and two of three I spoke with fit the criteria.
  2. by   ERTRAVELER
    Yup, 1st born, dysfunctional family. Mother died when I was 14 and I've been a caregive since I was 9. Father not alcoholic, but unavailable emotionally.
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    OH and twin cousins, eldest daughters, both nurses, one RN one LPN and their parents were both ETOH well as their grandparents (also mine)

    so the history goes on!
  4. by   Keia
    I'm first born , but no alcoholics in our family.
  5. by   Divergirl
    I'm first born female with alcoholic father. My mother is also RN. She too is first born female with a dysfunctional father. Interesting.
  6. by   IsseyM
    This is rather interesting...hmmm. Well i am the first born and my father was an alcoholic. He was also abusive towards my mother when he was really drunk but never towards me or my brother. No affection in our home at all; however, my brother and I are very caring and affectionate with close friends, family and significant others.
  7. by   dijaqrn
    just another firstborn with strong family history of ETOH on both sides !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   majestix
    3rd born - no ETOH abuse
    This is a career change for me though that was inspired by talking with a nursing student while I was in labor with my daughter.
  9. by   second career
    First Born(1 brother). Non alcholic father. Mother not loving though. Second career as RN. Was a tool and die man for 30 years first.
  10. by   SharonH, RN
    First-born child of a father who was/is a teetotaler. No alcohol issues at all. In fact, my family was so normal growing up, we were boring. I'm also not the caregiver personality either.
  11. by   evchr
    Hi, I am the 5th born, and the last.
  12. by   slou!
    I am the baby of the family, the 3rd born. I am not a nurse yet because I'm still in school. Alcoholism runs in the family. But my family wasn't dysfunctional though. Anyway, me and my sisters are all going to school for jobs in healthcare (Physical Therapy and X-Ray) and my mom is an X-Ray/Cat Scan/Mammo/MRI Tech, but I am the only one who is going to school for nursing/who is a nurse. (By that I mean I am the only one going for nursing, and WILL be a nurse! I am not saying I AM a nurse but the only one who eventually will be as of now!) My one sister has contemplated switching to nursing but is still going for PT.
  13. by   Lozza6
    First born ....