Most Fulfilling Nursing Experience

  1. I am a BSN student who just started nursing school in June. I was hoping some of you could share your most fulfilling moment as a nurse. Thanks!
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  3. by   adrienurse
    Well I guess there are many. I can't think of a single one. I work in long term care with people with severe dementia, and I care for them for the remainder of their lives. It's very rewarding when I see someone come to the unit experiencing total fear and anxiety over their worlds -- and through a mix of love, comfort and antipsychotics they are able to focus and feel secure on the unit. I also really feel that care of the dying patient is one of my strengths.
  4. by   delirium
    You sound like an awesome nurse, Adrienne.
  5. by   semstr
    Too much to write down here, that is the reason I am still in nursing.

    Take care, Renee
  6. by   CardioTrans
    Over the yrs there have been so many fulfilling moments. Like being able to be with a patient in his home when he died, and comfort and cry with his family.......... seeing a patient come to the transplant icu so sick that we never expected him to make it only to run into him months later in the mall!!!!! Even the little things...... a squeeze of a patients hand, a smile of a patient. I still get emails from some of my home health patients that I have discharged telling me how they are doing. The little and the big things combined make it all worth it.
  7. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Most fulfilling, hmmmm so many. But most of all after a hardnights work. punching out and heading to the golf course.

    doo wah ditty
  8. by   RN from OZ
    Seeing patients walk out of the acute care trama ward where I worked, after traumatic amputations from MVA's and knowing that my care contributed to their recovery.............
    Seeing the bub's from the NICU where I currently work, on my home visits, happy and healthy and on track for their age after being born at 24weeks and weight's under 500gms.
    We are truely a privialged profession...we are able to be there when life begins and when it leaves, not many people can say that.
  9. by   nakitamoon
    I don't have just one moment,,,, working in assisted living,,, a smile from a resident,,,, a hug given freely from them in thanks,,,,

    One morning,,, a totally oriented,, resident,,,, 101,,, healthier than most other of my residents,,,, the only assistance she needs is with bathing,,,, and meds,,,, told me,,, there were no words to describe how she felt for me,,,, She loved and trusted me,,,,

    These are the reasons I go to work everyday,,,, ~kita
  10. by   delirium

    That's beautiful.

    I hope I'll have stories like that once I'm a nurse.
  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    isn't it strange that this thread has so few postings?

    the best i would say is when the patient says, thanks, give you a hug or smile. the little things are the most precious with patients and co-workers. nursing is my "calling" and i love the day to day interactions.
  12. by   delirium
    I don't think that's because nurses have so few fulfilling experiences, Stephany.

    Sometimes its infinitely more fun to respond to the simple, silly off-topic threads, and when I feel like relaxing that's definitely what I do.

    When I feel pensive, I may answer a more serious thread, such as this one.

    Just my .02. I haven't contributed to this thread because I don't feel its appropriate, as I am not yet a 'real nurse'.
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
    rebecca, the question was posed because when the question is asked what do you hate about nursing etc., there are many replies, nothing more.
  14. by   delirium
    I think its often easier for people to discuss negative issues than positive issues, for whatever reason. I don't think that means that people are unhappy with their profession (although I'm sure some are).

    And I was just sharing my ideas for why this thread had such few responses. I'm sure you're not implying that I shouldn't have done so.